Writing Good, Relevant Content for SEO


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Content is king! Providing good, relevant content to your followers will not only drive more traffic to your site, but boost your search results higher and higher. We will discuss how to write good, SEO content that will get indexed by the search engines.

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Writing Good, Relevant Content for SEO

  1. 1. SEOCreating GoodSEO Content GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  2. 2. SEOHow People Search - AOL StudyWho are they? - 90% of men, 91% of womenWhat are they looking for? - one word searches, impulsiveWhat time of day?Types of Searchers1. Porn2. Shoppers - looking for products, deals3. Stalker - Looking for info on other people3. Obsesive Neurotic - searches over and over, use advanced features4. Basket Case - search for terms like “why am i so ugly?” “i hate my job” GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  3. 3. SEOWrite People FriendlyDo -1. Write for you readers, not the search engines.2. Write natural sounding3. Write with targeted keywords in mind4. Good grammar5. Keep it short to medium - 250 to 350 words6. Create great content - bot friendlyDon’t -1. Be stiff or forced2. Over stuff with keywords.3. Don’t be repetitive and drone on4. Use big words GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  4. 4. SEOFinalize Your KeywordsTop Keywords for WaterstoneFirst Draft Final Sites for Keyword Research:1. kitchen faucets 1. Luxury Faucets https://adwords.google.com2. faucets 2. High End Kitchen Faucets http://www.keyworddiscovery.com/3. designer 3. Waterstone Faucets http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/4. sink 4. Waterstone http://www.spyfu.com5. finishes 5. Best Kitchen Faucets http://www.keycompete.com/home.asp6. made in usa 6. Best Kitchen Faucet7. custom 7. Kitchen Faucet Styles8. luxury 8. Faucet Styles9. quality 9. Faucet Types10. interior design 10. Kitchen Faucet Accessories 11. Designer Cabinet Hardware 12. Luxury Cabinet Hardware GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  5. 5. SEOContent Structure1. Title tag <title></title> Waterstone High End Luxury Kitchen Faucets | Waterstone Faucets Best Kitchen Faucets For Your Home | Waterstone Faucets2. Headlines <h1></h1> Waterstone Luxury Kitchen Faucets Waterstone Kitchen Faucet Styles3. Keywords with copy body - use bold on a few4. Internal Linking <a href=”kitchen-faucets.html”></a>5. Outside Linking <a href=”http://www.faucetoutlet.html”></a>6. Bulleted Lists <ul></ul> <ol></ol> <li></li> GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  6. 6. SEOGood Relevant Content1. Keyword focused2. Link worthy3. Good structure4. Relevant, unique, and current5. Useful research6. Useful resource - “How to”7. News worthy8. Controversial9. Humorous10. Make them come back11. Call to action - What should I do? GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  7. 7. SEOKeep Content Current1. Industry news2. Announcements3. Breaking news4. Different angle than competitor5. Give a opinion6. Stay n topic7. Latest search trends8. News feeds, RSS feedshttp://dir.yahoo.com/rss/dir/index.phphttp://www.freshcontent.net/http://www.rss-feeds-directory.com/http://www.cnn.com/services/rss/ GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  8. 8. SEODuplicate Content1. Unique content on each page2. Unique titles on each page3. Unique headlines on each page4. Don’t copy and paste others content5. Use a small tease, give author provide an outside linkFind duplicate content of any site:http://www.copyscape.com/ GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  9. 9. SEOKeyword Density1. How many times is a specifc keyword used2. Use it headline, title and copy3. But don’t stuffhttp://www.webuildpages.com/seo-tools/keyword-density/ GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  10. 10. SEOOptimize Your Non-HTML FilesSearch engines can now index files1. pdfs2. rtf3. Word docs4. ExcelOptimize these like you would your site GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization