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Classroom Procedures Powerpoint

  1. 1. Welcome Back!Mathematics Classroom Procedures
  2. 2. Mrs. Oates’ Procedures• This is the “what to do if…?” lesson.• You will copy these procedures onto a sheet of notebook paper. The notebook paper will be placed in your notebook in the Class Info. section. You only need to copy the last 2 slides at the very end.• You will take a quiz on these classroom procedures on Friday, and you must make a 100. You will retake the quiz until you make a 100, but your 1st score is the one that is counted.
  3. 3. Entering the Class• Enter the classroom at a walk, turn in your homework, sharpen your pencil and be seated.• Do not touch, kick or tap another student. Do not throw things.• Sharpen your pencil, get supplies or throw away trash before the bell rings.• Begin working on the bellringer activity.• You may not get out of your seat until permission is given.
  4. 4. What if you are tardy?• You are expected to be seated and working when the bell rings.• Enter quietly and give me your pass or you will be marked tardy in my grade book.• I don’t need to know why you are late. You are late.• If you have a pass, hold it up so I can see it and then place it on my desk and begin working.
  5. 5. Leaving Class• You are expected to be in your seat and working until you are given permission to be up.• Everyone is responsible for making sure all materials and supplies are put away properly.• Check the floors for paper and trash. Pick it up and hold it until your row is dismissed. Do not get up.• You do not leave until your row is dismissed. The bell is to remind me that you need to go. Rows will be dismissed when the area is clean and all are seated and quiet.
  6. 6. If you are absent• Yes, we did stuff while you were out. It was the coolest stuff ever, and everyone had pizza!• For bellringers, be sure to write that you were absent so you do not lose points for an incomplete assignment.• See me before or after the bell for make up work.
  7. 7. Sharpening pencils• It happens, your pencil breaks. Sometimes it happens several times in one class period.• Be sure to sharpen your pencils before the bell rings.• Always have extra pencils in case one breaks.• Do not get up to use the pencil sharpener during instruction time.• Raise your hand and get permission to get up to sharpen your pencil.• Empty the pencil shavings and clean up after yourself if you make a mess!
  8. 8. Tissue Issues• We all get sick from time to time. If there are tissues available, you are welcome to use them, just follow these guidelines.• Get tissues before or after the bell rings, after instruction time or when you are dismissed.• When you grab a tissue, grab a few so you will not have to keep getting up.• You are also welcome to use the hand sanitizer, but like always, you must do it before the bell rings or after instruction time, or when you are dismissed.
  9. 9. Talking Trash• Clean up after yourself!• If you create trash, or see some on the floor, please pick it up.• Do not get up out of your seat or raise your hand to throw away trash during instruction time.• Be the bigger person with the best character! If you see trash, please pick it up even if it is not yours.
  10. 10. Hall Pass• Once you enter the classroom, you are not allowed to leave. You have plenty of time between classes to go to the restroom, get water and visit your locker.• You may not ask to leave the classroom for any reason during instruction time or during a test.• You may ask permission once the class is working and instruction time is over, but I reserve the right to refuse anyone at anytime.• You will need to fill out a hall pass and have me sign it before you leave the room. You may not leave without a pass.
  11. 11. While you work• Stay in your seat unless permission is given for you to be up.• Do not raise your hand to ask to throw away trash, go to the bathroom, or any other reason to be up.• Do not disturb other students. This includes talking, touching, throwing things and any other disturbance.• Listen closely to all directions and to any students who are giving an answer.• Follow all classroom rules at all times.• Follow all school rules at all times.
  12. 12. Cell Phones and Electronics• Cell phones will be taken up if they are seen or heard. This happens the very first time. There are no second chances.• Electronic devices – Ipods, MP3 players, DS, etc. – will also be taken up if they are seen or heard. 1st time: 3 hour work detention 2nd time: 1 day in-school suspension 3rd time: 1 day suspension 4th time: device will be kept for one monthYour parents have to pick up the device each time it is taken up.
  13. 13. If you suddenly become ill• Let me know that you are sick and are leaving – then go.• I will send another student to notify the office.• If you cannot make it to the restroom, please try to get a trash can and get to the hallway.
  14. 14. If you need help• Re-read the directions• Ask a classmate – during work time, not instruction time.• Ask me, but make sure you have a specific question. I do not answer “What are we doing?”
  15. 15. Class Discussions/Boardwork• The classroom should be a place where students feel free to share their thoughts or ask questions during a discussion.• Be respectful. No name calling or calling a question or answer “stupid.”• Do not make fun of another student’s answer.
  16. 16. Discipline• I do not expect any problems because we are going over the procedures and will learn them for the quiz.• Following the procedures means you will not get into trouble… and no one really wants to get in trouble.• You expect and deserve a safe classroom and we all need to do our part.
  17. 17. What gets me in trouble?• Talking or disrupting the class.• Being disrespectful to another student or the teacher.• Not following classroom procedures.• Not following directions for the activity.• Coming to class late or unprepared day after day.• Not following school rules.
  18. 18. What happens if I break a rule?• A non-verbal (unspoken) reminder to get back on task.• I will ask you a question and remind you of the procedure.• I will put you in one of the time out desks.• You will write out procedures for me as a reminder of what you are supposed to be doing.• You will sign my discipline log. This will automatically result in a phone call home.• You will be sent out of my room to fix the problem.
  19. 19. If you feel like arguing• That’s wonderful! The world needs some good lawyers, but there is a time and a place.• I do not argue or discuss problems in front of the class during class time.• I am available before school or after school for arguments.• What goes on between me and another student is our business, if you would like to get involved you will have to see me before or after school.
  20. 20. Gossip• I do not like it. I try very hard not to gossip myself, am I perfect? No, but I try to do my best.• I do not allow students to discuss other teachers, students, what happened in the hallway and any other item that is not related to class.• I care about my students, and I do not want to hear gossip about them.
  21. 21. Personal Grooming• Save personal grooming for the restroom or locker room.• Do not brush hair or apply makeup in the classroom.
  22. 22. Classroom Procedures Copy these on your notebook paper.• Walk in the classroom.• Keep your hands to yourself.• Get what you need before the bell rings.• You are to be seated and working once the bell rings. You may not get out of your seat until permission is given.• Enter quietly and give me your pass or you will be counted tardy in the gradebook.• You do not leave until your row is dismissed.• Use the pencil sharpener before the bell rings or when given permission.
  23. 23. Classroom Procedures Copy these on your notebook paper.• Get tissues/use hand sanitizer before the bell rings or when given permission.• Clean up after yourself.• You may not leave the classroom without a pass.• Do not ask to leave during instruction.• Stay in your seat.• Do not disturb others.• Follow all classroom rules at all times.• Follow all school rules at all times.• Cell phone/electronic devices will be taken up if they are seen or heard.