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JAX 2013: Modern Architectures with Spring and JavaScript
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JAX 2013: Modern Architectures with Spring and JavaScript


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. ModernArchitecturesMartin Lippert,, @martinlippertwithSpringJavaScriptand
  • 2. about meMartin LippertStaff Engineer, R&D, atSpringSource/VMware and lead ofSpring Tool Suite developmentWorking areas• Eclipse Tooling for the Springplatform• Open Source Committer• Aspect-Weaving for OSGi• Cloud IDEs and JavaScript• Agile software development
  • 3. Typical Runtime StructuresTomcat / tc ServerRelational DatabaseBrowsercontains databusiness logic &page renderingrender HTML
  • 4. More Detail...ControllersRDBMSBrowser-basedHTML RenderingRepositoriesService LayerViewGenerationChannelsBrowserApplicationServer
  • 5. What happens?Tomcat / tc ServerRelational DatabaseBrowsercontains data & newchallenges (structure, size)business logic &page rendering & APIsrender HTML & improvedexperience using JavaScriptAJAX calls
  • 6. A few observationsTomcat / tc ServerRelational DatabaseBrowsercontains data & newchallenges (structure, size)business logic &page rendering & APIsrender HTML & improvedexperience using JavaScriptAJAX callsduplicated logic, nomodularizationAPIs are challenging, Java notthe only language anymorerelational & transactionaldon‘t fit anymore
  • 7. Different picturesmodern apps old style appsNoSQLJavaScriptScalaClojureCoffeeScriptnode.jsHadoopRuby/RailsPaaSAWSJavaRDBMSApplicationServerJavaScriptHTML5/CSS3HTML/CSS
  • 8. Where do we gofrom here?
  • 9. TheClientSide
  • 10. Innovation happens here
  • 11. The JavaScript Story
  • 12. My assumptions- on the client side -Browser only (HTML5/CSS3)JavaScript only„The browser-based applicationwritten in JavaScript becomes the newrich client architecture“
  • 13. Browser-basedHTML RenderingMore Detail...HTML5 & JS EngineControllersClient-side ModelDOMWebStorage
  • 14. Existing JavaScript libs are UI centric(focus on making life with the DOM easier)most prominent:jquery
  • 15. JavaScript versions of„good old rich client patterns“begin to appear(and are highly necessary)Examplesbackbone.jsangular.jsember.js...
  • 16. Browser App (JavaScript)forget about JSF ;-)maybe GWT, but likely notmaybe also CoffeeScript,TypeScript, Dart
  • 17. TheServerSide
  • 18. ControllersRDBMSRepositoriesService LayerViewGenerationChannelsRDBMSServiceNoSQLService ServiceServiceotherService Servicebusiness/domainservicesplatformservices
  • 19. Service Service Service Service Servicethis is where Spring is really powerfulready to run „in the cloud“ (scalability)(no client-side rendering or logic)
  • 20. ServiceSpring MVC + Spring HATEOASis a powerful combinationAPIs are JSON and HATEOAS basedSpring MVC is the easiest way toimplement RESTful APIs and servicesmore on Spring HATEOAS:
  • 21. ServiceSpring BatchSpring Integration &Messaging
  • 22. My assumptions- server side languages -many different languages in usechoose the right language for the right jobdon‘t use a new language for fun
  • 23. My assumptions- data storage -more and more data (big data)different storage techniques combined(rdbms, nosql, graph databases)scalability is important
  • 24. The pictureRDBMSServiceBrowserPaaSHTML5 & JS EngineControllersClient-side ModelDOMWeb StorageNoSQLService ServiceServiceotherService Servicebusiness/domainservicesplatformservices
  • 25. Browser App(JavaScript)ServiceRESTful API(JSON over http)Push(JSON over WebSockets)Communication
  • 26. TheChallenges
  • 27. ModularityinJavaScript
  • 28. AMD(asynchronous module definition)wire.js(Dependency Injection for JavaScript)Micro Services for JavaScript(OSGi services written in JavaScript)
  • 29. More Challengesofflinecloud-ready servicesdefine good APIsversioned APIsTDD for JavaScript
  • 30. Adrian Colyer on Application Development in the Cloud Era app using Spring for providing RESTful APIs and JavaScript for a rich client and mobileapp Module Definition for JavaScript (AMD) world with wire.js advanced example for wire.js Foundry PaaShttp://www.cloudfoundry.comhttp://www.cloudfoundry.orgmore information
  • 31. Martin Lippert,, @martinlippertQ&Aand thank you for your attention