diarrhea heart diseases post operative complications urticaria plastic surgery introduction cns infection nervous system infections substance abuse disorders prolapsed intervertebral discs retention of urine rupture of the bladder schistosomiasis of the bladder myelodysplastic syndromes carcinoma of the bladder endometriosis neoplasms of the bladder leukoplakia bladder tumors pediatric cardiology lower urinary infection and cystitis bladder stones bladder diverticulum bladder fistula iron deficiency anemia urinary incontinence poisoning pediatric poisoning poisoning in children hydrocephalus radiography optics refraction anatomy and physiology erythema urinary bladder ddh diseases of the cornea renal failure constipation mood disorders anatomy glomerulonephritis urinary tract infection disorders of the neuromuscular junction sexually transmitted infections anxiety disorders basic airway management diabetes mellitus 5th year course book of radiology course book 5th year urology 2010 course book of anesthesia course book of otolaryngology gynecology course book ophthalmology syllabus for fifth year med students pediatrics course book syllabus for 5th year neurosurgery thoracic and cardiovascular surgery course book fo sickle cell anemia radiography of chest orbital diseases neonatal resuscitation growth and development iv fluids suture materials tubes peripheral vascular examination venous disorders suturing suture hnp surgery surgical management of lumbar disc herniation the knee joint examination of knee joint spine lower gastro-intestinal hemorrhage upper gastro-intestinal hemorrhage upper gastro-intestinal hemorrhage management drains acute arterial emergency renal stones endoscopic management fluid and electrolyte management renal trauma general orthopedic infections drain tubes and catheters thoracic trauma preoperative preparation atopic dermatitis hypersensitivity reactions commom skin disorders myocarditis cardiomyopathy cardiac arrhythmias cardiac surgery video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery vats interventional radiology spinal injury joints congenital anomalies of the cns drug treatment in psychiatry tumours of the larynx intracranial tumors degenerative diseases of the cervical spine chronic pelvic pain bacterial skin infections persistent post-operative back pain and sciatica evaluation of patients in coma coma multiple sclerosis stroke dementia back pain imaging degenerative disc disease spodylolysthesis spinal stenosis cpr cardiac arrest cardiopulmonary resuscitation ovarian tumours alcoholism habit disorders acne perioral dermatitis rosacea the infected spine granulomatous infections of the spine non-hodgkin lymphoma childhood disorders neurophthalmology delirium kyphosis spinal deformities thoracic and lumbar spine anatomy neurofibromatosis scoliosis bone health and osteoporosis ankle and foot injuries multiple myeloma lymphomas hodgkin lymphoma chronic lymphocytic leukaemia prolymphocytic leukaemia cll hairy cell leukaemia cutaneous vascular anomalies cleft lip and palate operative gynecology pain tumours of the pharynx ocular trauma lichen planus lichenoids osteophite acdf anterior cervical discectomy and fusion cervical myelopathy spure cervical spondylosis bone trauma syncope falls management investigation parkinsonism dislocation of the knee joint dislocation of the patella fractures of the tibia and fibula skin grafts leukaemias torticollis cervical spine anatomy premalignant and malignant disorders of the uterin post menopausal bleeding child and adolescent psychological disorders ocular manifestations of systemic diseases miscellaneous conditions of the throat intracranial hemorrhage essential facts in geriatric medicine age and aging the role of geriatrician tibial plateaucondyles fractures knee injuries femoral condyles fractures tibial tubercletuberosity fracture fractures of the patella tibialeminencespine fracture supracondylar fractures of the femur diaphyseal femur fractures femoral shaft fractures rome criteria recurrent abdominal pain of childhood rap enuresis oncological emergencies cup cancer of unknown primaries oncology general management principles monitoring epilepsy laser refractive surgery laser in ophthalmology tonsillectomy blood transfusion bleeding disorders venous thrombosis candidiasis deep fungal infections pityriasis versicolor fungal infections of the skin dermatophytosis generalized bone diseases oncology hrt menopause intertrochanteric fractures subtrochanteric fractures eating disorders bone diseases myeloproliferative disorders mds ocular misalignment strabismus squint benign laryngeal lesions chronic laryngitis carcinoma of the cervix dermatologic signs of systemic diseases bone radiography management of raised intracranial pressure neuromuscular diseases premalignant conditions of the cervix femoral neck fractures central hip dislocation anterior hip dislocation paraphilias sexual and gender identity disorders dissociative disorders somatoform disorders retinal diseases menstrual disorders benign tumors of the uterus autoimmune disorders connective tissue disorders thalassemia hemolysis hemolytic anemia peripheral neuropathy sciatic nerve injuries radial nerve injuries ectopia vesicae infection of the urinary bladder injuries of the hip acute laryngitis local anesthetics scrotum & the testes organic mental disorders megaloblastic anemia the retina the nervous inner coat of the eye ball vulval and vaginal benign and malignant conditions hsg hysterosalpingography radiography in obstetrics cutaneous laser surgery cutaneous laser therapy homocystineuria cystinuriam urea cycle disorder hartnup disease cystinosis maple syrup urine disease iem inborn errors of metabolism puberty disorders subarachnoid hemorrhage peripheral nerve injuries uveitis vascular pigmented layer pharyngitis anemia investigations hematology medical therapy in dermatology evaluation of headache diabetic ketoacidosis diabetes insipidus dka dka thyroid pituitary adrenal pediatric endocrine disorders parathyroid genetics pharynx radiography of spine orthopedic hand problems personality disorders intravenous anesthetic agents neck trauma tracheostomy cerebral palsy encephalitis mental retardation genodermatosis seizures and epilepsy intracranial hematomas miscellaneous complications of head injury skull and brain imaging techniques toxidromes genital prolapse physiology carpal tunnel syndrome dorsal ganglion ganglion cysts de quervains disease carpometacarpal osteoarthritis intersexuality refractive errors als motor neuron disease mnd stings bites psoriasis other papulosequamous skin diseases alcohol misuse and dependence brain tumor osteosarcoma aneurysmal bone cyst ewings sarcoma metastatic bone disease primary malignant bone tumours enchondroma chondroma simple bone cyst osteoid osteoma osteochondroma smoking uti renal tubular acidosis suicide prostatitis hirsutism polycystic ovary syndrome cardiovascular system premedication larynx secondary amenorrhea tumors and tumor-like conditions of the bone suppurative lung diseases thoracic surgery diseases of the pleura and pleural space diseases of mediastinum tumor of lung lung cancer trauma to the chest chest trauma investigations in neurosurgery head injuries legg-calve perthes perthes disease coxa plana surgery of neurological diseases neurogenic bladder bladder out let obstruction prostate bladder trauma carcinoma of prostate bladder tumor congenital anomalies of the ut hypertension in renal disease primary amenorrhea ectopic pregnancy glaucoma benign prostatic hyperplasia cubitus valgus orthopedic problems of the wrist acute infection of the upper urinary tract renal parenchyma masses urinary tract disorders hemolytic uremic syndrome nephrotic syndrome evaluation of renal function and structure drug poisoning poisons pruritus itching myasthenia gravis gtd gestational trophoblastic disease masses of nose and paranasal sinuses skin tumors fractures of the acetabulum chronic renal failure shoulder instability sinusitis premenstrual syndrome dysmenorrhoea rhinitis drug reactions established acute renal failure pelvic fractures diseases of the peripheral nervous system lens early pregnancy bleeding urinary system imaging techniques orthopedic problems of the shoulder joint surgical airway limb length discrepancy halux valgus flat foot kidney and urinary tract diseases diseases of the nails nasal trauma septal deviations trauma to nose epistaxis cystic fibrosis endometriosis and adenomyosis schizophrenia mental health introduction the conjunctiva diseases of the hair genital tuberulosis vulvovaginal lupus vulgaris infertility sudden infant death syndrome non-accidental injury paediatric oncology pyloric stenosis peptic ulcer disease gastroesophageal reflux disease aka gerd birth control contraception paranasal sinuses physilogy of the nose viral diseases of the skin and mucous membrane disorders of skin color kidney stones analgesic nephropathy diabetic kidney disease disease of muscles rheumatology malabsorption diseases of the middle ear eyelids and lacrimal aparatus reproductive system dermatology course book clinical medicine course book medicine course book bone grafts and club foot atopy the adrenal gland the thyroid gland knee deformities pelvic inflammatory disease halothane muscle relaxants inhalational agents diseases of the external ear developmental dysplasia of the hip bullous skin disorders septic arthritis abnormal deviation of genitalia amputation of extremities routine preoperative investigations ida introduction to basic ophthalmology menstrual cycle physiology physical examination pituitary gland disease gynaecological disorders of childhood andadolescen prepuberty & pub gynec problems psychopathology pyogenic osteomyelitis vulvovaginitis & vavinal discharge anatomy & physiology of the ear preoperative evaluation and choice of anesthetic t cns intro keratinization disorders
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