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Ginger Kidd_Winning with Social_LBW_230913


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Ginger Kidd presenting on Winning with Social at Leeds Business Week.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Ginger Kidd_Winning with Social_LBW_230913

  1. 1. Winning With Social   Ginger  Kidd   Senior  Marke+ng  Manager   Salesforce  UK   @gingerkidd_sf Leeds Business Week September 23, 2013
  2. 2. @gingerkidd_sf Agenda   •  Why  Social?   •  Se-ng  up  a  Social  Media  Strategy   •  Se-ng  up  Your  Social  Profiles   •  Twi<er   •  LinkedIn   •  Facebook   •  Google+   •  How  to  use  Social  for  Success   •  Building  RelaHonships   •  GeneraHng  Leads   •  Building  Your  Brand   •  Q  &  A  
  3. 3. @gingerkidd_sf Why  use  Social?     u Build  RelaHonships  with  Customers,   Prospects,  and  Industry  Peers   u Generate  More  Business   u Build  Your  Brand    
  4. 4. @gingerkidd_sf The  World  is  going  Social     u Your  customers  and  employees  are  using  social   u Your  future  customers  and  employees  are  using  social   u Your  compeHtors  are  using  social   ……….And  they’re  talking  about  you,  your  company,  your   industry,  the  latest  news  
  5. 5. @gingerkidd_sf Social Media Strategy
  6. 6. @gingerkidd_sf The  Basics     •  Social  Media  need  not  be   complicated     •  Set  a  Social  Media  Strategy  and/or   Policy   •  Communicate  it  effecHvely      
  7. 7. @gingerkidd_sf Three pillars of Social… Grow Fans & Followers Advertising, quality content, promotions & contests to increase your audience. Fully integrate with campaigns, events, email marketing, inbound marketing etc. Engage with your community Respond to queries, share relevant content, capture interest and create leads. Track conversations and industry topics, identify influencers. Crisis management. Educate / Nurture your audience Build out the Content Calendar. Drive traffic to website and other lead-gen tools. Extend reach of existing campaigns and assets.
  8. 8. @gingerkidd_sf Salesforce Social Strategy Likes into Leads Generate core leads from social with dedicated campaigns backed up with advertising. Innovative Facebook apps. Double down on LinkedIn. Events Improve show rates with dedicated social media engagement plan. Onsite Social Media Command Centre. Campaign Integration Align closely with campaigns team to ensure a consistent voice in the region. SMB campaign to drive traffic/leads to SMB Centre. Press & Analysts Systematically track top influencers & develop an engagement strategy. Regular reporting via Marketing Cloud Socialising Social Activate the UK army to extend our social reach. Tap into the networks of our most social employees. Provide coaching and encouragement to non social-savvy. Build the Community Be more proactive in building our UK community. Extend the global MVP program. Influencer engagement. SocialSuccess Mic-Ups
  9. 9. @gingerkidd_sf Salesforce  Social  Media  Policy     Rules  for  pos=ng  online   •  Don’t  share  company  or  financial  informaHon   •  Be  honest  and  transparent   •  Be  respecVul   •  Don’t  make  forward  looking  statements   •  Don’t  register  channels  without  prior  consent     Tips  for  pos=ng  online   •  ConversaHons  are  a  two  way  street     •  Know  your  audience     •  Be  interesHng   •  Remember  that  quality  ma<ers     •  Think  before  you  post    
  10. 10. @gingerkidd_sf Salesforce  Social  Media  Policy   •