Oracle fusion crm an overview


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Oracle Fusion CRM : An Overview : Prepared by CRMIT (

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Oracle fusion crm an overview

  1. 1. Oracle Fusion CRM: An OverviewCopyright of CRMIT-© 2012. All rights reserved. Confidential Information
  2. 2. $JHQGD ƒ Fusion CRM : Design Objectives ƒ CRM Evolution ƒ Easy, Effective & Efficient usage of Fusion CRM ƒ Fusion CRM Components ƒ Fusion CRM RoadmapConfidential information
  3. 3. 7KH 2UDFOH )XVLRQ 8VHU ([SHULHQFH ² EXLOGLQJ EORFNV 1: Research 2: Analyze 3: Design 5: Measure 4: PrototypeConfidential information
  4. 4. 7KH (YROXWLRQ RI &50 Sales ? ProductivityValue Sales Management Contact Management Client/Server Web 1.0 Web 2.0 1980s 1990s 2000 2010 Time Confidential information
  5. 5. 2UDFOH )XVLRQ &50 (DV (IIHFWLYH (IILFLHQW Easy: Faster time to value – Easy to use: Web 2.0 on Browser, Desktop and Mobile – Easy to configure: Application, Page, Process Report Composer – Easy to deploy: Cloud based SaaS Solution Effective: Higher win rates – Know your customers better: Customer Center – Harness your network and collaborate: Social and Activity Streams – Business intelligence for sales: Opportunities, Competitors and References Efficient: More quality opportunities – Complete sales tasks faster: Role-base UI and Streamlined Task Flows – Generate and convert better leads: Sales Predictor and Sales Campaigns – Create better sales plans: Territory, Quota and Incentive CompensationConfidential information
  6. 6. )XVLRQ 50 (DV WR RQILJXUH Application Composer Page Composer Process Composer Report Composer enables business users enables business enables business enables businessto extend the application users to customize the users to easily users to easily with new objects and look and feel of the modify business create modify attributes user interface processes reportsConfidential information
  7. 7. )XVLRQ 50 (DV WR HSOR Public Cloud Private Cloud Deployment Options On Premise HybridConfidential information
  8. 8. )XVLRQ 50 (IIHFWLYH WKURXJK XVWRPHU HQWHU Customer Snapshot Customer Center provides Customer Center summarizes key customer comprehensive customer detail, recommends the next-best- data in a single place including data from external product-to-sell to each sources and 3rd party providers customerConfidential information
  9. 9. )XVLRQ 50 (IIHFWLYH WKURXJK 6RFLDO 1HWZRUNLQJ DQG )RUD Activity Streams provide real time Discussion forums enable Facebook and LinkedIn updates that notify users of any users to post topics and integration to provide users activity impacting their collaborate on critical sales with easy access essential customers and deals and customer issues social networking sitesConfidential information
  10. 10. )XVLRQ 50 (IIHFWLYH WKURXJK (PEHGGHG 6DOHV ,QWHOOLJHQFH Opportunity Landscape Opportunity Management tracks Opportunity Management provides sales reps with competitors and how to best identifies the ideal customer more and higher quality position against them to win references for each sales sales opportunities deals opportunityConfidential information
  11. 11. )XVLRQ 50 (IILFLHQW E RPSOHWLQJ 6DOHV 7DVNV )DVWHU Quick Edit provides Mass Update enables users to Fast forecasting provides ability pop up to update most update fields on multiple to quickly edit and adjust sales commonly used fields records at one time forecastsConfidential information
  12. 12. )XVLRQ 50 (IILFLHQW E *HQHUDWLQJ %HWWHU 6DOHV 3ODQV Territory Management Quota Management Incentive Compensation aligns maximizes account and optimizes quota allocation incentives to sales goals and market coverage and tracks performance to track payments planConfidential information
  13. 13. )XVLRQ 50 (IILFLHQW WKURXJK /HDG *HQHUDWLRQ DQG RQYHUVLRQ Campaign Management builds Lead Management enables lead Opportunity Landscape targeted campaigns and nurturing and lead scoring identifies the best sales measures sales follow-through based on pre-defined criteria prospects within each sales and effectiveness reps’ territoryConfidential information
