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It is a fact of life that the IT department is a necessary yet costly part of today’s small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Many SMBs have reduced the size of the IT department to the point where costs cannot seemingly be cut any further. The result of these cuts is that service has been severely degraded, customer satisfaction is down, and the real value of IT to the business is being questioned. And still SMB IT leaders are being asked to do much more with much less. How does an IT department cope with these ever increasing demands and diminishing budgets?

Smart SMB CIOs are leveraging the Expertise-as-a-Service® (EaaS™) model to transform their organizations. Legal and finance departments have leveraged outside counsel and accounting firms for decades, with the IT department being one of the last of the major departments within the business to move to this low-fixed-cost model. Taking a page from the legal and finance departments’ “playbooks,” EaaS is used as an extension of the IT department. EaaS brings cost savings by enabling IT to reduce and reallocate in-house resources more effectively, while retaining on-demand access to scalable high quality expertise, information, and performance measurement. EaaS gives IT the ability to quickly adjust to changing business goals and drivers, encourage innovation, and increase productivity while reducing fixed costs.

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TAC Expertise-as-a-Service

  1. 1. The Advisory CouncilPowering Performance with Expertise-as-a-Service®
  2. 2. Who Is TAC?Founded in 2002 by Alan Guibord  Former CIO of R.R. Donnelly and Fort James Paper, and former CEO of Computerworld  Frustrated that advisory and consulting service delivery took too long, cost too much, information was too generic  Saw the need for a suite of services designed to facilitate transformation of corporate IT into a more agile, flexible and responsive organization while lowering fixed costs  Created an advisory services and consulting firm designed to help companies and their IT organizations improve their efficiency, effectiveness and overall performance  Reformulated traditional delivery models, integrating current technology with the power of networking, to create Expertise-as- a-Service® (EaaS™), the first truly new services delivery model in more than three decades © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  3. 3. Why Use TAC?  Source of scalable skills and resources when and where you need them (We are your bench)  Variable cost structure versus fixed cost  Constant set of current skills with no need for training  More responsive, contextual, and actionable  Multiple support forms:  Phone Consultations  Personal Advisory Reports (PARs)  Comprehensive/Rapid Assessments  Consulting  Benchmarking, Measurements  Mentoring  Unique delivery model: EaaS © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  4. 4. Who Uses TAC?  Small and medium sized businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises, state and local government agencies  IT departments from 1 FTE to hundreds of FTEs and consultants  All major industry verticals including Financial, Manufacturing, Insurance and Reinsurance, Education, Legal, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Information Technology  Globally distributed IT with shared services, centralized IT, and distributed IT with completely separate IT services © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  5. 5. TACExpertise-as-a-Service® (EaaS) Overview © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  6. 6. TAC EaaSExpertise-as-a-Service® (EaaS)EaaS is a delivery platform designed to provide today’s IT companies of any size with a flexible, scalable, networked set of services and skills which provide the ability to:  Access a broader range of skills  Minimize investment/fixed costs  Increase personalized support  Accelerate services delivery  Speed decision-making  Reduce Risk © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  7. 7. TAC EaaSThe TAC Expert Network — The Core of EaaS TAC EaaS instantly adds the new services and expertise that your clients have asked for, in the manner in which they need them, with rapid turnaround times.  Broadest coverage in the industry with more than 350 SMEs currently in the network – and growing  Thought leaders, authors, CIOs, patent holders, senior/experienced consultants  Average of 25 years experience in their subject areas  Currently in practice — cutting edge experience © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  8. 8. TAC EaaS TAC EaaS leverages its network of Experts to add turn-key expertise and services to the four major IT service sectors:  Advisory Services  Consulting Services  Performance Management and Measurement  Leadership, Skills, and Organization Development © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  9. 9. TACExpertise-as-a-Service® (EaaS) Service Sector Detail © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  10. 10. TAC Advisory ServicesThe oldest piece of your clients’ currenttechnology infrastructure is how theysource critical information and advice  Current ―encyclopedia‖ delivery model developed 30 years ago  Generic, broad–based information not in proper context  The clock is ticking – White papers take time to research and write… not to mention read.  Information is locked down – licensing agreements prohibit sharing of information – even within a group  Expensive – analysts, and researchers, on payroll– costs passed to clients. Direct access to analysts costs even more! © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  11. 11. TAC Advisory ServicesWhat If…  You could instantly add over 300 practicing experts to answer your highly targeted questions by phone or with custom written documents – regardless of how small the question is?What If…  The information and advice was made enterprise wide, with no restrictions on use of the information within that enterprise?AND What If…  Turn-around time for delivery to you was three to five business days? TAC turns these What Ifs into Can Dos © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  12. 