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Be On - june, final deck


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Be On sales pack for June 2013. …

Be On sales pack for June 2013.

Mixing the thoughts from the Cannes Lions seminar with Be On's new pillars of Create, Syndicate and Measure this deck explains not just the megatrends and emotional studies, but also how they relate to the way brands can achieve success in the social video space via Syndication and Measurement.

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  • Users, who choose to watch are 75% more engaged to the content compared to standard ads 15,000,000 Ad Block users on Chrome alone On average 9.26% of impressions are ad-blocked, May 2012
  • Remember the last award winning pre-roll?82% brand lift compared to pre-rollNielsen ‘Comparing Resonance for Native and Pre-roll Video Ads with Real-time Metrics ‘, March 2013
  • Point:1. Standard doesn’t work2. Even modest emotional differences make exponential difference in breaking through
  • Emotionally stronger ads get3x higher average view to end %8x higher click through rate20x better in converting views into social actions100x quicker in attracting viewers.Source: Be On and Realeyes research based on 400 videos study, 2013
  • … or Custom, in which we provide full access to Be On’sin house post production team, who will work with you to create bespoke enrichments to your content either within the player ...
  • Viewership is splintering across the web and across devices. Our dedicated programming team makes sure that the right video reaches the right user at the right time.
  • Understand emotions through an Impact Score
  • Transcript