  14. 14. HQWUDOL]HG DQG 8QLILHG 8VHU ([SHULHQFH 8VHU ,QWHUIDFH 6KHOO Global Area Common Tools and Services: Common Tools and Services: •• Navigation Navigation •• Tagging Tagging •• Search Search Specific Tools: Specific Tools: •• Preferences and Personalization Preferences and Personalization •• Task List Task List •• Help Help •• Quick Create Quick Create •• Focused Focused •• Reports Reports •• Activity Guides Activity Guides Regional Contextual Local Area Area •• Contextual Area Contextual Information: Information: •• Analytics Analytics •• Summaries Summaries •Transactions •Transactions •• Derived or Derived or •• Information Information Computed Information Computed Information •• Actions Actions •• Notes NotesConfidential information
  15. 15. )86,21 50 20321(176 ƒ Oracle Fusion CRM Base ƒ Oracle Fusion CRM Desktop ƒ Oracle Fusion Enterprise Contracts ƒ Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation ƒ Oracle Fusion Quota Management ƒ Oracle Fusion Sales Catalog ƒ Oracle Fusion Sales Predictor ƒ Oracle Fusion Smart Phone Edition ƒ Oracle Fusion Territory Management ƒ Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence ƒ Oracle Fusion Customer Hub ƒ Oracle Fusion Marketing ƒ Oracle Fusion Partner Relationship ManagementConfidential information
  16. 16. )XVLRQ 50 Y Sales Productivity Sales Planning Sales Prospecting Opportunity Management Opportunity Management Territory Management Territory Management Campaign Management Campaign Management Customer Center Customer Center Quota Management Quota Management Lead Management Lead Management Desktop Integration Desktop Integration Incentive Compensation Incentive Compensation Sales Predictor Sales Predictor Mobile Sales Mobile Sales Forecasting Forecasting Sales Campaigns Sales Campaigns Pre-Integrated Modules in the Suite Partner Management Partner Management Customer Data Management Customer Data Management Contracts Contracts Talent Management Talent Management Expense Management Expense Management Financial PL Financial PL Oracle Fusion Platform Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Collaboration Collaboration Extensibility ExtensibilityConfidential information
  17. 17. 25$/( )86,21 50 %$6( ƒ Sales Dashboard ƒ Sales Forecasting ƒ Activity Stream ƒ Lead Management ƒ Opportunity Management ƒ Customer Center ƒ References and Competitors ƒ Assignment ManagerConfidential information
  18. 18. 25$/( )86,21 50 (6.723 ƒ Seamless Microsoft Outlook integration ƒ Automatic two-way synchronization : Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Email, Calendar and Tasks ƒ Full-featured offline access ƒ Powerful customizationsConfidential information
  19. 19. 25$/( )86,21 (17(535,6( 2175$76 ƒ Clause and Template Library ƒ Guided Contract Creation ƒ Contract Printing ƒ Microsoft Word Collaboration ƒ Contract Deviations Reporting ƒ Clause Usage Analysis ƒ Contract Import ƒ Contract Text SearchConfidential information
  20. 20. 25$/( )86,21 ,1(17,9( 203(16$7,21 ƒ Sales performance dashboards ƒ Business-user-driven, Real-time reporting ƒ Dispute management ƒ Rich, adaptable plan design ƒ Powerful expression builder and multidimensional rate tables ƒ Sales credit allocation and hierarchical rollup rules ƒ Configurable payment approval, draw and recovery rules ƒ Cross-organization crediting and multicurrency calculation ƒ Integration web services, file-based import/export and ETL capabilities ƒ Scalable enterprise platformConfidential information
  21. 21. 25$/( )86,21 4827$ 0$1$*(0(17 ƒ Quota Management Aligned with Territory Management ƒ Set Accurate Quotas Using Data-Driven Intelligence ƒ Simple Quota Entry Interface ƒ Quota Assignment Notification to Compensation Planning ƒ Midyear Sales Resource Change; Effective Dated / Pro-rated Quotas ƒ Quota Definition for Prime and Overlay Salespeople ƒ Customizable Quota Formulas ƒ Top-down and Bottom-up Quota Reconciliation ƒ Quota Planning Environment Separate from Current Quotas ƒ Sales Business AnalyticsConfidential information
