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New books oct 2012 02

New books oct 2012 02






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    New books oct 2012 02 New books oct 2012 02 Document Transcript

    • ENLIB - New Books (Oct 2012)No. Details 1 Title : Energy, sustainability, and the environment : technology, incentives, behavior Editor : Fereidoon P. Sioshansi The complexity of carbon reduction and economic sustainability is significantly complicated by competing aspects of socioeconomic practices as well as legislative, regulatory, and scientific requirements and protocols. An easy to read and understand guide, this book moves through the maze of carbon reduction methods and technologies, providing steps and insights to meet carbon reduction requirements and maintaining the health and welfare of the firm. The book s three part treatment is based on a clear and rigorous exposition of a wide range of options to reduce the carbon footprint. Part I examines the fundamental drivers of energy demand. Part II examines how energy can be used to support basic energy service needs of homes, commercial and industrial facilities and for other applications. Part III covers a number of innovative projects, initiatives, concepts or self-imposed targets in different parts of the world with the aim of significantly reducing energy use and carbon footprint of a company, a community, a city or an entire country. This book will benefit environmental, civil, chemical, and industrial engineers, as well as energy economists. Year : 2011 Call No. : TJ808 E562 Title : Thermoelectric power in nanostructured materials : strong magnetic fields Authors Authors : Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak, Sitangshu Bhattacharya. Bhattacharya This is the first monograph which solely investigates the thermoelectric power in nanostructured materials under strong magnetic field (TPSM) in quantum confined nonlinear optical, III-V, II-VI, n-GaP, n-Ge, Te, Graphite, PtSb2, zerogap, II-V, Gallium Antimonide, stressed materials, Bismuth, IV-VI, lead germanium telluride, Zinc and Cadmium diphosphides, Bi2Te3, Antimony and
    • carbon nanotubes, III-V, II-VI, IV-VI and HgTe/CdTe superlattices with graded interfaces and effective mass superlattices under magnetic quantization, the quantum wires and dots of the aforementioned superlattices by formulating the appropriate respective carrier energy spectra which in turn control the quantum processes in quantum effect devices. Year : 2010 Call No. : TA418.9.N35 G4113 Title : Adaptation in dynamical systems Author : Ivan Tyukin. In the context of this book, adaptation is taken to mean a feature of a system aimed at achieving the best possible performance, when mathematical models of the environment and the system itself are not fully available. This has applications ranging from theories of visual perception and the processing of information, to the more technical problems of friction compensation and adaptive classification of signals in fixed-weight recurrent neural networks. Largely devoted to the problems of adaptive regulation, tracking and identification, this book presents a unifying system-theoretic view on the problem of adaptation in dynamical systems. Special attention is given to systems with nonlinearly parameterized models of uncertainty. Concepts, methods and algorithms given in the text can be successfully employed in wider areas of science and technology. The detailed examples and background information make this book suitable for a wide range of researchers and graduates in cybernetics, mathematical modelling and neuroscience Year : 2011 Call No. : QA845 T997
    • 4 Title : Computational colour science using MATLAB. Author : Stephen Westland, Caterina Ripamonti, Vien Cheung Presenting a practical, problem-based approach to colour physics, this title describes the key issues encountered in modern colour engineering, including efficient representation of colour information, fourier analysis of reflectance spectra and advanced colorimetric computation. Emphasis is placed on the practical applications rather than the techniques themselves, with material structured around key topics, such as colour calibration of visual displays, computer recipe prediction and models for colour-appearance prediction. Each topic is carefully introduced at three levels to enhance student understanding. Firstly, theoretical ideas and background information are discussed, explanations of mathematical solutions then follow and finally practical solutions are presented using MATLAB. Year : 2012 Call No. : QC495.8 W529 20125 Title: Chemical thermodynamics : for process simulation Author : Jurgen Gmehling … [et al.] This is the only book to apply thermodynamics to real-world process engineering problems. It comprises numerous solved examples, as well as estimation methods for thermophysical properties and phase equilibria, thermodynamics of alternative separation processes, and recent developments. Written for teaching students the engineering perspective of thermodynamics, this is also of interest to all companies active in chemistry, pharmacy, oil and gas processing, petrochemistry, refinery, food production, environmental protection and engineering-- Source other than Library of Congress. Year : 2012 Call No. : QD511 C517
    • 6 Title: Guidelines for engineering design for process safety. Institute : American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Center for Chemical Process Safety. This updated version of one of the most popular and widely used CCPS books provides plant design engineers, facility operators, and safety professionals with key information on selected topics of interest. The book focuses on process safety issues in the design of chemical, petrochemical, and hydrocarbon processing facilities. It discusses how to select designs that can prevent or mitigate the release of flammable or toxic materials, which could lead to a fire, explosion, or environmental damage. Year : 2012 Call No. : TP155.5 G946 2012 No.7 Title: Title: Reliability engineering Author: Author: Elsayed A. Elsayed. Reliability is one of the most important quality characteristics of components, products, and large and complex systems—but it takes a significant amount of time and resources to bring reliability to fruition. Thoroughly classroom- and industry-tested, this book helps ensure that engineers see reliability success with every product they design, test, and manufacture. Year : 2012 Call No. : TA169 E49 20128 Title: New trends in geometry : their role in the natural and life sciences Editors. Editors.: Claudio Bartocci, Luciano Boi, Corrado Sinigaglia This volume focuses on the interactions between mathematics, physics, biology and neuroscience by exploring new geometrical and topological modelling in these fields. Among the highlights are the central roles played by multilevel and scale-change approaches in these disciplines. The integration of mathematics with physics, as well as molecular and cell
