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ATL Profile


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Published in: Technology, Business
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ATL Profile

  1. 1. An ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company
  2. 2. ABOUT ATL   AARIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is a leading provider of IT Solutions & Services encompassing Technology Integration, Managed Services & Professional Services, through its robust world class delivery processes to varied corporations of high repute. ATL has come a long way since its inception in 2006. Over the last decade, Aaric Technologies Limited has delivered technology-based business solutions to help organizations worldwide control costs and cultivate growth. Drawing on deep industry expertise and a portfolio of interrelated consulting, business process, application, and infrastructure services, we blend strategic design, proven technology, and timely delivery to create solutions that maximize returns on IT investments.ATL in recent has ventured into international operations and established companies in UAE and OMAN to cater to MENA region. For it’s globally distributed customers.Back to - MAIN
  3. 3. OUR MISSION To become the world leaders in Technology Consulting, Application Development and Technical Support Services, helping our clients meet the challenges of regulatory enforcement and globalization.   OUR VISION „ Providing a flexible, common sense and cost effective approach to ensure our clients are in compliance. „ Excellence derived from the knowledge, commitment and quality of services available through our dedicated human capital. „ Timely and strategically resolve human resources constraints to the Industry by establishing operations in territories with significant industrial presence. „ Ensure we add value by offering operational and compliance excellence by means of our core services. „ Ensure regulatory compliance and maximize on client’s core competencies and product quality through optimized, validated and controlled processes.Back to - MAIN
  4. 4. OUR HISTORY "   Technology Focused Services in India, Oman, UAE, Srilanka, Singapore : „  Networking / Server Systems / Help Desk „  Application Development / Database Integration / Business Intelligence „  Web Design / Web Services / Portal for Intranet or Internet „  IT Infrastructure Management „  Cloud Computing „  Rich Internet Application Service „ Corporate Training "   Regions Supported : „  INDIA „  UNITED ARAB EMIRATES „  OMAN „  SRILANKA „ SINGAPOREBack to - MAIN
  6. 6. OUR CORE VALUES "   Act with Integrity "   Uphold our reputation "   Add Value to our clients "   Build Trust "   Avoid Conflicts of Interest "   Respect for people "   Excellence "   Truthful DecisionsBack to - MAIN
  7. 7. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES ATL’s main goal is to offer IT solutions to our customers with the most complete set of professional services in technology management, web application development, computer systems, automation and systems integration, cloud computing. Considering the major impact of computerized systems, and new technologies used by world class and global organizations in highly competitive and regulated global markets, we have created diverse programs to satisfy these particular needs for your organization. ATL BUSINESS SYSTEMS. „  Cloud Computing „  IT Service Management „  IT Infrastructure Management „  IT Governance, Risk and Compliance „  Business Intelligence „  Artificial Intelligence „  Noc Services „  QA Testing „  Outsourced Product Development .Back to - MAIN
  8. 8. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES  Application Development „  Develop Web Applications using Microsoft .net C# , J2EE , PHP 5 , HTML 5, PYTHON, RUBY ON RAILS „  Database Integration, Fine-tuning and Business Intelligence in Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, MY SQL. „  Human Resource Procedures Automation „  Microsoft Share Point Customization „  Dynamics, SAP, Oracle Accounting Based Application Development „  OnBase, Crystal Reports and Other Reporting Solutions Custom Development „  Explanatory Videos, Email, Chat, Voice Supports. „  Workflow Development and Customization „  Secure Web Services Development  Network and Server Systems „  Windows Server Systems including SharePoint, Exchange, SQL and Dynamics CRM, GP, AX „  Router / Firewall Consulting, Installation and Troubleshooting. „  Network / Fiber / Voice Cabling Installation and Certification. „  Wireless Systems Consulting, Installation and Troubleshooting „  Help Desk Services and Systems Consulting „  Backup Systems / Disaster Recovery Planning „  Server / Application / Desktop Virtualization in Citrix, VM Ware, Hyper-V and other applicationsBack to - MAIN .
  9. 9. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES  Internet Services and Portal Development „  Website Design and Development „  Portal Modules and Skin Development „  Adobe Flex/Flash application development „  Intranet and Extranet Applications „  SSL Authentication Integration „  Newsletter, Events and Marketing Campaign Management „ Portal development and maintenance . „ Learning Solutions „  LMS Systems Consulting, Integration and Troubleshooting „  CBT, Custom Course Design and Development „ Newsletter, Events and Marketing Campaign Management „ Learning Solutions Strategy Consulting „ eLearning Management SystemBack to - MAIN
  10. 10. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES  Cloud Computing Customize the cloud to meet the needs of your organization. Increase flexibility. Maintain control. Reduce Costs. Better meet the needs of your business. „  Cloud Planning „  Cloud Lifecycle Management „  Cloud Operations and Optimization „ Cloud Governance. „ Enterprise Application Development „  Enterprise Resource Planning „ Customer Relationship Management System „ Software As A Service (SAAS) „ Digital Asset Management System „ RIA DevelopmentBack to - MAIN
  11. 11. What we DO ..Back to - MAIN
  12. 12. Our Differentiators •  Sustainable  Long  Term  Customer  Rela4onships   –  Delivering  Innova-on  and  Cost  Reduc-on  results  (Compe--ve  Focus)   –  Implemen-ng  Quality  Risk  Management  Ini-a-ves   –  Delivering  tangible  results  through  Experience  and  current  approaches   –  Providing  Full  Product  Life-­‐Cycle  Solu-ons  (A  single  outsource  alterna-ve)   •  Our  People  /  Our  Culture   –  Strong  technically  and  very  knowledgeable  within  their  field  of  exper-se   –  Resources  with  the  true  consultant  approach:  Flexible,  Customer  driven  and  commiLed  to   results   –  Main  Pillar  is  our  Code  of  Ethics  &  Business  Conduct   •  Global  Presence   –  Ability  to  do  global  strategic  rollouts;  leverage  on  exper-se    Back to - MAIN
  13. 13. VALUE PROPOSITION ATL’s value proposition is to add value by becoming more than a service vendor, a partner, where our clients can rely to be in compliance. We fill all the regulatory compliance needs for our clients being our differentiator that we are always ahead of the curve in all matters related to industry trends and regulatory changes. OUR SLOGAN “We focus beyond the future , providing SAAS, a concept that can conquer IT” We understand the reality that Information in your business is a core asset in every organization. Many times the main challenge organizations have is finding a reliable partner that can get the job done and be there to help your systems be more cost effective and expand.Back to - MAIN
  14. 14. THANK YOU Aaric Technologies Limited C-24, Thejaswini, Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, 691530 Tel : +91 471 4068585 Ph : +91 9446626000 Email : URL : www.aarictechnologies.comBack to - MAIN