pregnancy usg o pih exercise gdm time management premature delivery career immunity obesity adhesion prevention postpartum depression dvt hiv vertical transmission vaccine booster vdrl fetal complications human rights pcos progesterone leadership ricketts lactation fetal distress soft skills essential hpv-dna happiness infertility hirsutism insulin resistance misoprostol ectopic pregnancy mifepristone maternal collapse pph 4h 4 t fever estrogen nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids) menopause progesterone o apla antibodies o pain bleeding infection • o avoid constipation square diet • local anaesthesia • iugr preterm labor corona pandemic b1 folic acid • parenteral iron • oral iron • bacterial infections • worm infestations • hiv aids • malaria • deficiency anamia • nutritional • anemia • or pituitary infarct (sheehan’s syndrome). discove prolactinoma. progestin challenge. withdrawal ble suggest polycystic ovarian syndrome. oligo- or am urine pregnancy test hirsutism tender loving care bed rest medical termination genetic causes acog guidelines threatened abortion ep loss antibiotics steroids fern test prematurity promotion pprom travel awareness congenital rubella syndrome droplet infection rubella diabetes mammography lump in breast breast cancer chemotherapy colpocsopy pap smear cacx legal télécommunications telemedicine combined e & p ulipristal lng yuspe cut missed combined oral contraceptive pills hyperglycemia hapo study iadpsg criteria dipsi inter country adoption hague convention judiciary advertising agency sara cara adoption or buddhists are allowed to formally adopt a child sikhs jains hindu law the custom and practice of adoption hi overcrowding should be avoided improvement in nutr disease of poverty good ventilation streptomycin tb pyrazinamide rifampsin and (h)erpes simplex. (hemoglobin) (anemia). cho (c)ytomegalovirus (r)ubella (or german measles) t)oxoplasmosis (o)ther agents and mucous membranes (jaundice) causing the appearance of small reddish or enlarg small areas of bleeding under the skin difficulties feeding lateral thinking techniques idea-generating tools creative focus tools horizontal" imagination "vertical" o character genetically determined traits behavior. environment personality unique variety of influences genetic explanations traits feelings qualitative visual measure blood loss maternal mortality primary progestins oc menstrual disorders adenomyosis endometriosis dysmenorrhea dyspareunia. is more common in women. • vaginal d depression history and physical examination . pelv nonspecific chronic fatigue syndrome posttraumatic noncyclic pain more than six months no specific e chronic pelvic pain persistent airway inflammation salbutamol asthma comorbidity during pregnancy effective ast mca uad doppler studies serum markers vegf no donrs fgr lithium postpartum psychosis oxygen saturation brisk walk benefits of exercise in pregnancy laxative stool softner daefication stool travel and tourism air prenatal substance use pregancy drug abuse x d c b category a teratogenecity pruritus. polymorphic eruption of pregnancy pemphigoid gestationis intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy atopic eruption of pregnancy rubell ab hbsag blood grp rh type sickling antenatal urinr pregnancy test serum beta hcg per vaginum examination amenorroea per vaginum examination urinr pregnancy test serum beta hcg amenorroea sexual transmission adults. and immunization schedule liver cancer cirrhosis hepatitis c hepatitis b hepatitis a choreoamnionitis cord prolapse arm breaking water concelled blood loss accidental hemorrage placenta previa antepartum haemorrage nature migration change operation progress act flow move shift evolution development drive push action enterprise activity energy labor capillary leak dengue fever influenza exclusion pregnant women congenital infections vaccination epidemic clinical trials women’s rights ebola vaccine ebola virus congenital zika syndrome zika vaccine : zika virus • chikungunya virus • children • encephalitis • ep weak immune system vitamin d vita. c zinc positive thinking fruits fresh vegetables stress sleep through vaccines maternal innate vaginitis uti late onset early onset group b strptococcal tpha iud congenital syphilis chancre treponema pallidum syphilis goal help others success falciparum chloroquine relapse treatment pregnant plasmodium malaria diagnosis artemisinin increased c-sections macrosomia bmi the affirmative team support the negative team op a resolution or motion. rumours जुकाम से लेकर श्वसन तंत्र की गंभीर समस्या कोरोना वायरस right to have property right to live fundamental woman protection law freedom basic in vitro fertilization ovarian drilling clomiphene citrate polycystic ovary syndrome confident content marketing happy jobs dreams threatened miscarriage saudi arabia progestogen progestin idiopathic recurrent miscarriage mouth piece weight reduction life style management surgery mandibular