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Serverless in azure


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Slides from the presentation in the inserverless conference.
For issues in code comment directly in github repo.

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Serverless in azure

  1. 1. SERVERLESS IN AZURE Veresh Jain @vereshjain
  2. 2. Application Development Evolution IAAS Container PAAS FAAS Logic App Service Fabric
  3. 3. Azure Functions ■ Function as a Service (FAAS) ■ Azure Functions is the glue and enabler for Serverless ■ Azure Functions provides Event Driven programming model – Invocation is from a service trigger ■ Azure Function cost model – Number of Invocations + Amount of data used per second ■ Supports most programming languages Javascript, Java, C# …
  4. 4. Azure Functions Constructs ■ Triggers – Invokes Azure Functions on changes in the services – Act as Events for all the functions ■ Input – Provides a declarative way to access data during computation ■ Bindings – Invoked by Azure Functions for persisting data or updating downstream processes Triggers Input Bindings ■ Deployment Slots – Switch the environments ■ HTTP Proxies – For routing the HTTP traffic
  5. 5. Azure Functions
  6. 6. Demo ■ Use Case – Upload an image – Crop and store the image for downstream processes – Extract properties of the image e.g. background, foreground, dominant color etc and send email once all processing completed ■ Demo Application usesAzure functions for processing – Function for image metadata extraction – Function for image cropping – Function to check status of processing and send email ■ Function stores the data in CosmoDB ■ Crop Image and Image MetaData Services uses Azure ComputerVisionAPI’s ■ Email sent via SendGrid
  7. 7. ■ Source code for same can be downloaded from – ■ For issues in getting code from the repo, please leave comment in the Repo.
  8. 8. ■ Veresh Jain ■ @vereshjain ■