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Graduate recruitment, imperial logistics


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Graduate recruitment, imperial logistics

  1. 1. The Graduate Development Programmes at IMPERIAL Logistics attracts distinctivetalent and develop outstanding: • Operations Managers • Distribution Managers • Warehouse Managers • Logistics Managers • Project Managers • Chartered Management Accountants • Business Analysts • Supply Chain Consultants • IT Specialists • HR SpecialistsIMPERIAL Logistics offer structured graduate development programmes in thefollowing disciplines – Logistics, Financial Management, Industrial Engineering,Information Technology, Human Resources. Each graduate work under mentorshipof an experienced senior manager and progress is monitored with the use of projectreports, performance appraisals, regular meetings and feedback sessions.Applications are open to students whom consistently have good academic resultswith a: • 3 or 4 year DEGREE in Logistics / Supply Chain Management / Transport Operations • Honours DEGREE in Financial Management that will be recognized by CIMA • 4 year B Eng Degree in Industrial Engineering • Bsc Information Technology Degree • 3 or 4 year DEGREE in HRApplications are open from 11 July 2011 till 19 August 2011.
  2. 2. To apply visit our website or follow this link to get to our new i-careers website, whereyou can register yourself and apply for the positions.