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The war for independence
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  • 1. The War for Independence:
  • 2. Battle of Lexington -governor of Massachusetts ordered to arrest two leaders of Sons of Liberty and destroy any weapons the minutemen had hidden -April 18, 1775: 700 British soldiers marched toward Lexington -Sons of Liberty found out about the British plan and sent 3 messengers to warn the people in Concord -Paul Revere, William Dawes, Samuel Prescott -Minutemen were waiting in Lexington when British arrived -shots were fired, first shot unknown -15 minute battle -18 dead, 10 wounded (Americans)
  • 3. Battle of Concord -same night as Lexington -British marched from Lexington to Concord -3 British soldiers killed at the North Bridge -British found few weapons -British marched back to Boston -73 killed, 174 injured
  • 4. Second Continental Congress -June 14, 1775: voted to create the Continental Army -George Washington selected to lead
  • 5. Battle of Bunker Hill -June 17, 1775: north of Boston -misnamed, actually took place on Breed’s Hill -Americans attempted to gain control of Charlestown Peninsula -British used cannons and charged the hill -Americans ran out of gunpowder and were forced to retreat -over 200 British dead, about 140 Americans dead
  • 6. Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge -first battle in NC -Feb. 27, 1776 -Loyalists and British planned a meeting in Wilmington to take control of Southern colonies -Patriots planned to prevent meeting -removed planks from the bridge over Moore’s Creek and greased them with soap and animal fat -Loyalists attempted to cross the bridge and were surprised by the Patriots -50 Loyalists killed or wounded, 1 Patriot lost
  • 7. British Departure -50 cannons brought to Boston from New York -March 17, 1776: British ships sailed out of Boston Harbor
  • 8. Halifax Resolves -April 12, 1776 -committee of Patriots met at Halifax -adopted a formal statement that called for independence from Britain -recommended that NC declare independence from Britain, and that other colonies do the same -read and discussed at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia
  • 9. The Declaration of Independence -written by Thomas Jefferson -formal declaration of American independence from Britain -listed the wrongs of King George -approved July 4, 1776 -NC signers were: -Joseph Hewes, William Hooper, and John Penn -declared independence, but did not end the war
  • 10. End of War Battle of Yorktown • October, 1781 • 3 week siege on Chesapeake Bay (Va) • Cornwallis surrenders to Washington • Ends war in colonies • Would continue on seas Treaty of Paris • formal end to war • negotiations begin in 1782 • signed in Paris, Sept. 1783