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  • 1. South Bay Tech Academy Classroom Behavioral Rules and Expectations Miss Jade’s Class
    • School Hours
    • 7:45-2:30
    • You can come early or stay after to get help or finish work.
    • You Must Be in your seat by 7:55 OR YOU ARE LATE and will have detention!
    • Detention 2:30-3:30
    • Once you get to school-sign in!
    • Once on school premises you are not allowed to leave until dismissed by a teacher.
    • Truancy officer will be called, one truancy=five days in J.H.
    • Running late, YOU need to call (619) 470-5269 or 5258. You can leave a message
    • Parents must call Only!
    • You need to bring a Doctors Note if you are absent for more then 2 days in a week.
    • Work While absent NEEDS to be MADE UP.
    • You can come in and pick up class work.
    • Bus passes are only given to students with good attendance, you must earn it!
    • If you are absent for more then 5 days without calling, YOU WILL BE RELEASED from our program!
  • 3. Dress Code
      • If you don’t have your uniform = 1 hr of detention
      • 1. You can wear your collar shirt
      • SBTA Sweatshirt Replacement cost if lost or Damaged $50.00
      • SBTA Polo Shirt Replacement cost if lost or Damaged $23.00
      • 2. Or dress as if you are going to an interview
    • The following are NOT allowed at any time:
      • Saggy pants - ever!
      • Pajamas or sweat suits- unless we are going to the gym
      • Soiled or tattered clothing
      • House slippers, Mini Skirts (above the knees)
      • Offensive or suggestive t-shirts.
      • Other apparel that could be constructed as gang related. No hats, Jerseys or gloves.
      • NO SOLID COLORS; ALL RED, ALL BLUE, No Baby Blue at all.
      • We will determine what’s appropriate
      • All students will also be required to wear South Bay Tech Academy shirts at all times during class or class related activities.
  • 4. Damage or Theft of Property
    • Will not be tolerated at any level:
      • Do NOT etch
      • Tag or in any way deface any desk, chair or other item belonging to the school
      • Damage or destruction of school property or materials could result in:
        • Fines, Criminal charges, program termination or a combination.
      • FIX it or PAY
    • We will supply ALL writing materials used during the school day (do not bring them from home)
      • NO MARKERS
      • All personal writing materials (that you intend to keep) must be turned into instructors at the beginning of the day; furthermore, it is YOUR responsibility to recover them at the day’s end.
  • 5. Appropriate Classroom Behavior
    • Raise your hand to ask or answer a question
    • Do NOT leave your seat without permission
      • Simply raise your hand to check-in before you move
    • Please keep your area (desk) clean . We will keep you after school to make sure it is.
      • Each other
      • School Property
      • Instructors
    • FOLLOW Instructions
    • Leave your attitude at home.
    • Chewing gum will result in trash duty i.e. cleaning break/lunch area
    • Sleeping and disturbing others from learning will not be tolerated.
  • 6. Do NOT conduct personal conversations during class
    • While instructor is talking
    • During instructional video
    • Keep your business outside of School.
    • In other words:
        • Pay attention and you might learn something
        • Stay on task!!
          • ** no work=no credit
        • Don’t detract from someone else’s learning effort
  • 7. Do NOT use PROFANE Language
    • “ It’s normal” is NOT an excuse
    • We are not going to remind you twenty times to watch your mouth
    • Know where you are and who may be watching and listening to you
    • It’s NOT appropriate or tolerated
  • 8. Misc. Behavior NOT tolerated
    • No smoking at any time.
    • Suspicion of drug use and arriving to school “high” will lead to suspension. Do not test this policy.
    • Possession of any type of drug (including alcohol and cigarettes), lighters, matches, papers, or any other drug related paraphernalia.
    • When reasonable suspicion exists, students may be searched for contraband, drugs, cigarettes pagers and weapons.
    • Lying to the teacher; any form of defiant behavior.
    • Physical or verbal confrontations will be dealt with seriously, severely, and immediately.
    • Including horse playing , keep your hands to yourself at all times. You could and will suspended for this type of behavior.
      • No Inappropriate Joking, Gestures, or ANY Physical Contact.
  • 9. Consequences
        • Verbal counseling
        • Call to probation officer and/or parent
        • Informal or formal suspension
        • Paperwork to probation officer or parent teacher meeting
  • 10. Work and Program Participation
    • Work is NOT optional , you must complete and turn in work to receive credit for the day. You MUST participate in enrichment programs we offer.
    • NO Cheating (copying or letting someone copy) on school work. You will be suspended
    • ALL work is due on Fridays! It is your responsibility to turn your work in to receive credit.
    • Work on school work only. No letter writing or drawing during class.
    • You are here to make up school credits, enhance social skills, and develop thinking abilities.
    • We provide school Programs that you HAVE to participate in.
      • YMCA, Computer Class, Tutoring kids, feeding homeless, community clean up
  • 11. Computer/Electronic Rules
    • Music
      • If you want to listen to music, bring in your own CDS and Headphones.
    • Cell Phones
      • Must be turned-OFF once you enter school premises
      • May NOT be turned on for any reason during the school day
      • You should NOT have them in your possession if you are on probation-unless we have prior written authorization form your probation officer
      • Will be confiscated if you do not comply
        • 1st time you will receive it at the end of the day.
        • 2nd time your parent will have to pick it up
        • 3rd time the principal will receive it.
    • Computer are to be used strictly for school work activity
      • Violent computer games will not be allowed
      • Downloading of music or any other type of illegal downloading will result in your immediate termination (it is a federal offense)
      • Accessing inappropriate websites or pictures will result in your suspension and a parent teacher conference. You can also be terminated from the program.
        • SEE LIST Of Websites
      • Emailing, messaging or any type of internet communication will not be permitted during school hours 7:45-2:30
      • Having illegal programs on you computer will also be grounds for termination from the program
      • You are not allowed to print without permission from teacher.
      • You are responsible for your work and what happens on your computer at all times.
  • 12. Miss Jade’s Class Schedule
    • Monday/Wednesday
    • Current Events
    • English
    • US History/ Civics
    • Economics
    • Elective
    • Tuesday/ Thursday
    • Current Events
    • Science
    • Math
    • Economics
    • Elective
    • Friday all work is due !
    • Current Events
    • English
    • History
    • Math
    • Science
    • Elective class
    Each quarter is 10 weeks 5 credits=80 hours
  • 13. South Bay Tech Preparatory Academy
    • I have read and understand
    • Classroom Behavioral
    • Rules and Expectations
    • Contract
    Parent Signature __________________ Student Signature __________________ Date _______________ Student Name ___________________ Parent Name __________________ Teacher Signature _________________________