Omnitech Corporate Presentation Customer Value Presentation2011<br />Contents<br />Omnitech Snapshot<br />Omnitech Strengt...
Omnitech - Snapshot <br />Industry Expertise<br />About Us<br />Services Capabilities<br />Recent Achievements<br />22 yea...
Travel and Media
 Manufacturing</li></ul>450+ local and Global <br />clients<br />Trained and Skilled DR/BCP Professionals <br />A joint ve...
Omnitech Strengthening Global Presence and Industry Focus<br />Industry Focus<br />Banking & <br />Finance<br />Insurance<...
   Hong Kong</li></ul>    EMEA<br /><ul><li>   UK – London
   Bahrain & Saudi Arabia</li></li></ul><li>Strategic Alliances<br />Our technology partnerships with industry leading org...
Select list of Clients<br /> <br />Travel , Hospitality, Entertainment<br />Manufacturing<br />Banking Finance  and  Insur...
Omnitech Services and Solutions<br />Business “A C E”<br />Continuity<br />Availability<br />Enhancement<br /><ul><li>Doma...
Organizational Enhancement Services
Technology Optimization Services
 Total IT Outsourcing / VCIO</li></ul>Consulting Services<br /><ul><li>DR/BCP Consulting
DR/BCP Solutions
Managed BC Services – Work Area Recovery, Data Vaulting, DR Site Hosting</li></ul>Business Continuity Services<br /><ul><l...
Application Management
Application Development
Independent Application Testing</li></ul>Application Services<br /><ul><li>Infrastructure Consulting
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Omnitech Corporate Presentation


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  • Atul: As discussed please insert content for Managed ServicesPN:All other minute changes have been made
  • Omnitech Corporate Presentation

    1. 1. Omnitech Corporate Presentation Customer Value Presentation2011<br />Contents<br />Omnitech Snapshot<br />Omnitech Strengthening Global Presence and industry focus<br />Strategic Alliance and Prestigious Clients<br />Omnitech Services and Solutions<br />BFSI – Domain Expertise<br />Omnitech Strengths<br />
    2. 2. Omnitech - Snapshot <br />Industry Expertise<br />About Us<br />Services Capabilities<br />Recent Achievements<br />22 years of operations<br />Multi- Location DR centers<br />Strategic Alliance with EIS- a Rogers Group company in Mauritius<br />Focus Verticals:<br /><ul><li> BFSI
    3. 3. IT/ITeS
    4. 4. Travel and Media
    5. 5. Manufacturing</li></ul>450+ local and Global <br />clients<br />Trained and Skilled DR/BCP Professionals <br />A joint venture “Omnitech Services Pte. Ltd.”, Singapore with Attiva Services Pte. Ltd. <br />Existing Local and International clients<br />CAGR growth over 28%<br />1000+ Service Network locations across India<br />Proven localised processes<br />100% subsidiary “Omnitech Technologies B. V.”  at Netherlands <br />Global NOC for Remote Delivery<br />Public Listed Company<br />Successfully implemented <br />large integration Solutions<br />2nd OmniCentre –State of Art Technology Managed Disaster Recovery Centre at Hyderabad <br />Best SME for Corporate <br />Governance – Business Today<br />Around 50% clients<br /> from BFSI<br />India’s First Managed <br />Third Party Disaster <br />Recovery Site<br />First in India to have multi location <br />Disaster Recovery Site<br />Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2008 and India Fast 50 award – 2009<br />Channel World Premier 100 Award-2010<br />Best vendor award for “Exceptional Services” 2008<br />Global <br />100 IT Services Providers<br />The DQ WEEK" TOP Channel Partner in 2009<br />Microsoft Best Breath Partner Award- 2009-10<br />Specialist Business Continuity/ Recovery Company 2009 ”- BCI UK<br />Top 200 Best Under A Billion in Asia-Pacific. <br />
    6. 6. Omnitech Strengthening Global Presence and Industry Focus<br />Industry Focus<br />Banking & <br />Finance<br />Insurance<br />IT & ITES<br />Travel and <br />Media<br />Manufacturing &<br />Healthcare<br />Head Quarters<br />Branch Locations<br />Partner Presence<br /> NORTH AMERICA<br /><ul><li> New York</li></ul> ASIA PACIFIC<br /><ul><li> India – Mumbai (HQ)</li></ul>Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad<br /><ul><li> Singapore
    7. 7. Hong Kong</li></ul> EMEA<br /><ul><li> UK – London
    8. 8. Belgium
    9. 9. Netherlands
    10. 10. Mauritius
    11. 11. Bahrain & Saudi Arabia</li></li></ul><li>Strategic Alliances<br />Our technology partnerships with industry leading organizations empowers us to be updated with latest tools & technologies.<br />
    12. 12. Select list of Clients<br /> <br />Travel , Hospitality, Entertainment<br />Manufacturing<br />Banking Finance and Insurance<br />          <br />Across Industries<br />Pharmaceuticals and Others<br />IT and ITES <br />
    13. 13. Omnitech Services and Solutions<br />Business “A C E”<br />Continuity<br />Availability<br />Enhancement<br /><ul><li>Domain Expertise Services
    14. 14. Organizational Enhancement Services
    15. 15. Technology Optimization Services
    16. 16. Total IT Outsourcing / VCIO</li></ul>Consulting Services<br /><ul><li>DR/BCP Consulting
    17. 17. DR/BCP Solutions
    18. 18. Managed BC Services – Work Area Recovery, Data Vaulting, DR Site Hosting</li></ul>Business Continuity Services<br /><ul><li>Application Consulting
    19. 19. Application Management
    20. 20. Application Development
    21. 21. Independent Application Testing</li></ul>Application Services<br /><ul><li>Infrastructure Consulting
    22. 22. Infrastructure Managed Services
    23. 23. Data Centre Management Services
    24. 24. Enterprise Solutions</li></ul>Services<br />Services<br />Infrastructure Services<br />Domain<br />Domain<br />Banking and Finance / Insurance<br />Manufacturing & Health Care<br />IT & ITES <br />Travel & Media<br />CIO’s IT Optimization ToolKit<br />Remote Infrastructure Management(RIM) | Virtualization | Bandwidth Optimization | Thin Client | Managed Printing | Shared DR<br />
    25. 25. BFSI Practice<br />Private Banking & Asset Management<br />Insurance<br />Retail and Commercial<br />Investment Banking<br />Consulting<br /><ul><li>Fixed Income, Equities, Commodities, FX
    26. 26. Trading Systems
    27. 27. Exchanges and Brokerage House
    28. 28. Core Banking for Wealth Management
    29. 29. Trade Finance, Core Banking
    30. 30. Asset & Liabilities, Consumer Finance, Distribution Channels
    31. 31. Microfinance
    32. 32. Policy Administration, Claims Management, Distribution Channels, Customer Servicing, Product Development, Payments
    33. 33. Front-to-Back Business process re-engineering and STP / Risk Management / Legal & Compliance / Compliance to Regulatory changes like Basel II, SOX</li></ul>Application<br /><ul><li>Exchange/ECN & DMA connectivity
    34. 34. Trade, Position & Risk Management Systems
    35. 35. E-Commerce Solutions
    36. 36. Card, Cheque Processing and Payment Gateways
    37. 37. Smart Card Solutions
    38. 38. Core Banking,
    39. 39. CRM & Consumer Risk systems
    40. 40. Portfolio / Fund & Performance Management Systems
    41. 41. Policy, Trade, Position & Risk Management Systems
    42. 42. Broker, Client & Claims Management Systems
    43. 43. Middleware & Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) / Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) / Testing (incl. Functional Testing – KWDF , Test Automation etc.) / Project Management & SDLC / Legacy Application Integration & Migration / Data Quality & Business Intelligence</li></ul>Infrastructure<br /><ul><li>ATM Networks
    44. 44. E-Commerce connectivity
    45. 45. Call Centre Technology
    46. 46. T
    47. 47. Trade Floor Support
    48. 48. Exchange Feed / Publishing
    49. 49. Dealer Boards & Voice Systems
    50. 50. Market Data Services (Technical / Commercial / Projects)
    51. 51. Call Centre Technology
    52. 52. ITIL Services – Incident and Problem Management / Change Management / Data Centre Management / Application Support and Database Management </li></ul>Business Continuity<br /><ul><li>Documentation of Business Continuity planning / Call Tree test / Preparation of Test Scripts to perform the DR Tests / Project Manage the DR Drills
    53. 53. Implementation of Technology like Active Disaster Recovery (Data Centres) for scenarios like Pandemic / Country wide disaster / Terrorist incidence</li></li></ul><li>Consulting Services<br />Services for Market/Business Driven Needs<br />Domain Expertise Services<br />IT Optimization Services<br />IT Organizational Enhancement Services<br />+<br />+<br />+<br /><ul><li>Banking and Finance / Insurance
    54. 54. Manufacturing & Health Care
    55. 55. IT & ITES
    56. 56. Travel and Media
    57. 57. Mergers & Acquisitions
    58. 58. Expansion of existing business to a new Domicile
    59. 59. Organic/Inorganic growth of existing businesses
    60. 60. Compliance to Regulatory changes like Basel II, SOX
    61. 61. Development of Technology Strategy
    62. 62. Development of Target Operating Model (TOM)
    63. 63. Enhance Business Engagement Model
    64. 64. Change Management Governance & Execution
    65. 65. Technology Risk Management
    66. 66. Outsourcing Consultancy
    67. 67. Off-shoring Consultancy
    68. 68. Environmental Sustainability
    69. 69. Service Management ITIL, COBIT, CMM etc.
    70. 70. Efficient Procurement and Inventory Management</li></li></ul><li>Infrastructure Management Services<br />Infrastructure Managed Services<br />Infrastructure Consulting<br />Enterprise Solutions<br />Facilities Management Services<br />+<br />+<br />+<br /><ul><li>Datacenter Optimization & Consolidation
    71. 71. Audit & Compliance
    72. 72. Performance & Capacity Management
    73. 73. Risk Management
    74. 74. Project Management
    75. 75. Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)
    76. 76. Helpdesk & Security Administration
    77. 77. Desktop, Print , Email Management
    78. 78. Server, Database & Storage Management
    79. 79. Network & Telecoms Management
    80. 80. Audio Visual systems Management
    81. 81. Market Data Services Management
    82. 82. Datacenter Management
    83. 83. Structured Cabling Systems
    84. 84. Physical Security Systems
    85. 85. Building Management Systems
    86. 86. System Integration
    87. 87. Server Consolidation
    88. 88. Connectivity Solutions
    89. 89. Migration Solutions
    90. 90. Thin Client
    91. 91. Bandwidth Optimization</li></li></ul><li>Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Execution Model <br />Client Infrastructure <br />Web <br />Servers<br />Database <br />Servers<br />Mail <br />Servers<br />Application<br />Servers<br />Routers<br />Switches<br />Firewalls<br />Data Collection Agents<br />Event Management, Reporting and Escalation<br />NOC Based Remote <br />Monitoring and <br />Management Systems<br />NOC Filtered<br />Web Based Reporting<br />Network Operation Centre ( NOC )<br />Trend Analysis<br />Customer based <br />Escalation Reports<br />Customer ROTA<br />Schedules<br />End-to-End Solution Operations<br />
    92. 92. Infrastructure Management Services – Success Stories<br />Jet Airways<br /><ul><li>Managing 2000+ Assets spread over 30 locations.
    93. 93. Round the clock Management of Real Time Online Systems - 365 Days of the year.
    94. 94. End User support over Distributed Network across all locations.</li></ul>Success:<br />9 years of a long partnership supporting Jet Airways achieve its aggressive growth strategy<br />Griffin Marine Pvt. Limited<br /><ul><li>Global Support Center supports a global foot print of 22 offices world wide- 24X7X365 Days.
    95. 95. Centralized Remote Infrastructure Management, Configuration / Incident and Problem Management and ITSM support. </li></ul>Success: <br />Omnitech Global Support Services Backbone offering end to end technical support to Businesses across the world<br />Birla SunLife Insurance <br /><ul><li>Supporting a distributed Network of 40 locations across the country.
    96. 96. Infrastructure Management and Consulting Services for the Technology estate managed from a Central Location.
    97. 97. Remote Infrastructure Management and Network Support Activities </li></ul>Success: <br />Centralized Remote Infrastructure Management enabler for business enhancement <br />
    98. 98. Application Services<br />Application Development Services<br />Application Consulting Services<br />Application Management <br />Services<br />Independent Application Testing Services<br />+<br />+<br />+<br /><ul><li>High Speed Low Latency Technologies
    99. 99. Exchange/ECN connectivity
    100. 100. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    101. 101. Data Quality & Business Intelligence
    102. 102. Project Management & SDLC
    103. 103. Centre of Excellence (CoE) in WebSphere & Rational
    104. 104. New application development
    105. 105. Existing application enhancement
    106. 106. Application Consolidation
    107. 107. Legacy Application Integration & Migration
    108. 108. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
    109. 109. Performance & Load Testing
    110. 110. Capacity Planning
    111. 111. Functional Testing – KWDF
    112. 112. Unit & Regression Testing
    113. 113. Usability & Reliability Testing
    114. 114. Test Automation
    115. 115. Security Testing
    116. 116. Enterprise Application Management
    117. 117. Middleware Management
    118. 118. WebSphere Competency Center
    119. 119. Database Management</li></li></ul><li>The 4A Approach of Testing<br />AUTOMATE<br />ACHIEVE<br />APPLY<br />Achieve Results<br />With Tools<br />With Result <br />Focused Services<br />ADOPT<br />Processes<br />Methodologies<br />Consulting and <br />Testing Services<br />Rational, Mercury<br />Compuware, Segue, Tassc<br />RUP, CMM<br />ISO, STMM<br />UML<br />Requirements Management<br />Test Lifecycle<br />Change Management<br />
    120. 120. Application Services - Success Stories<br />NCR<br /><ul><li>A leading provider of comprehensive payment and image processing solutions designed to help financial institutions and corporations. </li></ul>Success: <br />Omnitech ‘s support has enabled NCR with Increased test coverage of the products resulting in higher stability of the product, Faster time to test due to the Test Automation initiatives and in reduction of people dependency for Testing.<br />LINK INTIME<br /><ul><li>The Company is a Registry service provider servicing the largest number of Indian companies, as Registrar & Share Transfer Agent. The company is handling a large number of IPO's in India for past few years.</li></ul>Success: <br />The Data center automation solutions provided by Omnitech has enabled Link Intime to reduce the cost of people and the risk of human error. It has also helped them to respond quickly and efficiently to business needs with greater accountability, and maintain compliance throughout the data center environment.<br />TATA AIG<br /><ul><li>The Company offers a broad array of life insurance products to individuals, associations and businesses of all sizes.</li></ul>Success: <br />WebSphere Solutions deployed by Omnitech have optimized IT infrastructure for Tata AIG to perform at higher availability & lesser recurring investments while ensuring a flexible deployment Infrastructure.<br />
    121. 121. Business Continuity Services<br />DR/BCP Solutions<br />DR/BCP Consulting Services<br />DR Centre Services<br />+<br />+<br /><ul><li>Assessment
    122. 122. RA & Business Impact Analysis
    123. 123. Recovery Strategy development
    124. 124. Plan implementation
    125. 125. Awareness & Training
    126. 126. Training and Exercise
    127. 127. Program Management
    128. 128. Strategic Backup Management
    129. 129. Server & Storage Consolidation &
    130. 130. Virtualization
    131. 131. Resilient & Green DataCentre Design
    132. 132. Design & Implementation of DR site
    133. 133. DR Site Collocation
    134. 134. DR Site Management
    135. 135. Work Place Recovery
    136. 136. Remote Backup
