Diagnostic and surgical procedures for the treatment of

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  • 1. Diagnostic and Surgical Procedures for the Treatment of Vascular Diseases By Marjorie Smith
  • 2. Angiography
    • A diagnostic procedure to examine blood vessels
    • X-ray of blood vessels using an opaque medium
    • Can be performed on the Aorta, Heart or Brain
  • 3. Angiography
    • A catheter is inserted in the femoral vein
    • Next it is pass up until it reaches the heart
    • Once it reaches the heart the medium is released so that a x-ray may be taken
  • 4. Embolectomy
    • Embolectomy is the removal of an embolus or clot from a blood vessel
    • Embolus are clots that break off from thrombus in one area and lodge in another area
    • Embolus cut off the blood supply once they lodge in a blood vessel
    • Embolus can cause heart attacks, strokes, and pain in the affect area.
  • 5. Embolectomy
    • The embolus is located using arteriography or MRI
    • A special catheter, small catheter with an inflatable balloon on the end
    • Local anesthesia is used
  • 6. Ligation and Stripping
    • Ligation and stripping is a surgical procedure to treat varicose veins, also called phlebectomy
    • Ligation is the surgical tying off of a vein
    • Stripping is the removal of a vein
  • 7. Ligation and Stripping
    • An incision is made in the groin area
    • Affect area of the vein is closed off
    • Afterward the affected vein is removed or stripped
    • Helps to promote healthy circulation
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