12. TAC Advisory Services Simply log into TAC portal or Phone TAC Personal Advisor Request Personal Advisory Report (PAR) or Phone Consultation Personal Advisor refines question with client Personal Advisor matches question with subject matter expert(s) in network Phone consultation is scheduled or PAR written Feedback is collected after the Expert Call/PAR © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  13. 13. TAC Advisory ServicesAreas of Expertise Strategy and Planning Cloud Computing Project Management Office Transformation Design/Support Enterprise Architecture/Applications Regulatory Compliance Industry Applications Vendor Management Strategies Information Security & Data Privacy Enterprise Network IT Business Management Architecture/Systems/Management Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Application Service Providers Application Development & Strategies External Service Providers & Outsourcing Application Architecture, Middleware & Integration IT Asset Management IT Infrastructure Financial Management of IT Organization Design Networking & Telecom Hardware/Software Analysis Business Processes & Management IT Organization Management Operational Benchmarking Global Deployment/Management of Applications Carrier Infrastructure/Services IT/Business Strategy Data Management & Integration User Interfaces and Functionality Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Governance Servers & Storage IT Operations Management Customer Relationship Management End User Support/Devices Emerging Technologies ERP & Supply Chain Management And more… © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  14. 14. TAC ConsultingUnparalleled FlexibilityNeed a consultant for only an hour?Or need them for a longer period, butintermittently throughout a project,and not in a single block of time?Traditional consulting models simply can’t address these problems.  ―Bench strength‖ of over 300 – without the cost  All areas of tactical, strategic, operational, functional IT  Short-term, long-term, and intermittent time periods  On site, off site, hybrid consulting models © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  15. 15. TAC ConsultingTAC Consultants:  Are experienced senior consultants and thought leaders, patent holders, authors, subject matter experts and sought after public speakers  Real-world success credentials in information technology strategy and planning, process, operations and implementation  Are subject matter experts with an average of 25 years of experience consulting in their subject matter area  Unique approaches and methodologies  Are rigorously vetted to ensure quality  Cover all areas of IT with depth © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  16. 16. TAC ConsultingSample Practice Areas:Business Process Hardware Optimization• Business Planning and Analysis • Hardware Reliability Benchmarks• Business Process Management • ROI Analysis for IT Vendors• Data Privacy Compliance • Storage Performance Assessment• Internet Marketing Competitive Analysis • Vendor and Technology Analysis• Risk Management• Sales Force Effectiveness Network & Telecommunications • Enterprise Network InfrastructureStrategy and Planning Strategy and Planning• IT Cost Reduction • Telecommunications Cost and• IT Strategy and Plan Reviews Management• Outsourcing Governance Assessments• Performance Management and Measurement Enterprise Resource Planning • ERP OptimizationSoftware Optimization • ERP Strategy• ITIL Services / Software Development Process Improvement • SAP Optimization• Software Asset Management• Vendor and Technology Analysis And MUCH MORE… © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  17. 17. TAC Performance Management & MeasurementEssential Metrics For Effective Decisions • Any organization can benefit from measuring and assessing the cost, effectiveness and efficiency of their company and IT group. • TAC Performance Management & Measurement Services gives you affordable flexibility, rapidly delivering the information that you want and needs at price points to fit well within the budgets of small and medium sized businesses. Cost Benchmarking Suite Hardware Reliability Benchmarks Sales Force Effectiveness Benchmarks Comprehensive IT Assessments Rapid Review Assessments SAP Optimization © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  18. 18. TAC Performance Management & MeasurementCost Benchmarking Suite Comprehensive: Lite: Ultra Lite: A fully scalable, A comparative look A report of industry customized view of into benchmark data how you stack up to cost, efficiency, and contained in our peer companies’ cost, performance database efficiency, and • Select industry, performance • Provides up to twenty complexity and predefined metrics drill-down options • Over 2000 different associated with each metrics in 10 Modules of our assessment • Select twenty modules industry metrics out • More than 25 of more than 2,000 different industries • Choose from two to all ten of our • Select up to three • Up to 30-50% less assessment modules modules expensive than traditional • Little data collection • Personalized reporting benchmarking required done rapidly © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  19. 19. TAC Performance Management & MeasurementCost Benchmarking ModulesDistributed Midrange Mainframe Help DeskComputing Computing Applications Wide Area Data Applications Support Development Networking Telecommunications Telecommunications Telecommunications – PBX – Wireline – Wireless © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  20. 20. TAC Performance Management & MeasurementBenchmarks to save money and grow revenue. Hardware Reliability Sales Force Effectiveness Benchmarking Benchmark  Compare your break/fix data  Understand the strengths and with hundreds of companies weaknesses of the sales force  Target problem products for and sales process compared to replacement, extend the useful competitors life of stable ones.  