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Browser and Cloud - The Future of IDEs?


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Published in: Technology
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Browser and Cloud - The Future of IDEs?

  1. 1. Browser & Cloud- The Future of IDEs? Martin Lippert,VMware, @martinlippert
  2. 2. How will developer tooling look like in the future? Or ”why is Google able to search the whole web in10ms and my Eclipse needs 1000ms to open a type hierarchy“
  3. 3. Everything changed (in app development)
  4. 4. tooling developers
  5. 5. sounds and looks outdated... big downloads painful installation version upgrades awful plugin installation tedious incompatibilities among extensions consumes a lot of resources getting slow for large projects ...
  6. 6. So what instead?
  7. 7. Innovation happens here
  8. 8. The JavaScript Story
  9. 9. Light Table
  10. 10. Adobe Brackets
  11. 11. GitHub
  12. 12. Chrome Dev Tools
  13. 13. summarybrowser is full featured UI toolkit everything is possible
  14. 14. promises of running in the cloud no installation no setup no updates/upgrades accessible from everywhere infrastructure & environment ready-to-use ”unlimited“ and shared resources new ways of collaboration
  15. 15. Cloud 9 IDE
  16. 16. Exo Cloud IDE
  17. 17. Eclipse Orion
  18. 18. Chrome Dev Tools (again)
  19. 19. problems & challengestransform existing IDEs into the browser window? what about connectivity (aka offline)? files/resources only in the cloud? what about re-using existing (local) tools?
  20. 20. we are working onScripteda lightweight JavaScript editor that runs in your browser
  21. 21. Inside Scripted Scripted Client (all JavaScript client)simple navigator content assist cross file inplace outline Editor Component analysissingle page layout JSLint CommonJS AMD support support Scripted Server (local, all JavaScript) serve JS/HTMS/CSS/files search cross file analysis node.js
  22. 22. Outlook Scripted becomes your favorite JavaScript editor :-) working on: add more innovative featurescontinue to think beyond the borders
  23. 23. Outlookcloud IDEs not mainstream yet or anytime soonnot a replacement for Java development yetthe browser is the future UI toolkit for IDEs (no limitations anymore) cloud-based IDEs willbecome reality in the future
  24. 24. Q&Aand thank you for your attention Martin Lippert,, @martinlippert