    • biology and the neurosciences, will constitute the new frontier of 21st century science, where breakthroughs are more likely to span across traditional disciplines. Year : 2011 Call No. : QA447 N5679 Title: Title Reliable communications for short-range wireless systems Editors: Editors: Ismail Guvenc ... [et al.]. Ensuring reliable communication is an important concern in short-range wireless communication systems with stringent quality of service requirements. Key characteristics of these systems, including data rate, communication range, channel profiles, network topologies and power efficiency, are very different from those in long-range systems. This comprehensive book classifies short-range wireless technologies as high and low data rate systems. It addresses major factors affecting reliability at different layers of the protocol stack, detailing the best ways to enhance the capacity and performance of short-range wireless systems. Particular emphasis is placed on reliable channel estimation, state-of-the-art interference mitigation techniques and cooperative communications for improved reliability. The book also provides detailed coverage of related international standards including UWB, ZigBee, and 60 GHz communications. With a balanced treatment of theoretical and practical aspects of short-range wireless communications and with a focus on reliability, this is an ideal resource for practitioners and researchers in wireless communications. Year : 2011 Call No. : TK5103.2 R382
    • 10 Title : Lectures in game theory for computer scientists Editors Editors: Krzysztof R. Apt and Erich Gradel. or Games provide mathematical models for interaction. Numerous tasks in computer science can be formulated in game-theoretic terms. This fresh and intuitive way of thinking through complex issues reveals underlying algorithmic questions and clarifies the relationships between different domains. This collection of lectures, by specialists in the field, provides an excellent introduction to various aspects of game theory relevant for applications in computer science that concern program design, synthesis, verification, testing and design of multi-agent or distributed systems. Originally devised for a Spring School organised by the GAMES Networking Programme in 2009, these lectures have since been revised and expanded, and range from tutorials concerning fundamental notions and methods to more advanced presentations of current research topics. This volume is a valuable guide to current research on game-based methods in computer science for undergraduate and graduate students. It will also interest researchers working in mathematical logic, computer science and game theory. Year : 2011 Call No. : QA269 L47111 Title : An episodic history of mathematics : mathematical culture through problem solving Author Author: Steven G. Krantz. or: The book introduces the genesis of key mathematical concepts. For example, while Krantz does not get into the intricate mathematical details of Andrew Wiless proof of Fermats Last Theorem, he does describe some of the streams of thought that posed the problem and led to its solution. The focus in this text, moreover, is on doing>getting involved with the mathematics and solving problems. Every chapter ends with a detailed problem set that will provide students with avenues for exploration and entry into the subject.
    • • Recounts the history of mathematics. • Offers broad coverage of the various schools of mathematical thought to give readers a wider understanding of mathematics. • Includes exercises to help readers engage with the text and gain a deeper understanding of the material. Year : 2010 Call No. : QA21 K8912 Title : Risk assessment : tools, techniques, and their applications Authors Authors: Lee T. Ostrom, Cheryl A. Wilhelmsen. or Risk analysis is the method of analyzing the dangers to individuals, businesses, and government agencies posed by potential natural and man-made hazards. The central task of the risk assessor is predicting the success of a project. This includes isolating the entire spectrum of adverse events that can derail a project or threaten the health and safety of individuals, organizations, and the environment. Year : 2012 Call No. : QA273 O8513 Title: Title: Renewable energy : physics, engineering, environmental impacts, economics & planning Author Author: Bent Sorensen. or: This volume is a true shelf reference, providing a thorough overview of the entire renewable energy sphere, while still functioning as a go-to information source for professionals and students when they need answers about a specific technical issue. Crafted over the last 15 years into a problem-solving tool for engineers, researchers, consultants and planners currently working in the field, as well as a detailed map of the renewables universe for those looking to expand into new technological specialties, Renewable Energy by Sorensen offers the most comprehensive coverage of the subject available. Year : 2011 Call No. : TJ163.2 S713 2011
    • 14 Title : Handbook of transportation engineering Editor : Myer Kutz Editor Transportation Engineering Handbook is the most complete resource available covering all varieties of transportation systems, including freight, passenger, and mass transit, and air, rail, road, and water systems at the local, regional, national, and international levels. This authoritative work provides problem-solving engineering tools, planning, and design techniques with examples of successful applications Vol.: I Systems and operations Vol.: II Applications and technologies Year : 2011 Call No. : TA1151 H236 2011 V.1 / V.215 Title : Experimental mechanics of solids Authors Authors: C.A. Sciammarella, F.M. Sciammarella. Experimental solid mechanics is the study of materials to determine their physical properties. This study might include performing a stress analysis or measuring the extent of displacement, shape, strain and stress which a material suffers under controlled conditions. In the last few years there have been remarkable developments in experimental techniques that measure shape, displacement and strains and these sorts of experiments are increasingly conducted using computational techniques. Year : 2012 Call No. : TA405 S416
