Puerto Rico DáVila, Eyzaguirre, EgúSquiza

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Powerpoint presentation on Puerto Rico.

Powerpoint presentation on Puerto Rico.

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  • 1. Puerto Rico
  • 2. Religion
    • The most of the people are catholicism.
    • This is the tower of ponce.
  • 3. Language
    • The official language is Spanish, but English is also spoken.
  • 4. Geographic features
    • It is mainly mountainous territory. Elevations are systems as the cordillera central and the sierra de luquillo.
    • It has many realitvely short rivers, the longest is the Grand de arecibo, and others rivers.
    • It also has some lakes such as lake yauco found in the river of the same name.
  • 5. Money
    • The money of Puerto Rico is the dollar.
  • 6. Weather
    • Although it has mountainous topography, Puerto Rico has a tropical climate in the highest areas, the day air is warm. There is very little difference from one season to another.
    • The average temperature is arround 27*C.
  • 7. Natural resources
    • Mineral deposits of port include limestone, clay, copper, cobalt, chromium and nickel among others.
  • 8. Population
    • Most of the inhabitads of Puerto Rico are Spanish descendents.
  • 9. Flora and fauna
    • Puerto Rico has many varieties of tropical plants, such as kapok, palm and coconut, and others.
    • There are no large mammals. The rats, iguanas, and lizards near the most common.
    • On the island there are native animals that is not found in other place is the coqui small frog.
  • 10. Education
    • In the twentieth century Puerto Rico has a strong influence of U.S.A culture.
  • 11. Culture
    • With some programs and health insurance to guarantee assistance to the population, even in predominantly rural areas, the health service is inadequate.
  • 12. Goverment
    • The current constitution was adopted in 1952.
    • Puerto Rico have the same obligations and rights as citizens of U.S.A, although residents in the territory are not entitled to vote in that country.
    • The governor, with legislative approval, directs the executive departments.
  • 13. Natives
    • The first settlers were the Ortoiroid people , an Archaic Period culture of Amerindian hunters and fishermen.