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This is the powerpoint that shares my classroom rules and procedures.

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  • Stress importance of attendance. This means no tardiness, leaving early or absences unless they cannot be helped.
  • Thoroughly explain what it means to respect. No bullying, fighting, name calling, etc. Cheating is not limited to tests, but includes plaigarism, and looking off someone elses homework, papers, etc. Active participation means commenting on discussions, asking appropriate questions, staying alert, not eating, etc.
  • Explain what happens between bells. Students are to use the restroom, get a drink, etc. in the 5 minutes between classes and then return to class ON TIME.
  • Explain school policy and what to do if another teacher asks them where they need to be. This information can be found in teacher handbook.
  • Also ask students what they expect from their time in class.
  • Powerpoint

    1. 1. Welcome to Class!Mrs. Amanda FessehazionRoom 6<br />
    2. 2. Welcome to Mrs. Fessehazion’s classroom. I’m very excited to have each one of you as students this year! Let’s get started with some classroom guidelines.<br />
    3. 3. Arrival Time: 8:00 Dismissal Time: 3:00<br />If you are tardy one time this results in a warning.<br />The second time you are tardy will result in a phone call home.<br />The third time you are tardy will result in the involvement of the principal.<br />This does not include excused tardiness.<br />If you need an early dismissal your parent or guardian needs to write a note, e-mail, or call in to notify the school.<br />There will be no early dismissals without parent or guardian permission.<br />
    4. 4. Class Rules<br />All rules are important and are meant to help you learn and be safe during class. When rules are broken the following will occur:<br />Verbal warning.<br />30 minute detention before school.<br />30 minute detention and sent to principal’s office<br />Saturday detention<br />Saturday detention and parent teacher conference.<br />After 5 times of breaking these rules the teacher, principal and parents will come up with alternative punishment for the student including ISS and suspension.<br />No one will talk when the teacher is talking unless called upon.<br />Students are to respect their teacher and their peers.<br />Students will keep their eyes on their own work. No cheating!<br />Students are to complete all homework assignments on time.<br />Students are not permitted to use cell phones, MP3 players or any other electronic devices during class.<br />There will be no foul language in class.<br />Students are to be active participants in class.<br />
    5. 5. Daily Schedule<br />8:00-8:15: Homeroom<br />8:20-9:20: Social Studies<br />9:25-10:25: Gym/Health<br />10:30-11:30: Math<br />11:35-12:05: Lunch<br />12:10-1:10: English<br />1:15-2:15: Art/Music<br />2:20-3:00: Study Hall<br />Students will leave our classroom for Gym and Art Music. <br />Students will go to the Art/Music class they registered for.<br />Students will also register for a Gym/Health class that interests them and should report there.<br />
    6. 6. Hallway Travel & Hall Passes<br />Students will be permitted to use the restroom when they need to. If the teacher feels like a student is abusing this policy then that student will not be permitted to leave at all.<br />Students are required to ask permission to use the hall pass each time. They will be expected to return to class in five minutes or less.<br />DO NOT ask permission if you are about to be sick. Just go!!!<br />Students will be required to carry a hall pass with them when in the hall. <br />Students will not be permitted to run personal errands during class. This is to be done between classes. <br />
    7. 7. Don’t make me call your parents…<br />Parents will be contacted for the following reasons:<br />Student is breaking class rules more than two times.<br />Student is earning less than a C (70%).<br />Student is caught with cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or weapons.<br />Student is caught breaking school policies.<br />Student is bullying or being bullied.<br />Student needs permission or money to participate in a school approved outing or activity.<br />
    8. 8. Additional Information<br />You are almost adults and I expect you to act as such. This also means I will treat you with as much respect.<br />Learning is lifelong and should be fun! I want to help you be as smart as you want to be.<br />Please feel free to communicate with me freely and honestly about questions and concerns.<br />I want to be fair and if you feel I’m not being so, talk to me about it. I make mistakes too. <br />This is your education! Own it and take pride in it!<br />
    9. 9. Any Questions???<br />