FORCE 14 – 26 April 2013From the Desk of the Reserve FORCE Master Chief:What an outstanding Reserve Sailor of the Year (RS...
FORCE 14 – 26 April 201324 Apr: NOSC Tampa, FL volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House of Tampa Baycooking and serving ho...
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Force 14 issue #11


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This Reserve Force Weekly, Force 14 - issue 11, discusses Reserve Sailor of the Year (RSOY) week, the Keep What You've Earned program, and much more.

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Force 14 issue #11

  1. 1. FORCE 14 – 26 April 2013From the Desk of the Reserve FORCE Master Chief:What an outstanding Reserve Sailor of the Year (RSOY) week, VADM Braun andthe OCNR staff with the support of outstanding sponsors AUSN, FRA, GEICO, NavyLeague, NERA and USAA hosted the 2012 RSOY competition.All finalists are winners in every respect:UT1(SCW) Richard Bloomberg, NMCB 26 (NOSC Battle Creek, MI)BM1(AW) Lisa A. Dalhouse, NR OSU 0633 (NOSC New York City, NY)AWS1(NAC/AW) Brian W. DeNike, HSC-3 SAU (COMHELWINGSEAPAC)MA1 James H. Moss, NR OSU 1353 (NOSC Nashville, TN)SO1(SCW/SEAL) Dan R. Smith, NR SEAL UNIT 17 (SEAL TEAM SEVENTEEN)These Sailors, along with their families, mentors and board members metpersonally with several senior leaders. They were given tours of the Pentagon,National Museum of the U.S. Navy, and several other DC landmarks prior to theannouncement luncheon. Each having varied career tracks and multiplequalifications, these Sailors are a testament to the importance of the continuum ofservice. We focused the week’s events on how much the Navy values theircontributions and how much their service matters.It was encouraging watching these outstanding Shipmates bond over the weekand benefit from sharing their experiences of each other’s career paths. Theintent of this week’s event was to select one Sailor who would represent the NavyReserve as the 2012 Reserve Sailor of the Year. This Sailor will be meritoriouslyadvanced to Chief Petty Officer during MCPONs SOY week in May. At the end ofthe week, AWS1(NAC/AW) Brian DeNike was selected as the 2012 Navy ReserveSailor of the Year.Out and about (April):18-28 Apr: NOSC San Antonio, TX participated in numerous events as part of acombined Fiesta San Antonio and Navy Week.19-26 Apr: NOSC Boise, ID staff and local Boise Radio Station 103.3 KISS FMpaused to call awareness to Child Abuse and help spread the message. “Itshouldnt hurt to be a child." This years plan is to power our child abuseprevention campaign completely by "human power," i.e. the people of theTreasure Valley pedaled bikes around the clock for 175 hours.20 Apr: NOSC El Paso, TX provided volunteers at El Dorado High School to judge12 school’s NJROTC drill meet.20 Apr: Sailors from NOSC Springfield, OR Selected Reserves and Full TimeSupport, participated in the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Student VeteransCenter at the University of Oregon.21 Apr: NOSC Ft. Dix, NJ hosted a drawing for two gift baskets with the proceedsgoing to the Burlington Crisis Center in recognition of Sexual Assault AwarenessMonth.22 Apr: NOSC El Paso, TX participated in an Adopt-A-Highway cleanup of JoeBattle Blvd.22 Apr: NOSC Buffalo, NY staff participated in the Earth Day Cleanup at La SallePark.
  2. 2. FORCE 14 – 26 April 201324 Apr: NOSC Tampa, FL volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House of Tampa Baycooking and serving hot meals to the families of hospitalized children at TampaGeneral Hospital.25 Apr: NOSC Baltimore, MD hosted MPFUB ride and NOSC tour for 30 NJROTCstudents from Woodlawn High School.25-26 Apr: VADM Braun was the keynote speaker at the Inaugural NationalResearch Summit, held at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor Michigan. Shealso conducted a visit to NOSC Detroit, MI following the event.26 Apr: NOSC NYC Sailors were in the MLB Fan Cave.26-27 Apr: NOSC Richmond, VA is volunteering at NASCAR race.27 Apr: NOSC Kansas City, MO Honor Guard will provide Color Guard support tothe Sporting Kansas City professional soccer team during their regular seasonmatch against the Portland Timbers. NOSC PAO will provide coverage.27 Apr: RCC SE Sailors will conduct an Adopt-A-Highway cleanup of Blanding Orange Park, Fla.Keep What You’ve Earned:This month marks the start of Navy’s Keep What You’ve Earned campaign,emphasizing responsible drinking to avoid jeopardizing your Navy career.Keeping what you’ve earned extends beyond the achievements distinguished bycollar devices or khakis. It extends beyond the pride of knowing that you are apart of a small and elite group of Americans even eligible for Naval service.Keeping what you’ve earned applies to the friendships you’ve cultivated over theyears, the family you’ve built and nurtured, and life as you know it.Success rarely comes without struggle—or stress. A drink after a long day’s workmay seem to ease your mind, but if excessive drinking is used as a response tooperational stress, disrupted sleep or the pressures of family life, the things thatseem like small problems may intensify. This is particularly true for those who areworking through depression or psychological issues. Using alcohol to ease stresswill inevitably add to it. For many, endangering your health and endangering yourNavy career can also mean placing a strain on the relationships with your lovedones, and a declining focus on your responsibilities. Put those ingredientsin a martini shaker and you’ll end up with a cocktail of suicide risk factors.According to research by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health ServicesAdministration, substance abuse is one of the biggest risk factors for suiciderelated behaviors. On average, about 33% of Navy suicides involve alcohol. Itimpairs judgment and increases impulsivity, leading to the perception that life’sstressors and challenges are unconquerable. Even if a solution doesn’t seemvisible, getting help can make a difference and save a life. Sailors are some of themost skilled problem solvers there are, and that well-deserved reputation hasbeen earned through dedication, strength and resilience. Seeking help is a sign ofstrength, and finding effective ways to navigate stress and drink responsibly canhelp you Keep What You’ve Earned. For more information, please visit:, You Matter, Make a positive impact in someones life today!