<ul><li>IN YOUR LIFE, HOW EFFICIENT IS YOUR ENERGYRate yourself from 1 to 3 according to each item on how will it describe...
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In your life


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In your life

  1. 1. <ul><li>IN YOUR LIFE, HOW EFFICIENT IS YOUR ENERGYRate yourself from 1 to 3 according to each item on how will it describes you.Score of 3 means: this is how i am almost all the timeScore of 2 means: this is how i am some timeScore of 2 means: this is how i am a little of the time.Statement Score1,2 or 3I leave work or school on time every day. I do not stay late more than one day a weekI get up and go to sleep at the same time every dayMy desk at work, school or home is organized. There is not a big backlogI do not procrastinate (tswafa). I believe that the best way to handle unpleasant (dislike) tasks is to face them right a way. I don’t habour (carry) negativity for a long time. Keeping score and waiting for payback (revenge) isn’t my style.My closet (wardrobe) is organized. I can get anything i want easily.My refrigerator isn’t full of leftovers. I’m not surprised by old fruits and vegetables of forgot i had. I know where i stand emotionally with the people in my life. We are open and clear with one another. I know my weaknesses and have a plan for overcoming (get through) them. I will be stronger tomorrow than i was yesterday. I use money well. I don’t hoard (keep and not spend) and i do not spend recklessly (without care). I am not worried about my credit card or bank balance or savings or piggy bank or pocket money balancesMy salary, pocket money fits my needs for now and the future. I am a good financial plannerMy yard, patio, balcony, house plants, garden is maintained (kept well) in all seasons. I keep up with my housekeeping. I’m not faced with accumulated (collected) dust and the dirt that’s piled up for weeksWhen i go shopping, i come back with what i need. I rarely (not so often) have to run back because i forgot something. I keep up with how everyone in the family is doing. I have a good idea of what’s going on in their lives.I don’t have to rush at the last minute to get things done. I am good at scheduling and balancing my time.I feel that there’s good balance between work or school and play in my life. I’m having fun and getting things done. TOTAL SCORE</li></ul>43 TO 51 POINTS = you are leading an efficient life, feeling comfortable, in control. There are no drastic imbalances in using your time and energy. Each of your existence is given good amount of attention36 to 42 points = your life is mostly under control, runs along well enough. You have minor arrears of neglect. There are times you feel a little overwhelmed by thing undone. There are areas of your life where you could be efficient, using time and energy better. Work on those neglects to increase comfort and happiness. 26 to 35 = you life is not efficient. You are not getting ahead. Too much out of control. You have to discipline yourself and change your habits. Sloppiness, disorganization, procrastination or denial, impulsiveness, neglect drains our energy. 17 to 25 points = your life is barely your own as so much is out of control. Daily life is a struggle just to keep things together, and most days you feel that you are losing the fight. On the side something very wrong is probably happening. You are being held back either psychologically or by bad circumstances. To get back on track, outside professional help will be needed.<br />