Pubcon Vegas 2012: Google+ One Year Later - A Case Study


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Google+ one year later using Search Engine Land as a case study. Also information on new Google+ features from the past year, including Events and Hangouts On Air. #pubcon

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  • To give you a bit of perspective, Google+ has become one of the top 5 site referrals since January
  • There are no 3rd party apps to provide sentiment, or easily respond to mentions. SEO is not on this list – this is simply describing the platform from an audience management perspective and does not reflect the Google benefits it clearly has.
  • One of the most important things you can do is verify your brand.A page’s verification is identified by a small check mark next to the profile name, this tells users that they are adding their desired page and not one that is run by an impersonator.This verification will help you stand out amongst other non-official pages during search by adding merit your website to your Google+ page.
  • Here are the steps to get your Google+ brand verified:A link to your organization’s website on your Google+ pageA link to your Google+ page on your organization’s website (either the Google+ badge or a snippet of code)Have a “meaningful number” of people add you to their circles. This number used to be 1,000.
  • Here is an example of a link posted using an image. We use UTM tracking parameters to track campaign traffic manually posted to Google+. We create a custom URL appending the UTM tracking code, create a shortened URL and manually add the link to the post as part of the caption.If you are just posting a straightforward link, there is an option to edit thumbnails, and generally they work out fine without being too large crowding the space. You always have the option to delete the thumbnail if it’s not relevant.
  • You can also use bolded or italicized text.
  • The LA Times approaches posting links a little differently – instead of individual links as post, they aggregate the day’s headlines with links to the stories, and use the front page of that day’s paper as the image. This could work well with round ups of special events, or could be interesting to test as an extension of an email newsletter.
  • Here is an example of video embedded as part of the post. You can embed YouTube links that will play right within Google+.
  • Just like any other platform where you can tag brands and people, doing so on Google+ will notify the profile that’s tagged. Hashtags are also relevant, especially for trending topics.
  • From your profile home page, you can monitoryour brand via G+ search, and also see what’s trending.
  • But from the Explore page, you can see even more topics that are trending.You can also saveyour search – think of it as Google Alerts within Google+.Here’s a tip – if you save “shared a circle with you,” you’ll discover people who have curated and shared circles gathered around interesting topics. This is a fantastic outreach and networking opportunity if you are looking to learn more about a specific subject.
  • Make sure to check your notifications, this is an easy way to see who is reposting your content, or if there are familiar faces following you. I like to acknowledge those sharing our content, either by a +1 or a comment. There are times when you can’t +1.
  • Ifyo view all of your notifications, you’ll get a window where you can segment the type of notification.
  • This breaks down to circle adds, mentions, posts on your profile, unruly pubcon photos and more.
  • Speakaing of circles… Circles can be confusing. They are definitely used more by the Google+ power user, who share circles of curated lists. One great idea I got from Chris Voss on Google+ is to create a circle of commenters. This is an ongoing list of people who regularly engage with your profile, and it provides an easy way to reciprocate and return the favor. Of course you can segment circles in pretty much any way, but aggregating commenters is an easy win. You can also monitor your circles independently, and offer benefits to those circles only.
  • Also, now Google+ provides an events tool, where you can schedule invidual meeting, branded public event, hangouts and more. You can see events you have been invited to in your notifications.
  • Here’s an example of an invite from My Community Manager. As you can see, these events appear in notifications even after the event happened, asking guests who were invited to share whether they attended or not. That could be another opportunity to create a circle.
  • Not sure if anyone noticed this, but if you do confirm an event, not only do you get an email branded as Google+, but the event is branded in your Google calendar too.
  • Speaking of events, let’s talk about Hangouts.There are Hangouts which are limited to 10 participants, and then there are Hangouts On Air. Hangouts on Air lets any number of viewers watch your Hangout; within Google+ itself or live on YouTube. The final video version of the Hangout is uploaded automatically to YouTube, which allows the video of the Hangout to be embedded after it happen. Hangouts provide access to harder-to-reach, higher profile staff in your organization, and or can provide an invite-only to certain circles option – but On Air will be broadcasted. Keep it educational and conversational, once it becomes a sales pitch it’s a sure way to offend participants.
  • Before you do anything, make sure you have verified your YouTube account. You want to make sure your account can handle videos longer than 15 minutes, otherwise, your Hangout won't get saved.When you know when your event is going to happen, you'll want to schedule a public event so people can put it into their calendars. Make sure you select Advanced options -> On Air . Then invite the public to the event.You can invite the "Public" into a Hangout on Air, but only 10 people can participate.The brand page and the participant have to follow each other, otherwise the participant can’t join. To make it easy have all the people you want in a circle beforehand.
  • The Hangout Comment Tracker extension allows you to displaying the comments happening on Google+ posts directly inside of the hangout, giving you the chance to react to the comments live.
  • Finally, Ripples. Who uses Ripples regularly?This data could be quite powerful also in doing a competitive analysis or seeing how the content travels. Outside of Google+ power users, I’m not even sure if at this point many brands on G+ use ripples to understand their content. Most of the time on Google+ has been dedicated to managing the page itself, and understanding the impact of overall social traffic. But we are going to get interesting…
  • Did you know you can see Ripples for any page?This was recently discovered and shared by AJ Kohn – you can actually see Ripples for any URL, which can help you see who is sharing your content easily, and their influence. He even went through the trouble of creating this handy bookmarklet. And if you don’t follow AJ Kohn on Google+, you should.
  • Here’s an example of looking at a URL outside of Google+. You can see how this URL is more evergreen content, shared independently across many people, where content that is more timely or viral would have a lot more interesting circles and profiles intersecting.
  • Pubcon Vegas 2012: Google+ One Year Later - A Case Study