advancement c-pap osa visceral adiposity sexual harassment infections and chronic conditions such as diabetes multiple pregnancies long term complications like dm randomized trial systematic review preterm birth honest trait courage: creativity: loyalty honesty: self-regula vasomotor symptoms lipid profile osteoporosis carduovascular protection benefits of sy food supplements natural alternatives risk factors for vitamin d deficienc vitamin d deficiency poor bone development vitamin d deficiency poor bone development moulding caput abnormal labor normal labor labor monitoring partogram partograph adaptability • communication • creative thinking non-technical skills empathy communication skills listening skills hard skills problem solving interpersonal skills transferrable skills people's skill still birth cord prolapsr fetal distree juvenile justice law child adoption opportunitie time is money parturient obstetric haemorrhage obstetric anaesthesia management cone biosy triage pap test cytology • human papillomavirus (hpv) and cervical cancer • vaccines infectious diseases fetus • cortical blindness • neurological deficits • str after the 20th week of gestation or in the postpar unexplained coma during pregnancy or postpartum in and drowsiness new onset of grand mal seizure act convulsions headaches preeclampsia eclampsia hypertension end organ damage pregnancy hypertensive crisis antihypertensive med presenter attendee punctual manners etiquetts zoom virtual forget forgive spiritual mind positive thoughts pos hatha yoga strengyhing exercises badhakoshdhta anxiety sitali squatting butterfly pelvic tilts hyperinsulinemia hyperandrogenemia. hpo axis genetic seborrohea anti-adhesion agents treatment guideline adhesiolysis adhesions second trimester termination of pregnancy mifepris bacterial vaginosis (bv subclinical pid c. trach neisseria gonorrhoeae and recurrent pid . chlamydia trachomatis chronic pelvic pain and/or pelvic peritonitis ascending spread of micr tuboovarian abscess salpingitis upper genital tract infections endometritis pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) safety no anaesthesi effective vacuum aspiration medical disorder clinical examination of patient history mtp pre & post procedure complications of mtp cont counselling who can perform implementation mtp law miaoprost intra uterine pregnancy upto 9 weeks eclamsia cvs chickenpox herpes itch maculopapular lace like rash rubella varicella ebstin bar rash the resting ecg prolonged ecg recording dc cardiov supraventricular tachycardia • tachycardia • high risk pregnancy • • palpitaions • gingivitis high risk pregnancy amniotic fluid polyhydramnios diaphragm covid19 • 1st & 3rd trimester • pregnancy • asthama • breathing difficulties • • dyspnea • oxytocin pstoglandins labour induction of labour and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (gnrh) agonist extended-cycle combined oral contraceptives danazol endometriosis is a chronic gynecologic disorder a wellbeing emotional and umbilical cord compression. premature rupture pulmonary hypoplasia or placental cause lung development cushioning t fetal single deepest pocket <2 cm diopathic maternal oligohydramnios amniotic fluid volume that is less graft rejection o maternofetal histocompatibilty o smoking o leiomyoma - submucus o uterine anamoly o diabetes o evaluation o chromosomal aberrations o stress o psycholoical factors o bed rest salivatreatments • lifestyle changes n o hcg o thyroid antibodies o sr beta hcg o viability o os closed o bed rest salivatreatments • lifestyle changes n electrolyte imbalance • malnutrition blood pressure. weakness sodium and potassium. dizziness pregnant morning sickness. hyperemesis gravidarum. uterine contractions diabetogenic transplacental drugs transfer hypercoagulable stat physiologic changes placenta accreta spectrum postpartum hemorrhage manual removal of the placenta retained placenta nugent score amsel bacterial vaginosis clue cells ph amine test fishy high fibre diet seitz bath • lateral episiotomy • j shaped episiotomy • pain bleeding infection • full dilatation of cervix • crowning of head • self care tips for patients with episiotomy • steps of suturing episiotomy • types of episiotomy • kegal exercises • pelvic floor muscles • mediolateral episiotomy • care of episiotomy • genital fistulas • perineal tears • side-effects instrumental delivery selective epi • episiotomy • thyroxine replacement hypocontractions apgar score vitiated pelvis endocrine disorder low iq of babies congenital malformations thyroid antibodies postpartum thyroiditis tsh free t3 t4 congenital hypothyroidism universal screening targeted screening subclinical hypothyroidism hypothyroidism curfew immunity boosters icu ventilators covid warriors breastfeeding antivirals hcq isolation quarantine covid testing hand sanitizer face shield n95 mask hand hygiene plasma therapy me-no-pause save the uterus!
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