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We've designed our site, got the search engine optimization all in place. Now let's advertise. On the flip side of organic search traffic is branded search advertising. You got to spend money to make money, right? Even if you are at the top of the organic search results, paying for traffic, if done correctly, is still a great tool to get hits. In class, we will create a marketing plan, a budget, design some ads and drive traffic to unique landing pages within our site. Earlier in the semester, we established our target audience. Based on that info, we can set some conversion goals and design some effective banner ads. We will research an Ad Provider for optimization and appropriate ad placement. Then we will design landing pages and use A/B testing to get the best conversion

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Web Ad Campaigns - Design and Optimizing

  1. SEOWeb Ad Campaigns - Designand Optimizing GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  2. SEOStarting Your Ad Campaign1. Site should be ready to go by now...2. Create a marketing plan and budget3. Focus on your target audience4. Set some conversion goals - What do I want to get out of this?5. Design some ads6. Design some landing pages7. Find a Ad Provider8. Publish!9. Optimize and refine with AB testing GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  3. SEOAd Publisher v. Ad BuyerAd Buyer - You, your company A Few Ad Providers: - Buying ad space on internet or mobile - Admin Control Panel for optimization - Real Time Bidding (RTB) Rubicon - Control ad inventory http://rubiconproject.comAd Provider - They sell the ad space to buyers Middle man between you and buyer Pubmatic Optimize ads for you http://www.pubmatic.com/ Weed out bad ones Send out good relevant ads to publishers Improve traffice and revenue AdMeld http://www.admeld.com/Ad Publisher - Any website or mobile device that displays ads - Way to monatize a site or blog with banner ads - Drive traffic to ad buyer site and get commision - Can control incoming ad content and quality GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  4. SEOAd Types1. Text Ads - Couple lines of type2. Text links - Embedded into a article3. Static ads - just an image/old school4. Animated ads - gifs or Flash5. Interactive ads - games or click action6. Rich Media Ads - Overlays - Takerovers - Interactive - Pushdowns7. Video embeds - YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo8. Game embeds9. Mobile GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  5. SEOAd Sizes and SpecsLots of variety in sizes, shapes, and formatsMost Popular Sizes:300 x 250 - (Rectangle)728 x 90 - (Leaderboard)160 x 600 - (Skyscraper)125 x 125 - (Blog ads)Most Click tru Rate:300 x 250 GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  6. SEOAd File Size and Formats1. File sizes kept to minimum Jpegs -”Save Optimized As...” in Photoshop2. Slow loads will effect host site - Use setting that get you under 50k3. They may drop you - Use web safe colors if possible4. Ideal file sizes - 10k -50k Animated gifs - Can create in Photoshop5. Animation - under 15 seconds - Simple slideshow and movements6. Use Photoshop or Flash - Smaller file sizes than flash7. Online ad builders Flash Ads - Small as possible - 50-60k - Keep to minimal slides - Don’t use bitmap images if possible - Use Vector art and type - Animate using tweens - Optimize when you save GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  7. SEOAd Sizes - 300x2501. 20 – 30% higher CTR2. Great for interactive ads3. Lots of hot spots GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  8. SEOAd Sizes - Blogs1. Most common are 300x250 and 125x125 square2. Placed in best hot spots3. Ads are relevant to topic300 x 250125x125 GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  9. SEOAd Sizes - 728x901. Called Leaderboards2. Generally across top or bottom of page GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  10. SEOAd Sizes - 160x6001. Called Skyscrapers2. Generally on far left or far right column3. 120x600s are out of fashion GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  11. SEOAd Design1. Design should blend like it is part of the overall web design2. Visitors will judge a site by ads3. Keep it clean and simple4. Good catchy copy5. Good visuals6. Some kind of interaction or animation GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  12. SEOEffective Ad Copy1. Catchy headline2. Body copy - minimal3. Headline and copy should have keywords - Very similar to the title tags of site4. It’s PPC - don’t deceive and waste clicks5. Call to action - entice them!6. Cliche buzz words - FREE - 30 day trial - 15% off - Click here! GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  13. SEOAd Design - Colors1. Compliementary colors2. Contrast but not obnoxious3. Good White space4. Try taking out the border5. Dont distract - clean, elegant6. More credible and visitors are more likely to click on them. GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  14. SEOAd Design - Good GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  15. SEOAd Design - Bad GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  16. SEOAd Design Cliches1. Cheesy but effective - (sometimes) GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  17. SEOAd Placement - Hot SpotsWhere should it go?Middle and upper left are best,but rarely given up GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  18. SEOAd Placement - Hot SpotsSomewhere in the middle GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  19. SEOAd Placement - Examples GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  20. SEOAd Placement - Examples GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  21. SEOAd Design - Blending InYesNot so much GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  22. SEOAd DesignGood Blends GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  23. SEOAd DesignBad Blends GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  24. SEOLanding Pages and OptimizationCould be different than home pageShould be related to the keywords in your adUsers will click away if they feel deceivedMake it load fast - No flash intros or large imagesMake it simple to find what they are looking for GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  25. SEOA/B Testing on Landing PagesTry AB testing on various landing pages - Different keywords or headlines - Different layouts - Different offers - Different colors, typography, styles - Also called Multivariate TestingAlways test pages simultaniously to compare results GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  26. SEOA/B Testing on Landing PagesChanging a headline - 14% to 18% CTR Adding persona - 48% increase in CTR GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  27. SEOA/B Testing on Landing PagesAdding a special offer burst - 148% increase in CTR GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization