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Digital WorkSpace NX


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2 page introduction to AT Internet\'s combined web, mobile, server and buzz analytics platform

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Digital WorkSpace NX

  1. 1. AnalyzerNX Web Edition Strengthen your e-business strategies in real time Online Intelligence Solutions Gauge the impact of all of your online investments using a high-end Web Analytics solution. AnalyzerNX Web Edition is designed to help increase online conversion and create relevant acquisition and loyalty programs. A consolidated view of your online marketing campaigns Key features AnalyzerNX Web Edition o ers actionable monitoring of all your online marketing campaigns (search, online advertising, a liates, etc.) irrespective of the communication channel (mobile, • Real time, minute by minute email marketing, sponsored links, banners, RSS feeds, videos, ash, etc.). reporting for the majority of Enhance the responsiveness of your teams thanks to exclusive real time follow-up, minute by analyses minute. Monitor the sales generated by each tra c source and assess the pro tability of every one of • Concise dashboards, fast and your online marketing campaigns. simple to personalise Convert business opportunities • Multiple site management Measure everything from within one consistent inter- online content effectiveness face and usability to campaign results and take strategic de- • In-depth site analysis across cisions to improve your bu- several levels (x8) for the siness profitability. whole analyses or speci c • What sales volume have you content areas (headers, sub- generated through the key Measure the impact of your campaigns at a glance sites, categories...) pages of your website? • Which key words have the best conversion rate? • Scoring metrics: Behaviou- • Is your merchandising e ective? ral Quotient®, Visitor enga- • What impact does a marketing campaign have on a speci c purchase gement, Brand reputation analysis... • Measure of web 2.0 tech- AT Connect: connecting your online marketing platforms nologies (Video clips and AnalyzerNX Web Edition interconnects with your a liate, email marketing, and adserver plat- streaming, podcasts, Flash, forms, giving you a complete and centralised view of the performance of all of your online mar- keting campaigns. RSS feeds, etc.) • An interface dedicated to your a liate partners: access Powerful usability analysis tools to campaign tra c and conversion data ClickZone®: visual analysis of user behaviour ClickZone® is a unique solution that examines: • Geolocation of Internet users • Clicks made on the areas and elements of the pages of your by continent, by country and site (links, images, icons…) by region • Display areas on each page (menu, ad spaces, content areas, footers…). These areas can be entirely personalised. • Real time alerts on abnormal The innovative nature of ClickZone® lends itself perfectly to an activity or behaviour in site in-depth usability analysis of your site (visitor response, click tra c, sales… evolution…). • Generation of custom reports compiling various analyses A/B Testing: let users guide you to the best creatives (which can be exported to PDF, AnalyzerNX Web Edition features A/B testing, which allows you to compare up to 4 versions of a Word, Excel, CSV...) web page. Depending on your goals, instantly evaluate the content and usability that best suits your audience (forms, banners, products, logos, links, etc.).
  2. 2. Navigation analysis Make the most of your Web 2.0 investments by analysing all the navigation paths of your Measure and optimise site: entry/exit ows, focus on strategic pages, sequences of pages, etc. Measure the per- each step of your formance and e ciency of conversion funnels, step by step (purchasing, registration, conversion funnels subscription, etc.) on your site. Locate then correct any areas of inconsistency (content, usability, loss of audience, cart abandons etc.). AnalyzerNX is edited by AT Internet. Head o ce: 85 avenue JF Kennedy 337000 Mérignac France - RCS Bordeaux B 403 261 258 - [DE.CL.1-000000699 - v1.0 - 07/2009]. Non binding documents and informations being able to evolve without advance notice Advanced personalisation AnalyzerNX Web Edition lets you design your work space to be perfectly compatible with your needs: • A home page that can be 100% personalised with widgets using the information you choose. • Dashboards that use the metrics of your choice, giving you an overall, role-based approach to your site’s performance. • The event log chronologically lists signi cant events in the life of your site (launch/end of a campaign, new version of site going live, etc.). • De ne your monthly objectives (tra c, sales, number of orders, etc.) and instantly check the status of these objectives and the forecasts for each of these metrics. • Act on your data by cross-referencing the AnalyzerNX Web Edition metrics directly from the analyses. This way, you can target your results on speci c populations, Internet user pro les, regions, etc., using a segmentation engine*. • AnalyzerNX Web Edition can be perfectly tailored to the unique dimensions of your business/trade/sector, as it allows the creation of persona- lised metrics that you can combine and analyse however you wish. * Available with the DataExplorer module. SERVICES BENEFITS • Technical implementation (Tagging plan, Project Manage- • Modular offering*: DataExplorer, SalesTracker (E-com- ment pack, technical monitoring) merce), Portal • Training and consulting • Reliability and certi cation* of measured data (OJD, KIA and • Customer Support ABCe Labels) • Support resources (manuals, helps, FAQ, support center...) • Optimal data security (dedicated technical infrastructure) • Studies and Benchmark • Open access technologies*: recovery of data history from your previous web analytics tool, implement on demand • On Demand Integration web services. * Under conditions. Références : Accor, Air France, Alapage, Areva, Bosch, CenterParcs, Chronopost, Cnet, Danone, Dassault, JC Decaux, Kellogg’s, Mc Do- nald’s, MTV Networks, Pfizer, Pixmania, Priceminister, Ryanair, Samsung, Sanofi Aventis, Total, Vente privée... AnalyzerNX comes in several editions to meet your business needs as closely as possible: AnalyzerNX Web Edition AnalyzerNX Intranet Edition websites open or closed intranets AnalyzerNX Mobile Edition AnalyzerNX Network Edition mobile sites site networks: mini-sites, blogs, etc. AT Internet - leader in Online Intelligence® systems AT Internet is a leading Independent web and mobile analytics solution provider, operating in 9 countries internationally. AT Internet prides itself on its data integrity and customer centric approach. Proud winner of the 2009 Platinum Distinction for European Seal of E-Excellence, AT Internet provides a robust and reliable best of breed SaaS analytics platform o ering a complete solution to enhance your marketing intelligence and business e ectiveness. Bordeaux (HQ) +33 (0)5 57 92 34 56 - London +44 (0)20 7681 4058 - Madrid +34 911 105 829 Montreal +1 514 928 7151 - Munich +49 (0)89/324927-0 - Paris + 33 (0)1 56 54 14 30