Express Your Personal Brand Through the Power of Podcasting
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Express Your Personal Brand Through the Power of Podcasting



Topics discussed in 'Express Your Personal Brand Through the Power of Podcasting' teleseminar, Nov 8, 2007.

Topics discussed in 'Express Your Personal Brand Through the Power of Podcasting' teleseminar, Nov 8, 2007.



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  • Podcasting for Business Copyright 2007 Neville Hobson & Shel Holtz -

Express Your Personal Brand Through the Power of Podcasting Express Your Personal Brand Through the Power of Podcasting Presentation Transcript

  • Neville Hobson, ABC November 8, 2007
    • The elements of successful podcasting
    • Who is podcasting
    • How to build a community of listeners
    • How to promote your podcast
      • hence, your brand
    • How to get started with your own podcast
    This teleseminar is about personal brand-building and how podcasting can help you. We’ll look at:
    • Building your personal brand is something you can do whether you’re an individual in business or an employee of an organization
      • Indeed, personal brand-building can be even more important if you’re an employee
    • You need to do it the right way
    • And the right way is to provide something of value to others where there is no apparent direct reward to you
    View slide
    • Digital audio file, typically MP3
    • “ Radio show” format
      • Time-shifted: listen when you want
    • Delivered via RSS
    • Optional:
    • Auto-sync with portable digital player
      • Detach and go: listen where you want
    • Complemented by show notes
    (By the way, you don’t need an iPod, or any other portable player, to listen to a podcast) View slide
    • Blogs
    • Wikis
    • RSS
    • Podcasts
    • Videocasts / Vlogs
    • Moblogs
    • MMS
    • Internet telephony
    • Social networks
    • Virtual communities
    • Tools that facilitate:
    • Communication
    • Engagement
    • Transparency
    • Trust
    • Tools that are:
    • Complementary to traditional communication activities
    • Used by people who recognize the social characteristics of effective communication
    • Relevance
    • Keep to the point
    • Avoid fluff
    • Info-tain
    • Build and engage community
    • Don’t sell
    • Be authentic
    • Respect listeners’ time
    • Integrate into blogosphere
    • The barriers to entry are incredibly low
      • All you need is a computer, a microphone, some free software and imagination
    • Your audience can number in the single digits
      • Unlike radio, you don’t need big numbers to be successful
    • Whatever you do, it’s all about content and your passion
      • Actually, it’s all about your listeners
    • Audience can listen while they do something else
    • Deliver specialized content to a niche audience they can’t get anywhere else
    • Convey information that’s best conveyed through audio
    • Build a loyal community of listeners
    • Use the podcast as a means of soliciting feedback
    • Use a podcast as an alternate channel to reinforce communication via other channels
    • Your message does not lend itself to audio (or video)
    • Your audience is not inclined to listen
    • Your message requires focus
    • Your boss/client says “Hey, let’s do a podcast!”
      • there must be a measurable (strategic) business reason
    • Anna Farmery – UK (The Engaging Brand)
    • Donna Papacosta – Canada (Trafcom News)
    • CC Chapman – US (Accident Hash)
    • Terry Fallis & David Jones – Canada (Inside PR)
    • Bryan Person – US (New Comm Road)
    • Heidi Miller – US (Diary of a Shameless Self Promoter)
    • Mitch Joel – Canada (Six Pixels of Separation)
    • Jonathan Hoel – Australia (PR Junction)
    • It’s easy
    • It’s inexpensive
    • It’s portable
    • It’s available
    • Easy and complementary extension of your existing communication, PR and marketing activities
    • Reach niche audiences otherwise (financially) unreachable
    • Create buzz, build viral marketing effect
    • Be perceived to be at the leading edge
    • Be seen as a thought leader
    • A new product announcement that complements traditional communication
      • Includes informal conversations between, say, a customer and you
    • A weekly review of activities and events of interest to investors and financial analysts
      • Within the limits of regulatory requirements
    • A weekly 15-minute business update for employees
    • Employees worldwide subscribe to the podcast via the company intranet
      • Or from your blog
    • The sales director records an occasional podcast for her geographically-dispersed sales team
      • Tips and tricks on, say, how to close deals with certain types of customers
    • Podcast available from the sales intranet as a complement to formal sales materials
    • Members of a community share a common bond that increases a sense of loyalty to a show
    • Building community increases listener loyalty, is a catalyst for content and helps spread the word to increase your audience
    • Tap into the social networking potential presented by a podcast
    • Host your podcast on a blog
    • Started January 3, 2005
    • First podcast in the communication profession
    • Co-hosts: Neville Hobson (UK) and Shel Holtz (USA)
    • 60 mins, twice weekly, Monday and Thursday, recorded via Skype
    • Average per-show downloads: 1,600
    • Global audience
      • Primary: USA, Canada, UK, continental Europe, China, Australia
    • Building community
      • 3 on-the-ground correspondents
    • Two sponsors: Ragan Communications and CustomScoop
    • The Hobson & Holtz Report twice-weekly show
    • Interviews with newsmakers and influencers from the online technology and organizational communication worlds
    • Book Reviews aligned with our theme of PR/communications and the online world
    • Speakers and Speeches - podcasts of speeches, keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and other recordings from meetings and conferences of interest to PR and communication professionals
    • Involve listeners
    • Encourage listeners
    • Address their needs
    • Engage
    • #1: Get listed in iTunes
    • Get listed in key directories
      • Make sure no directory manipulates your content, notably the RSS feed
    • Get some media coverage
    • Network in the podcasting community
    • Create podcast badges
    • Record podcast promos
    • Pimp for votes
    • iTunes Store
    • Podcast Alley
    • Podcast Pickle
    • … and many more
    • Basic gear:
      • USB microphone/headset
      • Free recording/editing software
        • Audacity for Windows/Mac/Linux
    • Intermediate gear:
      • Cartioid or condenser microphone
      • Headphones
      • Mixer
      • Portable audio recorder
      • Higher-end software, eg, Adobe Audition (Windows), GarageBand (Macintosh)
    • High-end gear:
      • + digital mixers, compressors, pre-amps…
    About £30 / $60 £500 / $1,000 – £2,500 / $5,000 £3,000 / $6,000 and up
    • On sale now
    • Published by McGraw-Hill
    • £13.49 at
    • $16.49 at
    • Companion website at everythingwith
  • Engage and Participate vs. Transmit Advocate vs. Preach Influence and Persuade vs. Command and Control Informal and Conversational vs. Formal and Instructive Build Community vs. Tell Your Audience
    • Neville Hobson, ABC
    • [email_address]
    • +44 7824 33 7000
    • For Immediate Release podcasts
    • [email_address]
    • Comment Lines:
      • Europe: +44 20 8133 9844
      • US: +1 206 222 2803
    This document is protected under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. No commercial use, no changes. But feel free to share it, post it, print it, or copy it.