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My slide presented to a delegation of the Palestinian National Authority during the capacity building seminar on e-government by the OECD in Trento.
The slides show examples of the use of Open Data.

more info here,3746,en_2649_34417_49983620_1_1_1_1,00.html

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Opendata challeges&opportunites

  2. 2. Agenda Definitions Why How Challenges Open Data at Works Technical issue
  3. 3. Definitions
  4. 4. Definitions (DATA) single pieces of information of every nature● descriptions of facts● reproducible without ambiguities● parts of larger information or knowledge structures● can be expressed and stored in digital formats Data → Information → Knowledge → Wisdom
  5. 5. Definitions (OPEN)
  6. 6. Open Knowledge Foundation“A piece of content or data isopen if anyone is free to use,reuse, and redistribute it —subject only, at most,to the requirement to attributeand share-alike.”
  7. 7. Why?
  8. 8. … it is an old story :)
  9. 9. The power of dataImage by EpicGraphic
  10. 10. Transparency and Open Government My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.Transparency and Open Government Memorandum for the Heads ofExecutive Departments and Agencies (2009)
  11. 11. P.A. and Data DISSEMINATECOLLECT MANAGE UPDATE SHARE SERVICE PAID BY TAXES vs distribution at marginal cost average cost recovery transparency optimization costs loss of income high transaction costs
  12. 12. Now … Open […] Data Open Government Data Open Linked Data Open Community Data
  13. 13. Italy ... The central goverment ● Some regions ● Piemonte ● Emilia Romagna ● Veneto ● Lombardia ● Provincia Autonoma di Trento Some cities ● Firenze ● Torino ● …
  14. 14. … Trentino The 40% of the geodata managed by the Provincia Autonoma of Trento are Open Data17/02/2012 This is a first step
  15. 15. HOW
  16. 16. a formula for making this possible 1.Leadership also / primarily political 2.Crisis ex. budget cuts 3.Heroes 1. (from government / administration) people that believe is possible, but also ready to lose 4.(Pressure from citizens)
  17. 17. The correct way
  18. 18. Spheras of the e- GovermentTechnology Legal aspect Communication
  19. 19. The knowledge hierarchy Image by EpicGraphic
  20. 20. A possible communication strategy
  21. 21. wish list fo the next year Open Government Data as a Right More Schemas (Knowledge APIs) – keep it focused, let’s not try to boil the ocean Open Data as a Platform, Not a Commodity Massive Interconnection Between Open Data Sites Open Corporate Data (for and by Corporates) Standards (e.g. for catalog metadata) for Data Portals and Data Hubs Open Data for Growth – making clear the the connection Strong international norms for data inventories Organizational identifiers – Dunn & Bradstreet should be replaced with open data MiData – getting personal data out of corporates and government back into the hands of the people whose data it is 21
  22. 22. Open Data at works
  23. 23. The open data ecosystem
  24. 24. Outside italy with italian data (1/2)
  25. 25. Outside Italy with italians data (2/2)
  26. 26. Made in Italy
  27. 27. Voglio il ruoloteachers waiting for a job
  28. 28. OpenPolis – politicians accountability
  29. 29. Dipartimento per lo sviluppo e la coesione econimca Data visualization Indicators
  30. 30. OpenBilancio (1/3)
  31. 31. OpenBilancio (2/3)
  32. 32. OpenBilancio (3/3)
  33. 33. Futouring Lazio tourism portal http://www.futouring.comgeodata in collaboration with openstreetmap community - other data in CC-BY-SA
  34. 34. Open Community Data OpenStreetMap as Best Practice ~
  35. 35. Map Compare (1/2)
  36. 36. Map Compare (2/2)
  37. 37. Some outputs (tools) Bus Stop inforgraphicshttp:/ Košice (SK)Other example here
  38. 38. Some outputs (companies)
  39. 39. Social services
  40. 40. Project – crisis managementHumanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
  41. 41. Italian overviewGood community Mapping Party Mappare MilanoSupport from some italian publicadministrationSupport from and otherinitiatives (ex schools)
  42. 42. Map Compare - Trento
  43. 43. Technical aspects
  44. 44. Open data featuresComplete Primary Timely Accessible Machine-readableNon-proprietary License-free ReviewableDiscoverable Permanent AccessRedistribution Reuse DescriptionMetadata Attribution IntegrityAbsence of Technological Restriction 44
  45. 45. Open Linked Data★ make your stuff available on the Web(whatever format) under an open license★★ make it available as structured data Tim Berners Lee(e.g., Excel instead of image scan of a table)★★★ use non-proprietary formats(e.g., CSV instead of Excel)★★★★ use URIs to identify things, so that people can point at your stuff★★★★★ link your data to other data to provide context 45
  46. 46. Linked Data Ingredients Things have names (a person, a city, a company) Let this names start with http:// Represent data (relations among things) as RDF 46
  47. 47. Example 47
  48. 48. Example 48
  49. 49. Example 49
  50. 50. Example 50
  51. 51. Example●Access/browse a global interconnected DB●Merge, mix data●Perform powerful cross-domain queries 51
  52. 52. The Linking Open Data cloud diagram 52
  53. 53. The Data Hub 53
  54. 54. Conclusions Implement a communication strategy ● Ex Improve the relation with the communities ● Ex. OpenStreetMap as laboratory – – Trust the serendipity ‫شكرا‬ 54