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WJAX 2013: Java8-Tooling in Eclipse


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Während das JDK 8 auf März 2013 verschoben wurde, arbeitet das JDT-Team bei Eclipse mit Hochdruck an der Unterstützung für Java 8. In dieser Session demonstrieren wir anhand von Live-Coding den aktuellen Stand des Java-8-Toolings in Eclipse, natürlich inklusive der vielen kleinen nützlichen Content Assists, Quick Fixes und Refactorings.

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WJAX 2013: Java8-Tooling in Eclipse

  1. 1. 8 Java8-Tooling in Eclipse Martin Lippert Principal Software Engineer - Pivotal @martinlippert
  2. 2. Java 8 ! JDK 8 scheduled for March 2014 Developer Preview: September 2013 snapshots build all the time - build b113 at the moment ! Highlights Lambdas Default Methods Type Annotations Bulk Data Operations Nashorn
  3. 3. Eclipse and Java8 ! scheduled to arrive in March 2014 Early Access Preview is available ! Status JDT core is almost complete and working (compiler, warning and error reporting) ! JDT UI work is in progress but the nice features (refactoring, auto-completion, etc.) are not yet available
  4. 4. How to get this? ! ! Early Access Preview is available: ! Go and download Eclipse 4.3.1 or 4.4M2 install patch from this update site: ! (this patch is building continuously from the BETA_JAVA8 branch of the JDT projects)
  5. 5. Demo ! ! using Eclipse 4.4M2, JDK 8 b111 latest early access patches for Eclipse
  6. 6. Q&A ! and thank you for your attention Martin Lippert Principal Software Engineer - Pivotal @martinlippert