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Immersive experience and Virtual Ops Center transforms manufacturing operations reducing complexities and business delays.

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Virtual Ops Center

  1. 1. View Point Virtual Ops Center Command Center for Global Business Operations - Arindam Banerji, Bhavin Jayantilal Raichura, Rajanikant Prasad Abstract Most large organizations require global interactions on a day-to-day if not hour-by hour basis. The increasing complexity of such interactions causes business delays and strategic gaps. Immersive experience is about creating a same-room effect for global, remote operations simplifying global interactions. Immersive experience facilitates physical-collaboration and is radically different from existing online collaboration models such as Web 2.0, blogs, wikis and the like. Virtual Ops Center simplifies complex global multi-party interactions leveraging immersive-technologies, Mobility and Cloud. This innovation creates a virtual-ecosystem delivering same-room & on-demand interactive experience across global workforce, multiple vendors, partners, suppliers, dealers & distributors. Through physical collaboration, it shifts our experience of running global operations – not just by improving global productivity, but by enabling interactions that are simply not possible today.
  2. 2. Immersive Experience is Physical CollaborationToday, enterprises are often unable to address the needs of complex global multi-team & multi-party interactions. Physical collaboration ofbeing in the same room is difficult to implement or very expensive. Immersive experience creates a same-room effect for global, remoteoperations. It facilitates physical-collaboration through a variety of technologies and brings to bear capabilities not reachable through Web2.0 & online collaboration. Immersive experience uses the following capabilities to enable Future Workspaces: • Telepresence, Video Conferencing & Audio Conferencing: for creating a same-room experience for remote global interactions across multiple teams, suppliers, vendors, dealers or partners • Telephony Tools including SMS, IVR, Click-to-Call: for on-demand connectivity with global stakeholders, accelerating the response cycles and productivity improvements thru automation • Remote Operations, Monitoring & Control: for remote sensing, plant-floor monitoring, remote site monitoring & management, remote manufacturing plant operations, real-time control • Co-creation tools such as Desktop Sharing, White-boarding, Co-Authoring, Translations: bring global teams closure, share information much faster and work more efficiently, together • SmartPhones & Blackberry Access: anytime, anywhere access to LOB systems enables decision-making while on-the-move delivering smart experienceIndustry Round-upToday, immersive experience plays a significant role in various business situations. Niche ISVs have come up with innovative offerings;Enterprises have started adopting it in parts-&-pieces; Analysts are predicting market explosion of these technologies: Industry Trends ISVs, H/W & S/W Players • Worldwide networking leader offers tele-presence S/W & H/W immersive infra for Manufacturing, are coming up with niche, Engineering, R&D innovative offerings • Mobile collaboration solutions major offers mobile video solutions for Remote Maintenance, Tele Health • 3D applications and collaboration leader offers Virtual Spaces for Real Work for government, defense etc • Systems Integration major offers software platform for enterprise-grade virtual room • Global leader in business communications offers Cloud-based Immersive Web interactions for Businesses Enterprises have started • Leading consumer goods company uses Cisco immersive solutions for Global Engineering adopting immersive • Global electronic manufacturing major uses Cisco immersive solutions for Supplier Co- Creation experience for global • Oil field services major accesses experts in real time from oil fields operations • Global leader in financial protection company Cuts Costs and Carbon Emissions with immersive video • Multi service based agency and Insurance major Unveil High-Tech Mobile Unit • A top tier University uses immersive remote classroom and beyond Analysts are predicting • A leading analyst firm predicts immersive experience market will reach $8.6 Billion by 2015* market explosion for these • A leading Research firm predicts web conferencing market will reach $5 Billion by 2015* technologiesInfosys Virtual Ops Center OfferingVirtual Ops Center brings physical collaboration to any interactive process within an enterprise, using immersive technologies.Consider, what happens when we need to solve a complex problem during the life-cycle of a global SAP rollout. Several key programmers aretypically distributed throughout the globe and sub-applications on multiple screens need to be looked and deep interactive fixes in somecases would help. How much simpler would it be if these key SAP programmers and functional experts could be brought into the same roomand could huddle across a pair of adjacent screens. This kind of physical collaboration is made possible through virtual-ops. In fact, it creates a virtual-ecosystem delivering same-room & on-demand interactive experience, extensible across global workforces, multiplevendors, partners, suppliers, dealers & distributors. Interestingly it can be applied to any process that requires significant interaction, from SAPlifecycle management to order management and fulfilment, from deep customer care to management of complex global infrastructure.2 | Infosys – View Point
  3. 3. Business Scenarios Global Engineering Supply Chain Command Center Global IT Operations • How do I reduce the cost of • How do I bring unified support • How do I efficiently interact with global R&D and related travels? experience across vendors & global partner network?Customer Asks • How do I accelerate NPI cycles tools? • How do I get real-time visibility across teams, suppliers, & • How do I accelerate global SAP across the supply chain? partners? lifecycle rollout? • Global R&D, Design & • Knowledge Transitions Engineering • Partner Trainings & Awareness • Incident Management & SupportEnabling Scenarios • Co-Creation with Supplier, • Inventory & Logistics Planning Partners • Independent Validation & • Risk Monitoring & Management Testing • Design Anywhere, Follow the Sun • Accelerate NPIs • Accelerated Partner On-boarding • Reduced TCO for global IT OpsBusiness Value • Reduced Travel Costs • Efficient Risk Contingency • Improved Productivity • Accelerated R&D • Faster Market Penetration • Improved Vendor Performance Infosys – View Point | 3
