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SEO Starter Kit
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SEO Starter Kit


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Lecture from Palomar College Search Engine Optimization class. The SEO Starter Kit describes how a website should be built from the beginning using basic search engine optimization. We will go through …

Lecture from Palomar College Search Engine Optimization class. The SEO Starter Kit describes how a website should be built from the beginning using basic search engine optimization. We will go through the creation of a eCommerce site featuring the US Women’s World Cup team.

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  • 1. SEOGCMW177 Search Engine Optimization GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 2. SEOWhat is SEO?Search Engine Optimization is a way of streamlining thecontent of your website to improve it’s position in thesearch results.Not easy. Not exact science.If its a race car, you build it, get it out on the track, thenfine tune it until it wins the race. GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 3. SEOHow do search engines work?1. Robots2. Looks for RELEVANT content3. Looks for fresh content3. Looks for popular sites4. Really, really smart GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 4. SEOSearch Engines - Who are the biggies?Google 70%Yahoo! 15%Bing 10%Ask 3%The rest 2% THE REST GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 5. SEOWhy is SEO important?Because 70% of Users Don’t Go Beyondthe 1st Page of Search Engines!Remember these? GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 6. SEOLet’s Start a Website GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 7. SEOPart 1: On-site SEO1. Keywords2. URL3. Title tags4. Meta Description5. h1 tags6. Anchor tags or internal links7. Images8. Content Content Content GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 8. SEOKeywords1. Brainstorm - What would I search for?2. Research - Google Insights3. R & D - Ripoff and Duplicate world cup women’s soccer USA t-shirts commerative apparel GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 9. SEOURLsWhat I GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 10. SEOTitle Tags1. The most important relevant tag2. Add keywords, but don’t stuff3. 66 characters or less<head><title>US Women’s World Cup T-shirts - 2011 World Cup commerative soccerapparel</title></head> GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 11. SEOMeta Description1. Entice people to click2. Don’t tell them everything3. Use keyword at least once4. Don’t stuff and draw attention<meta name=”description” content=” Collectible t-shirts celebrating the US wom-en’s soccer World Cup final with Japan. /> GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 12. SEOH1 Tags1. Headlines - search engines love these2. Don’t over do it.3. Don’t duplicate title tag4. h2, h3 tags work too<h1>US Women’s World Cup Shirts</h1> GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 13. SEOImage Tags1. Search engines can index images2. Name with keyword3. Use “alt” tag4. Works for video search too GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 14. SEOInternal Links and Anchor Tags1. Search engines look for links2. Name with keyword if possible3. Use text nav buttons instead of imagesBad:<a href =”kp12_X45.html” /> or <a href =”tshirts2.html” />Better:<a href =”women-world-cup-tshirts.html” />Best:<a href =”” /> GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 15. SEOContent Content Content1. Relevant content with keywords2. Keywords sprinkled not splattered3. Keep it coming GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 16. SEODon’t Do it!1. Hidden text2. Keyword stuffing3. Duplicate content4. Flash5. Overdo the images6. Links to bad sites7. iframes or javascript GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 17. SEOPart 2: Off-site SEO1. Inbound links2. Link Bait3. Blogging4. Social Media5. Sponsored links (Google AdSense) GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 18. SEOLink Bait1. Go viral2. Entice people to share3. Place Facebook “Like” or “Share” buttons4. YouTube videos5. Twitter6. Digg / Stumble Upon GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 19. SEOBlogging1. Get active in Blogosphere2. Scratch backs / trade links3. Provide an RSS feed4. Leave comments in forums4. Wordpress or Blogspot GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 20. SEOSocial Media1. Facebook Fan Page2. Twitter account3. YouTube channel4. Wordpress or Blogspot GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 21. SEOFree Search Engine Tools:1. Google Analytics2. Google Webmaster Tools2. Yahoo! Site Explorer3. Bing Webmaster Tools4. Alexa - tracks ranking GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 22. SEOGoogle Analytics and Webmaster Tools<script type=”text/javascript”> var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push([‘_setAccount’, ‘UA-22056732-4’]); _gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’]); (function() { var ga = document.createElement(‘script’); ga.type = ‘text/javascript’; ga.async = true; ga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://ssl’ : ‘http://www’) + ‘’; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })();</script> GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  • 23. SEOFall 2011GCMW177 #74023Search Engine Optimization (SEO)T & Th 6pm-8:50pmMD-134.Mike GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization