Scom presentation from June 5th Webinar
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Scom presentation from June 5th Webinar



Collaboration tools help flatten the obstacles to communicate, enabling organizations to access talent and distribute work teams across the country, the region and the world with less need for ...

Collaboration tools help flatten the obstacles to communicate, enabling organizations to access talent and distribute work teams across the country, the region and the world with less need for co-location.
Find out how GSX Monitor & Analyzer and System Center Operations Manager are complimentary.



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  • The Environments: <br /> Microsoft: <br /> Exchange & SharePoint <br /> Blackberry <br /> BES <br /> IBM <br /> Quickr, Traveler, Sametime and Domino <br /> Google <br /> Apps for Business <br /> The managers: <br /> SCOM <br /> HP OV <br /> Others? <br />
  • Adam <br /> OK Thank you, and welcome to our Audience today, we are glad you could join us <br /> A quick introduction about GSX…We have been in business for over 17 years with our headquarters in Geneva Switzerland. <br /> We have 2 offices in the USA (in Buffalo, NY and one in Boston MA where I am located). Also have offices in the UK, France, Switzerland and in China. <br /> We have longstanding partnerships with Microsoft IBM and BES, along with partnerships that extend across more than 40 countries <br />
  • Adam <br /> A quick look at our customer base will show that we work with over 30% of the fortune 500 currently, we have over 600 customers worldwide and some of the most common verticals that we work with included Banking and finance, manufactureing, consulting/MSP’s and Hosting companies and Healthcare… <br />
  • Adam <br /> Some of the recent awards we have received are for the Best of TechEd in 2012 for our SharePoint Product and the Best of TechEd in 2013 for our Exchange produce. We also have won the gold award from <br /> <br />
  • Adam <br /> To speak about some of our customers, we provide monitoring for companies like HSBC, Michelin and Louis Vuitton. However the size of the company does not matter, what matters is how critical the messaging or SharePoint environment is.
  • [Olivier] <br /> We have a lot of feedback from people using SCOM and here is a quick recap of the top 5 challenges: <br /> Using multiple APM Tools increases the troubleshooting time and complexity <br /> SCOM doesn’t provide much insight over the real time stats <br /> Hard to diagnose issues <br /> Reporting can be very time-consuming or even impossible without specific a specific skill set of SCOM and SQL <br /> Very time consuming to fine tune alerting
  • [Adam] <br /> If we take a look at the current GSX customer base, we see that SCOM is deployed along with GSX about 90% of the time. So what makes companies with SCOM want GSX as well? <br /> One of the key differentiators of GSX is that we are designed specifically to monitor and Report on Exchange & SharePoint. We are a tool that is very easy to deploy and configure and we really take a deep dive into what the end-user experience looks like… <br /> Which is why we focus on business line satisfaction by actually simulating an everyday user in the environment and proactively alerting you to any performance issues. <br /> One of the key features of GSX is the ability to provide out of the box automated reports on availability, performance and usage. Our customers utilize this feature to compliment SCOM is several different ways, and of course GSX Analyzer is a very straight forward, easy to use tool. <br /> <br /> Our tool will help you leverage your SCOM investment and get the statics, alerts and reports that are most important to you. <br /> What we see, especially in larger organizations is that the SCOM team and the Messaging/collaboration teams works separately. GSX Monitor/Analyzer gives the Messaging and collaboration teams a tool that is targeted for them that gives them only the information relevant to them. <br /> Because GSX is so simple to Deploy and maintain, we reduce the costs associated with monitoring, along with the ability to centralize all of your alerts in the SCOM dashboard.
  • Adam <br /> So the focus of the webinar today will be on how GSX interfaces with SCOM environments but that is not the only platform that we can help you manage… <br /> We have the functionality to monitor IBM Notes, IBM Traveler, IBM Sametime, IBM QuickR, BlackBerry Enterprise Server and of course Microsoft Exchange On-Premise, Hybrid and Exchange Online. <br /> <br /> <br />
  • [Olivier] <br /> (for exchange) <br /> This map gives you an idea of what a multi-tenant deployment of GSX looks like. <br /> GSX is usually installed on a VM, but for trial purposes it can be installed on a laptop. <br /> From there GSX is going out and performing tests on each of your servers. Not only do we monitor at the server level, we monitor at the CAS array and DAG level and also at the organization level to give a complete view of the status of your environment. You can also monitor the routing of emails both internally and externally and all the way to a mobile device. As I mentioned before, all the alerts can be pushed to 3rd party tools like SCOM. <br /> (same goes for SharePoint).
  • [Olivier] <br /> GSX provides out-of the box End-user scenarios reproducing actions performed in Outlook. <br /> You can configure these scenarios from multiple locations <br /> Allowing you to identify any performance issue and detect what part is causing the issue: internal network, internet provider or Office365 <br /> Mail Routing is also a powerful end-user test that GSX Provides: it allows to send an email from one location to another and track the routing time. Can be alerted on Availability and latency. <br /> All these alerts can be centralized into the SCOM Dashboard.
  • [Olivier] <br /> GSX Analyzer is a web-based reporting tool that allows reporting on the data collected by multiple GSX Monitor station <br /> You can then easily compare the end-user performance from multiple locations <br /> You can create users and profiles to provide access to different user with different priviledges. They can then create their own reports <br /> All the reports can be sent out automatically every day/week/month as a pdf or csv file <br /> You can easily create trend reports with forecasting in order to plan for future resources. You can compare the resources along the growth of the number of mailboxes/users.
  • [Olivier] <br /> In order for you to see the GSX Alerts in SCOM we provide a Management pack. <br /> <br /> GSX Management pack works for both SCOM 2007 & 2012 <br /> Can see all the GSX Alerts from the SCOM Dashboard as GSX sends all the alerts as SNMP Traps to SCOM with all the details <br /> Can categorized GSX Alerts by severity (Critical, Warning, Information). <br /> Can receive the GSX reports at the user level directly by email or uploaded on an FTP Site or network share. <br />
  • [ADAM] <br /> Ok so to wrap up on what we saw today, a few of the benefits provided by GSX include… <br /> Of course GSX is providing you a deep dive into the quality of service that is delivered to your end users but actually using the applications to monitor and measure the end user experience. <br /> GSX can proactively identify the different network and internet issues that impact the service delivered to your users at multiple locations. <br /> Our tool is key in situations that require troubleshooting and will save you time by pinpointing the source of any issues. <br /> GSX it utilized by several of our partners before, during and after a migration to ensure that there are not any interruptions in the service provided to the business line at any location <br /> And finally GSX will help you cut down your support costs by proactively monitoring and quickly helping your team identify issues and fix them. <br />
  • [ADAM]
  • [ADAM] <br />
  • [ADAM & Olivier] <br />

Scom presentation from June 5th Webinar Scom presentation from June 5th Webinar Presentation Transcript

  • Webinar: Get the Most Out of Your SCOM Investment 1GSX Solutions© 2014
  • Speakers GSX Solutions© 2014 2 Bernt Ostergaard - SCOM Analyst and Service Director Adam Chadderdon - Channel Manager Americas @GSX Solutions Olivier Raynaut - Microsoft Specialist & Pre-Sale Manager @GSX Solutions
  • Agenda GSX Solutions© 2014 3 Applications Performance Management Market trends and challenges Bernt Ostergaard - Quocirca Most common IT challenges encountered when using SCOM Olivier Raynaut-GSX Solutions Inc GSX Solutions overview Adam Chadderdon-GSX Solutions Inc GSX Monitor & Analyzer a complimentary solution to SCOM Adam Chadderdon & Oliver Raynaut-GSX Solutions Inc Questions & Answers
  • Collaboration: Who Needs It? Collaboration tools help flatten the obstacles to communicate, enabling organizations to access talent and distribute work teams across the country, the region and the world with less need for co-location. GSX Solutions© 2014
  • Who Uses it? GSX Solutions© 2014 5 Uses GSX Monitor to manage 5,500 Lotus Notes and Domino users across 7 countries in Southern Africa: Automated proactive monitoring of business- critical replication and communication services. Monitoring key databases and replication to their spokes in the specified time frame. Using Database View in GSX Monitor to ensure that key databases are responding in the expected time frame. Uses GSX Monitor & Analyzer to manage 70 servers hosting collaboration and messaging applications for 2,800 employees in 120 locations in 29 countries. Main selection criteria: Rapid deployment Increased security Scalability Easy to customize Mobile access
  • Trends in Corporate Collaboration More mobility UCC growth - integration of messaging, social media and collaboration environments Continued Microsoft UCC dominance Continued IBM shift to software and services Growing Cloud and virtualization GSX Solutions© 2014
  • Managing your Environment Single management pane of glass Real‐time view of end-user experience Easy to use and fully automated Transparent and easy to upgrade Proactive analytics
  • The Value Accelerators Rapid deployment Security Customization Scalability Flexibility Mobile access
  • Conclusions System and application management vendors are attempting to create simpler network and app management solutions by increasing the breadth of hardware and apps they can manage. In doing so they increase complexity, and the effort required to maintain optimal messaging and collaboration capabilities. Large Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint shops (typically with 10,000 users and upwards) are by default using Microsoft’s Operation Monitoring tool SCOM. However, optimized management requires fully integrated third party value accelerators on top of SCOM that focus on automating routines, as well as handling configuration and planning issues.
  • About GSX Solutions GSX Solutions© 2014 10 600 customers In 40 countries Founded 1996, Headquartered in Switzerland Offices in USA, UK, France, Switzerland, China Indirect channel across more than 40 countries International presence in all geographies
  • GSX Solutions at a Glance GSX Solutions© 2014 11 6 million mailboxes monitored By GSX Solutions Fortune 500 6 M + Monitored mailboxes 30% + of the Fortune 500 are customers Banking/ Insurance Manufacturing Consulting IT Services Consumer Goods and Retail Healthcare 600 Customers+ High customer satisfaction with over 90% maintenance renewal
  • Certifications and Recognitions GSX Solutions© 2014 12
  • Customers References GSX Solutions© 2014 13
  • Top 5 IT Challenges 14 Top 5 IT challenges using SCOM for performance monitoring and reporting Troubleshooting across multiple APM tools Lack of real-time view of end-user application performance Slow and complex problem diagnosis Cumbersome reporting solutions Time consuming when running SCOM, when fine-tuning alert system according to administrator needs GSX Solutions© 2014