Understand the sales force  SLAs and post-warranty break- turnover fix can be evaluated and bid  Understand the sales cycle based on the repair needs of the  Understand the required skill equipment. sets  Anonymous data submission  Recommend a set of actions  Drill down by equipment necessary to improve sales/sales category, type, manufacturer, processes, etc. models, series, and parts.  Detailed implementation plan © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  21. 21. TAC Performance Management & MeasurementSAP Optimization Assessment of the current state of your SAP system based on four key performance indicators – Cost, Productivity, Performance, and Quality The service includes:  Analysis of used standard SAP code mapped to business processes  Detailed analysis of unexploited standard code  Overview analysis of non-standard code  Identification of performance issues  Identification of quality issues  Detailed set of recommendations  Detailed implementation plan © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  22. 22. TAC Performance Management & Measurement Comprehensive and Rapid Review Assessments: Mitigate Risk, Optimize IT Value, Improve Performance, Reduce Cost Comprehensive Assessment Rapid Review Assessment Process Process  Detailed onsite for face-to-face  2 days onsite for face-to-face interviews and data gathering interviews and data gathering  Data analysis and findings  4 days remote data analysis and preparation findings preparation  Presentation of findings in written  1 day remote web-based form presentation of findings  Implementation support  Total Turnaround Time -7 to 10 business days! Business Intelligence • Contract Lifecycle Management • Data Privacy Compliance • E-Business • Network • Information Security • Enterprise Resource Planning • Information Quality Management • ITInfrastructure • IT Applications • Electronic Health Records • IT Service Management • IT Measurements • QA & Testing Process • Skills & Competency Management • Storage Area Network • Software Asset Management Process • Outsourcing Governance • Scorecard and Dashboard © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  23. 23. TAC Leadership, Skills & Organization Development Ensures Optimal Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness  Leadership Coaching and Mentoring  On site and remote  Skill and Competency Management  Analysis and assessments  Private webinars  On-site training and education  Custom ―Master Class‖ presentations  Facilitated workshops  Organization Optimization  Analysis and Assessments © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  24. 24. TAC Leadership, Skills & Organization Development Leadership Coaching and Mentoring TAC’s Leadership Coaching and Mentoring service focuses on issues facing top IT executives  Leadership  Career  Organizational development  Strategy This service provides a secure, confidential means for IT executives to receive personal coaching and direction by industry professionals who have walked in their shoes, gain insights on leadership, learn best practices, and keep up to date with career trends. © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  25. 25. TAC Leadership, Skills & Organization Development Skills and Competency Management Analysis and assessment of the skills available within an organization  Analysis of the skills  Analysis of the skills v. requirements  Analysis of the skills standards  Analysis of the skills development policies Deliverable: Written report of the assessment findings including recommendations on skill groups, standards improvements, education requirements, and skill management tools. © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  26. 26. TAC Leadership, Skills & Organization Development Organization Optimization Analysis and assessment of a functional IT structure, people, processes, technologies, and strategy and plan to ensure optimal alignment across the organization. Deliverable: A written assessment which we use when working with the client to build the optimal organization that is based on business goals and drivers, business requirements, processes, available resources, and technologies that ensure alignment across the organization. © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  27. 27. TAC Leadership, Skills & Organization Development Sample Professional Development Offerings* Managing Vendor Partnerships Contracting for Software Improv for IT Professionals IT Asset Management IT Contract Management and Vendor IT Leadership Development Management IT Organizational Transformation IT Valuation (TACometer) Rapid Engineered Mind (R.E.M.) Rapid Implementation Methodology (R.I.M.) Software Asset and License Management Business Analyst Certificate Program IT Project Management Certificate Program The Politics of IT Project Management Marketing the IT Organization Internally Achieving IT Service Excellence Consulting Skills for the IT Professional Business Requirements Management IT Project Management: Accelerated Diagnostics & Transformation The Human Side of the Equation Program Accelerated Leadership Assessment Program Accelerated Client Relationship/Needs Program Accelerated Leadership Coaching Program Accelerated Project Advisory Services Accelerated Leadership Development Series Accelerated Demand Management & Fulfillment *includes strategic partner offerings © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  28. 28. Questions?The Advisory CouncilPowering Performance with Expertise-as-a-Service © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
  29. 29. The Advisory Council Powering Performance with Expertise-as-a-Service Thank YouContact Information:Michael GreeneVice PresidentThe Advisory Council+1 781 791 9582 ext. 709mgreene@tacadvisory.com © Copyright 2013 The Advisory Council, Inc.
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