  22. 22. 25$/( )86,21 6$/(6 $7$/2* ƒ Create an n-tiered hierarchy of product groups ƒ Use the same product groups in many different types of business rules ƒ Define who can purchase a product or group of products ƒ Select products and promotions with a graphical sales catalog ƒ Leverage keyword search, product comparison and narrow-by filtersConfidential information
  23. 23. 25$/( )86,21 6$/(6 35(,725 ƒ Select customer and product attributes for building predictive models ƒ Set up, manage and train predictive models ƒ Set up prediction rules based on business or tribal knowledge not inherent in the data ƒ Analyze the performance of prediction models using inbuilt reports such as leads adoption, attribute correlation ƒ Retrain models as the underlying data changes thus improving the accuracy of prediction ƒ Manage the eligibility of customers and products for generating recommendations ƒ Simulate recommendations before generating leadsConfidential information
  24. 24. 25$/( )86,21 60$57 3+21( (,7,21 ƒ Intuitive, task-focused user interface designed for mobile devices ƒ Contact and account management ƒ Calendar and contact integration ƒ Opportunity and lead management ƒ Maps, phone, and email integration ƒ Real-time analytics ƒ View CRM contacts geographically close ƒ Support for BlackBerry® from Research In Motion (RIM) ƒ Support for iPhone® from AppleConfidential information
  25. 25. 25$/( )86,21 7(55,725 0$1$*(0(17 ƒ Define territories using rich customer, channel, and product attributes, as well as named accounts ƒ Build territories for different types of sales resources, including prime, overlay, partner, inside sales, and channel sales ƒ Centralized or decentralized territory administration with delegated authority ƒ Territory proposals that isolate pending territory changes from impacting active territories ƒ Detect gaps and overlaps in territory coverage ƒ Preview results of sales account, lead, and opportunity assignments ƒ Real-time territory metrics and embedded analytics to assess effectiveness of territories ƒ Date effective sales territories and versioningConfidential information
  26. 26. 25$/( )86,21 75$16$7,21$/ % , ƒ Analyze sales pipeline ƒ Determine which products and customers to target ƒ Understand which competitors are faced most often and how to win against them ƒ Analyze top partners ƒ Compare partners against their peer group ƒ Identify aging leadsConfidential information
  27. 27. 25$/( )86,21 86720(5 +8% ƒ Effective closed-loop data quality management ƒ Consolidated Data Governance Dashboard ƒ Flexible duplicate resolution mechanisms and comprehensive history ƒ What-if analysis in data management ƒ Declarative business policy specification ƒ Integrated data quality metrics ƒ Customer model that is comprehensive and easily extensibleConfidential information
  28. 28. 25$/( )86,21 0$5.(7,1* ƒ Integrated sales and marketing analytics ƒ Robust segmentation engine Common CRM database with built-in data quality services ƒ 360 view of customers from within a transactional system ƒ Campaign planning and task management ƒ Mutli-channel campaign management ƒ Sales campaigns for field organizations ƒ Intelligent lead distribution ƒ Lead management with opportunity landscape ƒ Lead scoring and Lead assessment scripts ƒ Built-in enterprise collaboration between sales and marketing ƒ Cross channel response management ƒ Reusable templatesConfidential information
  29. 29. 25$/( )86,21 350 ƒ Partner Recruitment ƒ Partner Management ƒ Partner Delegated User Administration ƒ Partner Programs including Market Development Funds ƒ Configurable Partner Portal ƒ Indirect Sales Processes ƒ Lead Management ƒ Deal Registration ƒ Approvals ƒ Territory Management ƒ Incentive CompensationConfidential information
  30. 30. )XVLRQ 50 5RDGPDS V1.0 V1.1 V1.2 ƒSales ƒService ƒCommerce ƒMarketing ƒSupport ƒOrder Mgmt ƒPRM ƒQuoting ƒCall Center ƒCustomer Hub ƒVertical Editions ƒField Service ƒContracts ƒMobile ƒOutlook ƒExtensibilityConfidential information
  32. 32. 5HVRXUFHV ƒ 170775.html ƒ zone/applications/fusion-apps-030116.htmConfidential information