  4. 4. Business Value: Virtual Ops Center Transforms Global IT Service Management ExperienceVirtual Ops Center for IT operations brings immersive technologies to fundamentally shift how day-to-day operations within IT organizationsare run, problems are solved and processes monitored and implemented. At its minimum, it simplifies the application-development, app-maintenance, infrastructure management and SLA adherence processes across global teams, vendors and toolsets. Key features include: Bring face-to-face, same-room experience for IT Ops by integrating immersive experience Interactive Support tools such as – video conferencing, audio-conferencing, desktop sharing, remote control. LOB Integrations with Microsoft Lync, Cisco WebEx, Adobe Connect, Digitalsamba Onsync, BigBlueButton etc. can be used to simply support for in-house customers as well as external partners for eg., agreement on EDI interactions. Automated Help Desk - it also SMS, IVR, Click-to-Call for Help Desk automation & accelerating support-cycles, increasing integrates telephony responsiveness. Seamless integration of applications into the ops-center allows interactive tools multi-party changes and accelerates automation. Microsoft TellMe, Voxeo, Goolge Voice, CallFire etc provide cloud-based SMS, IVR and Click-to-Call capabilities that do not require large CAPEX to bring these capabilities within organizations. Contract adherence Through application integration, portfolio management and metrics tracking tools, it brings a holistic approach to SLA adherence, protocol issues or even application-development/ deployment roadmap gaps. Integrating Virtual Ops with Remedy, Oblicore, ServiceNow will bring efficiency to vendor & SLA performance management through immersive interactions Accelerated Application Development & It leverages integrated collaboration & Knowledge Management tools – email, chat, translations, Maintenance (ADM) co-creation & communities to accelerate application development cycles, all tied together Cycles with shared desktops and telepresence. Integrations with SharePoint, Microsoft Bing, Goolge Translation, Microsoft Visual Studio, HP Quality Center will change the way we do application- development across the globe Anytime anywhere Infrastructure Monitoring Brings Smartphone access for anytime anywhere access for datacentre health, critical apps & infrastructure management4 | Infosys – View Point
  5. 5. Additionally, virtual-ops is a common platform, which once deployed, can easily be used to systematically enhance processes innon-IT organizations, such as in customer operations, design and manufacturing. Infosys – View Point | 5
  6. 6. Summary Virtual Ops Center brings immersive experience, mobility and cloud services into LoB applications creating a next generation experience and enhanced efficiency. Virtual Ops center enables “Future Workplaces” by creating immersive, same-room & shared-app effect for enterprise processes. Enterprises can bring certainty, uniformity & efficiency across their global operations. REFERENCES * ** | Infosys – View Point
  7. 7. About the AuthorsArindam BanerjiUnit Technology Officer, Manufacturing, Infosys LimitedFor the last 18 years, Arindam has been a technologist of some visibility within the industry.As one of the visionaries and chief technologist behind E-speak at HP, Arindam in the late-nineties laid the foundation for the next generation of computing, now broadly known asweb services and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA). He was also one of the early pioneersof semantic search.In the past, he has been the Global R&D head for Hewlett Packard’s Web-Services (then calledE–Services) product lines, Principal Scientist and Head of Strategy Research Organization forHP’s Services business, Architect at Sun Microsystems and the CTO for several tech. startupsin the Manufacturing space.At Infosys, his group focuses on providing technology strategy and advisory services toManufacturing customers globally, while providing intellectual property driven solutions inthe supply chain and engineering collaboration spaces.He has a PhD from the University of Notre Dame, over 30 publications and 6 patents.Arindam can be reached at Arindam_Banerji@infosys.comBhavin Jayantilal RaichuraPrincipal Technology Architect, Manufacturing Products, Platforms and Solutions, Infosys LimitedBhavin has 15 years of experience; He works with manufacturing clients for technologyconsulting, solution advisory & execution of large transformation programs. He leadsconceptualization to commercialization cycles for multiple business-solutions, technologypractices and center-of-excellence.Bhavin is a regular speaker on technology, and has presented at several internationalconferences. He has also published multiple artifacts on various online technology journals.Bhavin can be reached at Bhavin_Raichura@infosys.comRajanikant PrasadGroup Project Manager with Products, Platforms and Solutions unit, Infosys LimitedRajanikant has over 16 years of experience in solution consulting and execution of largetransformation engagements. He also lead the Microsoft practice for niche solutions andincubated several solutions to help accelerate the implementation.Rajanikant can be reached at Infosys – View Point | 7
  8. 8. About InfosysMany of the worlds most successful organizations rely on Infosys todeliver measurable business value. Infosys provides business consulting,technology, engineering and outsourcing services to help clients in over30 countries build tomorrows enterprise.For more information, contact© 2012 Infosys Limited, Bangalore, India. Infosys believes the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date; such information is subject to change without notice. Infosys acknowledgesthe proprietary rights of the trademarks and product names of other companies mentioned in this document.