    137. 137. Data Vaults</li></li></ul><li>BCM - 4 Pillars of Recovery Strategy<br />DR Site Implementation Systems(Servers Storage, Network, PC etc) at DR Site - Redundancy Planning<br />Equipment<br />People<br />BCP Assessment<br />BCP Plan Designing & Implementation<br />Business Impact Analysis <br />Data<br />Site<br />Assessment<br />RA & Business Impact Analysis <br />Recovery Strategy development<br />Plan implementation<br />Awareness & Training<br />Training and Exercise<br />Program Management<br />Strategic Backup Management <br />Server & Storage Consolidation & <br />Virtualization<br />Resilient & Green Data Centre Design <br />Design & Implementation of DR site<br />DR Site Collocation<br />DR Site Management<br />Work Place Recovery<br />Remote Backup<br />Data Vaults<br />CONSULTING<br />SOLUTIONS<br />DR CENTRE SERVICES<br />
    138. 138. Omnitech Commitment and Initiatives in DR BCP Space<br />India’s FIRST Managed Services DR/BCP Centre <br />at Navi Mumbai – Dec 2007<br />Online Remote <br />Backup Services<br />India’s First BCP services provider to have <br />Multi-Location presence <br />Dedicated Sites <br />for Customers<br />NCR REGION<br />INDIA<br />Most number of Managed WAR Positions in India <br />Projected Investment of over $ 50 Million<br />NASIK<br />MPLS<br />Circuit<br />Proposed Centres at NCR Region, Chennai, Hyderabad, <br />Pune, Bangalore, Nasik and Dubai for City/<br />District/ State/ Country & Continent-wise Failover<br />Data Vaulting <br />Services<br />PUNE<br />NAGPUR<br />MAURITIUS<br />One stop services provider for your DR/BCP needs<br />MUMBAI<br />Outside India<br />End to End DR Services in accordance with <br />Global standards and Processes like SS507, <br />BS25999, ISO 20000, ISO 27001<br />DUBAI<br />Command Centres<br />BANGALORE<br />First BCP services provider in India to get a regulatory <br />nod from DOT by securing an OSP-OSP (Other Services <br />Provider) license – allowed to carry out 3rd Party <br />Hot Site Services<br />CHENNAI<br />Dedicated Sites <br />for Customers<br />HYDERABAD<br />Network <br />Security<br />
    139. 139. Omnitech Service Delivery Models<br />Offshore Model<br />Onsite Consulting<br />Test Lab <br />( Onsite/ Offsite)<br />Omnitech Service Delivery Models<br />Flexible<br />Models<br />Staff Augmentation<br />SaaS <br />(Software as a Service)<br />BOT <br />( Build Operate Transfer)<br />
    140. 140. Corporate Social Responsibility<br /> Awareness and Preparedness through NGOs, Government, Semi Government and Industry/trade Forums<br /><ul><li> Emergency Awareness Booklets for Various Regions in respective Regional Languages
    141. 141. Working with Rotary, Lions Clubs for community awareness creation by ways of Seminars and workshops
    142. 142. Working with trade associations like IMC, CII, NASSCOM, OSPAI etc. for acceptance and implementation of Disaster Recovery practices
    143. 143. Supported country’s first of its kind awards to encourage and recognize professionals and organisations in Community
    144. 144. Organizing seminars and workshops at business schools to nurture young talents
    145. 145. Association with Municipal Corporations, State and Central Government for effective Disaster Management for People, Trade, Industry and Society</li></ul>Public – Private Partnerships<br />Forums such as Other Services Provider’s Association of India (OSPAI), Business Resilience Consortium (BRC), etc.<br />
    146. 146. Omnitech Strengths<br /> Blocks of Strength<br />Innovative IP based products and services <br />Ability to provide end to end solutions<br />Established Client Relationships<br />State of the art Technology Center<br />Proven Methodology and Approach<br />Technology driven and focused Management<br />Pool of Highly Skilled and Competent People<br />Business relationship with Global IT companies<br />Unique & Flexible Delivery Models<br />
    147. 147. Thank You<br />Omnitech’s Vision<br />To be a global leader in providing technology related services in the area of Business Availability, Continuity Services to enable organizations to derive higher Productivity, Predictability & Profitability for their competitive business advantage<br />Head Quarters<br />Branch Locations<br />Partner Presence<br />