    • 1. From viral to video everywhere2005 Luca Bruno, 2013 Michael Sohn - AP
    • 2. 20,000unique videossince 20052005 2013CreateSyndicateMeasure
    • 3. ContentConsumption ConnectionChoiceWhy emotive?
    • 4. • Content2005 201354322009Global digital content created and sharedSource: KPCB, YouTubeYouTube hours of video uploaded per minute100755025ZB Hrs100 hrsof video uploadedto YouTube eachminute8 ZBof data per yearwill be createdby 2015
    • 5. • Content< 100 > 1mYouTube videos by number of viewsSource: Business Insider, Businessweek%30201029.6%11.4%0.3%1k – 2.5k 10k – 100k2.7%0.0001%probability userwill view yourcontent
    • 6. • Choice2000 20121,0008006004002002008Global internet connected device shipmentsSource: BI intelligence, MicrosoftUnits(millions)2004SmartphonesTabletsPersonalcomputersWearables47%multi-task onmultiplescreens
    • 7. • ChoiceShare of device page traffic on a typical work dayMobilesbrighten thecommutePCs dominateworking hoursTablets popularat nightSource: comScore, Ericsson60%of consumerswatch videoon-demandweekly
    • 8. • ConsumptionSource: Ericsson
    • 9. • Consumption###Source: Ericsson, KPCB, Microsoft150times per daya user checkstheir smartphone1.6bnMobilebroadbandconnections(43% y/y)
    • 10. 75%higher engagementamongst users whochoose to watchvideo content9.26%of adverts aread-blockedChoicevsInterruption• Connection
    • 11. NativevsPre-roll82%Higher brand liftgenerated bynative ads,compared topre-roll• Connection
    • 12. BrandConsumerThe unwritten contract is breakingAgenciesPublishersDistributors
    • 13. ConsumerAgenciesDistributorsAd Exchanges/NetworksThe new landscapePublisherAdvertiserPublisherAdvertiserSocial ConnectionsBrand
    • 14. Choice over interruptionVideo formatpreference?Premium quality feel?More intrusiveformat?Positive brandsentiment?Added most value?Pre-rollPositive emotiontowards format?Format related tosearch/activity?NativeSource: Be On internal research
    • 15. CREATE
    • 16. RationalLogicalAnalyticalFact-basedReasoningEmotionalInstinctiveSense-basedDesire
    • 17. The Gunn ReportSOM growthESOVSource: Gunn Report, IPAEfficiency advantage of creatively-awarded campaignsCreatively awardedNon-creatively awarded11xCorrelation
    • 18. 1800sDarwinThe Expressionof Emotions inMan andAnimals
    • 19. 1960s!EkmanFacial ActionCoding System(FACS)
    • 20. 2010s1800s 1960sCodingAutomatedFacialCodingEmotions
    • 21. 15” to 5’content length20+categoriesEmotionAll1,000+videos tested30+countries
    • 22. EngagementConnect viaemotionsAttractionHook in 8secondsRetentionKeep theaudienceImpactKahneman’sPeak-EndHow do emotions help brands break through?
    • 23. EmotionAllSo Real It’s Scary 2This video has very goodoverall performance.Better than 95% of videos.
    • 24. Exceptional vs Standard54,440YouTube views5Tweets8Facebook shares57,659,141YouTube views101,572Tweets1,367,366Facebook shares9480706050403020%happinessAd duration
    • 25. The strongest video we have seen so far?What’s the best video we have ever tested?
    • 26. Consumers love emotional content...3xhigher averageview to end %8xhigher clickthrough rate20xbetter inconverting viewsinto socialactions100xQuicker inattractingviewersSource: Be On research
    • 27. SYNDICATE
    • 28. The web is returning from scale to engagementGoogle’s Panda and Penguin updates putsincreasing focus on bounce rate, dwell timeand social actions. At long last SEO is returningto content quality over quantityFacebook will show your posts to anincreasing audience depending onengagement of the page in general and inparticular the individual piece of content.Popular tweets will enter the top of people’ssearch results and guarantee exposure.Followers and engagement needed.Youtube is moving away from the viewcounter itself being dominant for rank andtowards engagement metrics like view toend, likes, shares, commentsThe web is turning to engagement
    • 29. From local to global mediaSource: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)Monthly video consumption by region2012 to 2016 in PetabytesNorthAmerica, 5414WesternEurope, 3845AsiaPacific, 6241LatinAmerica, 664Central andEasternEurope, 513Middle EastandAfrica, 204201216,881WORLD TOTAL201645,252WORLD TOTALNorthAmerica, 8109WesternEurope, 11042Asia Pacific, 17559Latin America, 4099Central and EasternEurope, 2154Middle East andAfrica, 2289
    • 30. Be On and YouTube format comparisonVideo formatpreference?Premiumquality feel?More intrusiveformat?Positive brandsentiment?Added most value?YouTubePositive emotiontowards format?Format related tosearch/activity?Be On
    • 31. Example of Samsung vs LG resultsMetric SS Grad Party SS Boarding SS Usain Bolt LG Stage frightViews 7,552,066 8,893,708 15,923,853 5,581,131Ad Views 6,926,362 8,495,758 N/A App. 3,000,000YT Likes 2,392 1,216 1,324 9,586YT comments 635 286 113 760FB actions 17,607 6,649 6,907 45,128Tweets 679 242 156 2,617Social act. rate 2.82 0.94 0.48 10.40
    • 32. Animatedstart screenAge gateBrandedplayerEnd playterminalProductfeedSocial feedInteractivevideoSoundboardHow the player helps
    • 33. About 30% of all goviral partnerspublish on multiple platforms:+8,000 Twitter Accounts+7,800 Facebook Pages+50,000 mid and long tailsites and platforms fromLast.Fm and Wordpress tosmall vertical sites and blogsVerticalExpertsEditorialNetworkReachHow video is syndicatedSocial MediaOutreachIn content syndication acrosspremium publishers acrossInternational and localpublishersDrive additional reach bybroadening out targeting torelevant environmentsacross identified sites whereyour audience are withmultiscreen coverage
    • 34. MEASURE
    • 35. Welcome to InsightsPerformanceImpressionsViews% DeliveryActionsCTRInteractionsSharingViewingAvg session (sec)% complete/PTEFeedbackImpactDemographicsUpliftGeography
    • 36. Insights overviewBrand Lift Measurement Competitor Benchmarking Audience VisibilityEngagement Analysis Emotive Impact FeedbackSocial Buzz Monitoring
    • 37. EmotionAttractionRetentionEngagementImpactEngagementSyndicationChoiceSharingEffectBrand FavorabilityPurchase intentBrand awareness+ =Creation Syndication MeasurementIntroducing theShort Video Impact Model (SVIM)