    • 16 Title : High energy astrophysics Author: Author: Malcolm S. Longair. Providing students with an in-depth account of the astrophysics of high energy phenomena in the Universe, the third edition of this well-established textbook is ideal for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate courses in high energy astrophysics. Building on the concepts and techniques taught in standard undergraduate courses, this textbook provides the astronomical and astrophysical background for students to explore more advanced topics. Special emphasis is given to the underlying physical principles of high energy astrophysics, helping students understand the essential physics. Now consolidated into a single-volume treatment, the third edition has been completely rewritten. It covers the most recent discoveries in areas such as gamma-ray bursts, ultra-high energy cosmic rays and ultra-high energy gamma rays. The topics have been rearranged and streamlined to make them more applicable to a wide range of different astrophysical problems. Year : 2011 Call No. : QB464 L849 201117 Title: Corrosion mechanisms in theory and practice. Editor: Editor: Philippe Marcus. or Building on previous editions described as "a useful contribution to the current literature on corrosion science, engineering, and technology" by Corrosion Review, this third installment offers real-world applications and problem-solving techniques to reduce the occurrence of pits, cracks, and deterioration in industrial, automotive, marine, and electronic structures. It also details the electrochemical and chemical properties, adsorption mechanisms, environmental parameters, and microstructural factors that influence corrosion formation. Including contributions from authors around the world, this reorganized third edition covers the most recent advances in the field, adding three new chapters on Fundamentals of Corrosion from a Surface Science and Electrochemical Basis, High-Temperature Oxidation, and Atomistic Modeling of Corrosion
    • Year : 2011 Call No. : TA462 TA462 C825 201118 Title: Title: Pipe flow : a practical and comprehensive guide Authors Authors: Donald C. Rennels, Hobart M. Hudson Pipe Flow provides the information required to design and analyze the piping systems needed to support a broad range of industrial operations, distribution systems, and power plants. Throughout the book, the authors demonstrate how to accurately predict and manage pressure loss while working with a variety of piping systems and piping components. Year : 2012 Call No. : TJ935 R41419 Title: Soil mechanics Author: Author: Roberto Nova translated by Laura Gabrieli Knowledge of the behavior of soil mechanics is essential for forecasting internal displacements and behavior under the loads of any building, structure, or engineering construction. Soil mechanics is a fundamental discipline in geotechnical engineering; this branch of civil engineering focuses in particular on the interaction between the ground and structures by taking into account the design and construction of civil, environmental and industrial works. This book, while it may appear rather theoretical at first glance also offers a more practical scope, giving readers sufficient tools and techniques to design geotechnical projects correctly and safely. Year : 2010 Call No. : TA710 TA710 N935
    • 20 Title : Geothermal reservoir engineering Authors Authors: Malcolm A. Grant, Paul F. Bixley As nations alike struggle to diversify and secure their power portfolios, geothermal energy, the essentially limitless heat emanating from the earth itself, is being harnessed at an unprecedented rate. For the last 25 years, engineers around the world tasked with taming this raw power have used Geothermal Reservoir Engineering as both a training manual and a professional reference. Year : 2011 Call No. : TJ280.7 G761 201121 Title: Title: Emerging wireless technologies and the future mobile Internet Editors Editors: Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Mario Gerla. tor This book provides a preview of emerging wireless technologies and their architectural impact on the future mobile Internet. The reader will find an overview of architectural considerations for the mobile Internet, along with more detailed technical discussion of new protocol concepts currently being considered at the research stage. The first chapter starts with a discussion of anticipated mobile/wireless usage scenarios, leading to an identification of new protocol features for the future Internet. Year : 2011 Call No. : TK5103.4885 E5322 Title: Wavelet methods for dynamical problems : with application to metallic, composite, and nano-composite structures Authors: S. Gopalakrishnan, Mira Mitra Authors Product Description Explaining wavelet transform from a mechanical engineering perspective, this book discusses the numerical solution of structural dynamics and wave propagation problems using wavelet transform
    • methods. After an introduction to signal processing aspects, the text examinesthe implementation of wavelet transform for simulating the response of anMDOF system and then discusses the development of a wavelet-basedsimulation scheme for wave propagation analysis. The chapters also addresswave propagation analysis of carbon nanotubes and the application of wavepropagation studies for structural health monitoring, force identification, andcontrol of wave transmission. About the Author Dr. S. Gopalakrishnan is aprofessor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Indian Institute ofScience, Bangalore. Dr. M. Mitra is an assistant professor in the Departmentof Aerospace Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,Mumbai.Year : 2011Call No. : TA407 G659