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Social Media, For Crafters
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Social Media, For Crafters


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Baseline introduction to Social Media and different sites for crafters to get their products on.

Baseline introduction to Social Media and different sites for crafters to get their products on.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • - 1 st Company in 1999 - One of the first on PEI to use Google Adwords - Worked for a tech company in 2007 Started consulting and blogging 2 years ago this week after seeing pete luckett at the biz to biz expo Joined FB, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc And here I am today…
  • Screen shot of when I watched the American presidential debates on CNN on my computer and followed it on twitter No TV, cable or satellite, newspapers, magazines, stereo I do listen to CBC (the radio) but mostly music from my mp3, Read blogs, download movies, tv shows, videos and am Facebook where I read what other people refer me to, quite often. I’m on Twitter where the same thing happens – fellow marketers, people I trust… they’ll point to an article they’re reading, a cool video, etc. my boys, who are 7 and 10, do not have a Wii, DS, Cable, etc. They watch YouTube and play on the internet. They have blogs and post their favorite things to them (not regularly) and they learn things from it. NO COMMERCIALS – although there certainly are a lot of ads on some of the sites they’re on but they have learned to disregard them.
  • Sharing, engaging, dialogue, being authentic
  • kinda like teen sex… everyone’s doing it but no one really knows what it’s really all about or how to do it properly
  • Overwhelming at first People wonder: tools vs entertainment…. Business vs teenager, young people addicted to their video games, ipods, etc. Build content – pictures, videos, articles, how-to’s, comments
  • Just a fancy way of saying that social media is all the conversations going on online around the world, 24/7. Social media can take many different forms, including  Internet forums ,  weblogs ,  social blogs ,  wikis ,  podcasts , pictures, video, rating and bookmarking. Technologies include:  blogs , picture-sharing,  vlogs , wall-postings,  email ,  instant messaging , music-sharing,  crowdsourcing , and voice over IP , to name a few.
  • - Blogs are websites with dated items of content in reverse chronological order, self-published by bloggers. Items – sometimes called posts - may have keyword tags associated with them, are usually available as feeds, and often allow commenting. Microblogging  is a web service that allows the subscriber to broadcast short messages to other subscribers of the service. Content – is king. tr ansparency : Enhancing searching, sharing, self-publish and commenting across networks makes it easier to find out what's going on in any situation where there is online activity. Tags - Tags  are keywords attached to a blog post, bookmark, photo or other item of content so you and others can find them easily through searches and aggregation. Tags can usually be freely chosen - and so form part of a folksonomy - while categories are predetermined and are part of a taxonomy. Photo-sharing – and Facebook. Uses tags.
  • Brochure, radio ads, tv ads, business cards, even a website Creates awareness after people start seeing your marketing and advertising After someone sees Between 5 – 10 times
  • Someone buys your jewelry, your art, your craft and wants to tell everyone about it…. Flipping the funnel, using a mega-phone – social media
  • in your downtime If you have a website – or to your etsy site, FB site, etc.
  • Use all the tools available to you!
  • Research Fins out what your clients/customers want
  • 1. Develop strategies based on the dynamics of online search, content marketing (brand journalism) and social media 2. Create great content that helps answer your target audience’s questions and solve their problems 3. Publish content on the web and across social media channels 4. Promote content using search engine optimization, permission based e-marketing and social media 5. Manage, maintain, review, update and archive content on an ongoing basis 6. Collect, measure and analyze marketing data to assess engagement, conversion rates, leads and sales 
  • I found this on Etsy when I typed twitter into their search function Can you write about it? Have you researched it? Checked out other crafters around the world doing the same thing?
  • Not just for fun: Fan pages Group pages Business page Advertising Targeted, qualified, demographics Pay-per-click
  • Go through steps, explore a bit.
  • All kinds of craft network
  • How bloggers make money
  • An online marketplace for all things handmade Over 4000 in jewelry 2000 in paper 2000 in accessories 1500 in children crafts
  • S’side is utilizing social media… doing a great job. Asking questions, listening, engaging, sharing start with this Get involved Have fun Social media isn’t the end all and be all, but if you have something worth sharing and of value to people then it can be a great vehicle for spreading the word.
  • Success with
  • Wordpress site: 40 responses
  • Hand-outs Good for SEO
  • Transcript

    • 1. Get Connected By: Maureen Kerr of Kerr Consulting and the BDC New Marketing for Crafters Photo by: by  BeInspiredDesigns
    • 2. How Do I Know?
    • 3. 508 Visits... The power of social media… Having a prolific blogger “stumble upon” my site. RESULTS: Huge increase in traffic.
    • 4. No Traditional Media
    • 5. New Marketing From:
    • 6. Who Uses Social Media?
    • 7. Jump On!
    • 8. The Social Media Space
    • 9. Definition of Social Media   Social media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio. 
    • 10. Lingo
      • Blogs 
      • Micro-blogging
      • Content
      • Transparency
      • Tags
      • Photo-sharing
    • 11. Nuances of Social Media
    • 12. Marketing Funnel
    • 13. Flipping the Funnel:Seth Godin Free E-book: Flipping the Funnel Google: Seth Godin WORTH SHARING Ironic: full circle – now I’m a mega-phone for Mr.Godin.
    • 14. Why It’s Perfect for Small Business (especially crafters)
      • It’s FREE
      • Reach new audiences
      • Provides new ways of reaching existing audiences
      • Great way to build relationships
      • And bring people down the funnel
      • Drive traffic to your website
    • 15. How to Use Social Media for Small Business
      • Define your Strategy
      • Build your ONLINE Brand
      • Start conversations, it’s about dialogue
      • Post pictures, videos and podcasts
      • Share a how-to
    • 16. Listen
    • 17. Building an Online Brand
      • Start with:
        • Facebook
        • Squidoo
        • LinkedIn
        • Twitter
        • Flickr
        • YouTube
    • 18. The New Marketing Strategy
    • 19. What Is Your Craft?
    • 20. Facebook
    • 21. Squidoo…. What?
    • 22. LinkedIn
    • 23. Flickr.Com
    • 24. Become a Blogger
    • 25.
    • 26.
    • 27. Learning For $5??
    • 28.
    • 29. Keyword Research https:// adwords . google .com/select/ KeywordToolExternal Or just Google: “google keyword tool”
    • 30. A Bit of a Science…
      • Domain name
      • Alt tags on pictures on your website
      • Links of keywords
      • Press releases
      • Articles
      • Tagging blog posts
      • Titles of pages
      • Categories on blog
      • Meta tags
      • Twitter posts
      • Tagging pictures
      • Throughout your website copy/text
    • 31.
    • 32. Public Relations (PR )
      • Article Marketing;
      • Press Releases;
      • Promote and market yourself, but subtly;
      • Provide keywords, links back to your site;
      • Provide something of value;
      • Put a spin to it;
      • Research industry publications online and off.
    • 33. The Basic Rules
      • Listen
      • Engage
      • Measure
      • Have fun!!!
    • 34. Questions? h ttp :// yourmarketingmavens .com/category/marketing-tools/ for more tools on New Marketing, Social Media and Branding