    1. 1. Managing Google+… One Year Later Monica Wright Community EditorSearch Engine Land & Marketing Land @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    2. 2. July 1, 2011@monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    3. 3. @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    4. 4. Nov. 7, 2011@monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    5. 5. February 21, 2012 @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    6. 6. One Year Later@monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    7. 7. Big ole empty space for what exactly? One Year Later@monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    8. 8. Top 5 Referral Site Since January 2012 @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    9. 9. Features (This is not about benefits) 3rd party app management AnalyticsSuccessful tracking across platforms Vanity URLs User tagging (from a brand page) Hash tags Prolific commentating, “not-as-micro” blogging @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    10. 10. Verify Your Brand Source: Greg Finn, Marketing Land @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    11. 11. • Link back and forth between your site and G+ profile• Use the Google+ badge or snippet of code• “Must already have a meaningful number of followers.”• Fill out a request form for Google: @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    12. 12. Managing On Site @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    13. 13. Posting Links @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    14. 14. Bolded Text @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    15. 15. Multiple Links @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    16. 16. Video @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    17. 17. Tagging @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    18. 18. See what’s trending ExploreMonitor your brand andsee what’s trending @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    19. 19. See what’s trending Saved searches to monitor brand Find interesting circles to followMonitor your brand andsee what’s trending @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    20. 20. Check Notifications @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    21. 21. @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    22. 22. @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    23. 23. Organize your circlesCategorize your audience• Commenters• Newbies• Researchers• Loyalists• Competitors @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    24. 24. See invites and respond See and schedule eventsEvents @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    25. 25. Events @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    26. 26. Gmail Google CalendarIf You Say Yes, Events Appear InGmail & Calendar @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    27. 27. Hangouts On Air @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    28. 28. Getting Started with HOA • Verify YouTube account. This enables unlimited-length video uploads. • Check equipment (mic and camera matter). Participants should wear headphones. • Choose a topic, avoid “hangout fatigue.” • Integrate with Events. Select Advanced options -> Make This Event On Air. • You can invite the "Public” to view a Hangout on Air, but only 10 people can participate at any time. • Create an intro screen graphic beforehand that introduces the Hangout. • Start early to work out kinks. • Stick to a schedule. @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    29. 29. Advanced HOA • Join from two devices (if you want screenshots.) • Cross promote the Hangout on Twitter, Facebook. Encourage participants to share the link as well. • Watch Google+ and YouTube for comments. • Use Hangout Comment Tracker Extension. • Create the next Event ASAP, so you can follow up. • Awesome HOA Guides by Fraser Cain: Getting Started: Advanced: @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    30. 30. Ripples @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    31. 31. See Ripples For Any Page! Bookmarklet by A.J. Kohn: @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    32. 32. Ripples @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    33. 33. • Use photos & video (Add a shortened link in the caption)• Monitor with Notifications• People like to talk, easy engagement• Tag people & other brands• Use hashtags• Experiment with Events & Hangouts• Track & Measure @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland
    34. 34. Thanks! Monica Wright (Google+ id# 108584546441745128640) @ monicawright @monicawright | @sengineland | @marketingland