  • GSX A Complementary Approach 15GSX Solutions© 2014 How GSX Differs? GSX is designed specifically to monitor and report Exchange and SharePoint for all versions GSX focus on Business Line satisfaction acting as a user that constantly performs scenarios and monitors the application GSX provides out of the box automated reports on availability, performance and usage We Leverage SCOM Investment Providing out of the box reports on availability, performance and usage Providing an essential bridge between the messaging team and the network team Reducing the cost and pain of maintaining the monitoring environment GSX can send all the alerts directly into the SCOM dashboard
  • Unified Support for Collaboration Platforms GSX Solutions© 2014 16 IBM Collaboration Suite Microsoft Exchange Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft Lync BlackBerry Enterprise Server Full integration with enterprise management tools Automatic reports and follow-up against SLAs Collects services availability and server statistics End-to-end tests Agentless Alert by profile if threshold exceeded
  • 17 GSX Monitor Console GSX Anlayzer Console GSX Analyzer Engine GSX Monitor SCOM SNMP Traps Exchange Web Services PowerShell & Web Services GSX Monitor & Analyzer - Under the Hood GSX Solutions© 2014
  • End-user Scenarios Benefits GSX Solutions© 2014 18 True end-user Experience from multiple locations: GSX is one of your users! Detect Performance Issues from end-user locations before users are impacted: Reduce support calls and TCO Mail Routing tests to ensure email delivery from any location to: • Any site • External email services • Roundtrip tests (echo) Centralize GSX Alerts in your SCOM dashboard Site 1 - Station 1 Site 2 - Station 2 16
  • GSX Analyzer GSX Solutions© 2014 19 One Reporting Tool for all of your Exchange Locations Compare instantly the performance of your scenarios from your different locations Detect in seconds bottlenecks in your environment Access through profiles for instant Self-Service Reports Automatic PDF reports for management, service line & customers Trend and forecast System, Usage & Infrastructure Statistics
  • GSX Monitor Integration with SCOM GSX Solutions© 2014 GSX MONITOR Management Pack for SCOM Instantly integrates GSX Monitor's capabilities straight into your SCOM Administration tab Communicate automatically with your centralized Incident Management Platform and Team Capture GSX Monitor's SNMP traps and display them into SCOM monitoring window under: - Critical Alerts - Warning Alerts - Information Alerts Facilitate and unify your reporting by forwarding GSX Monitor information to your global monitoring console Provide End-User Scenarios, Server, Usage Alerts directly in the SCOM Console Easy reporting on any critical KPIs and SLAs 47
  • GSX Benefits Provide real insight on the quality of service delivered to your end-users to ensure End-User Satisfaction and user adoption Identify the Infrastructure & network/internet issue(s) that impacted the service delivered to your users Troubleshoot easily any of the problems and be alerted in real time if there are any availability or performance issues Secureyour migration to any environment by testing the results before you start from any critical location Decrease migration & support Costsby proactively pointing out any performance problems at any site and/or critical locations GSX Solutions© 2014 21
  • GSX Monitor & Analyzer - Trial FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE 30-day Full features Unlimited users GSX Solutions© 2014 22
  • 23GSX Solutions© 2014 Contact us GSX Solutions @GSX_Solutions Friends of GSXGSX Solutions
  • 24GSX Solutions© 2014 Q&A Session