The Power of Video and YouTube in Social Media


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This video shows the value of video to promote and optimize your brand or organization's marketing efforts to reach your goals and objectives. It also demonstrates how to best use YouTube to aggregate and syndicate your videos.

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  • So, some of you may have discovered -- like I have --that there’s no more compelling way to tell your story than with video. People respond to video because it’s visual, helpful and authentic . Video builds credibility for you and your brand. And, there’s nothing more important than trust!
  • The power of social media has initiated a huge rise in the creation of videos by: Brands Businesses and organizations to highlight their brand, influence the sale of a product, increase donors, engage an audiences or share the great work they’re doing.
  • Note: The major search engines now give a lot of value to video content. If your website or business has a video and an article that include the same keyword or topic, chances are that your video will rank higher every time. Videos have other benefits too since they usually guarantee accessibility and user retention. Visitors are more likely to watch a quick 2 minute video demonstration of your services than read a long wall of text. Forrester estimates that a search term is 53 times more likely to get a first page Google search result if it has a YouTube video correlated with it. And, we know that the biggest reason is because that Google owns YouTube! Video scales well in the mobile device world – It’s much easier to view a video on a mobile device than to have to scale down a long article of text and make it fit within the mobile monitor
  • Throughout this presentation we’re going to look at several examples of video Right now we’re going to look at a business that has a very successful video campaign: Blendtec, manufacturer of high-quality commercial-grade blenders, is well known for using homemade video to build brand and increase market share. Its first YouTube video — which resembles more of an industry video than an advertisement — was shot with a camcorder, contained relatively low production values, costs almost no money, when posted to YouTube, was seen over 5 million times within 30 days. So popular was the first video that others were shot in much the same low-budget fashion. Eventually, the company launched its own YouTube video channel, Will It Blend?, which contains a collection of well over 80 videos. The videos drive most of Blendtec’s marketing and have turned company CEO, Tom Dickson, into a celebrity. Will it Blend? Blendtec’s YouTube channel has more than 197 million views and over 422,000 subscribers SHOW THE iPHONE VIDEO Lesson: Producing good video content doesn’t have to be expensive
  • Notes: The purpose of content marketing is to get your message in front of your potential audience. With written content, that means you can only publish it in one place. Video is much easier to syndicate.  And the whole purpose of syndication is to try and get that video in front of as many eyeballs as possible.   With tools such as TubeMogul , ContentBuzz and Hey!Spread , companies can also mass-distribute, promote and track their video assets over the Web, easily, quickly and efficiently. Save time, get exposure, learn about their audience and make any video Web campaign successful.
  • There are three important things that video can a Now we’re going to look at three essential things that video can do for your brand or organization First – It establishes your personality faster than print Note: If your content marketing is built around written content it takes exposure to quite a few articles or posts for new members of your audience to truly start to understand your personality, and who you are. But on video…it’s laid out right in front of them.  Even if you prepare a detailed script, your audience can see and hear you.
  • Second – Video personalizes your customers’ experience Note: You can guide your visitors to different sections of your website using videos making the whole experience similar to visiting an actual store. Videos put a face on the merchant and make the users more comfortable doing business with them. Many websites now provide personalized video experiences that are catered specifically to the individual customer’s buying habits and in many cases reference past purchases.
  • Third – Using video will differentiate you from your competition Note: Few people are using video effectively in most market areas. Most probably because it has an ‘overwhelming factor.’ The idea of creating a production scares people away. That’s why consulting with a professional might be helpful.
  • Note: People are used to getting walls of text and promotional offers in their inbox all day long. Not many marketers out there offer informational videos to their subscribers. Since most people are already signed up to one or more textual newsletters, a weekly video-based feed can be a nice change. Also, some concepts are better demonstrated over video. For example, a golf newsletter would be much more interesting if it sends out videos on how to improve your swing. Most people don’t pay attention to those bland testimonials posted on websites. Truthfully, we know that ANYONE can make them up. But what if you had 10 or 20 or 30 or more video testimonials where regular folk like you and me are extolling your virtues and what you’ve been able to do for them?  How powerful do you think that would be in your content marketing? Here’s a great example of how ClearChoice Dental Implants uses video testimonials to promote their product and services. SHOW VIDEO I’d say that this is a lot more powerful then it would be to just read about Braqdy’s new life.
  • Note: Leica Camera streams their videos from Vimeo to their blogs. This particular video is a beautiful piece that tells a story of one man’s history and success with Leica products. Because this video is about 4 minutes long, I’ve included a link on the slide so that you can view it when it’s convenient for you.
  • Note: The Internet has gone mobile. More users worldwide access the Internet via a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device. Now tablets are Ok for text – but have you tried reading a long(ish) blog post or article on a Smartphone?  The experience can be rather painful.   With video, you just hit play and let it roll.  And, experts tell us that the gap between mobile users and traditional desktop users is going to grow exponentially.
  • Note: Remember your website is the center of your businesses or organization’s universe. All social platforms, including video, should drive prospects and visitors to your website.
  • Now we’re going to look at types of videos Note: As an example, let’s say you are producing video for a business audience. Well, these are the kinds of videos, according to Forbes, that CEOs and SVPs want to watch. Three quarters of senior executives watch work-related videos at least once per week and more than half visited a vendor’s website based on a video they watched. Nearly half of senior executives have made a business decision based on a video they had watched. That’s a powerful impact.
  • Note: KLM Airlines has been in to social in a big way for the last couple of years with lots of innovative campaigns. This campaign from April 2011 tapped in to Dutch culture by allowing you to customize your own photos on Facebook and then have them added to a giant plane.
  • Note: Here’s how the World Food Program thanked players of Farmville – the social network game played on Facebook – who came together to raise over $1.5 million for the emergency relief effort following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Notice, there were more than 6 million views of this video
  • Establish your goals – What do you want to achieve; Who do you specifically want to view your video – Answering these questions will help you determine what kind of video you want to produce Production values matter – I’m guessing that you’ve seen your share of shaky videos on YouTube! Generally, audiences will forgive you for less than perfect video if your heart is in it, but as a rule, you should produce the best possible quality that is commensurate with your resources and abilities. If you are a large agency or firm, you can’t get away with video that has poor lighting, poor audio, illegible titles, or shaky camera work. Keep within 2-3 minutes – Attentions spans are short. Make the beginning of the video compelling to your viewers - The first 15 seconds are the most important. Attentions spans are short. Hook viewers right from the start and increase engagement for the entire length of the video. Include Calls to action - Watching content online is an interactive and social experience and, it’s the actions of your audience that will help you succeed - but many viewers won’t act unless you prompt them. So, embed annotations that pop up directly onto the video, including language that encourage viewers to perform an action. But keep them simple and don’t use to many. Depending on the message, you can use them at the beginning, middle and end of the video
  • Note: Now we’re going to take a look at the mother of all Cineplexes YouTube. YouTube is the largest aggregator and syndicator of video on the Internet. With 4 billion views per day, YouTube is the 3 rd most visited site on the Internet, after Google and Facebook. YouTube viewership increased 25% last year. And as you know, it’s owned by Google, so Google does give it preferential treatment in search engine results.
  • Here’s a list of some of the best brands using YouTube right. You’ll see that brands are not just limited to products and services, but also include members of the entertainment field. Take note: Though the two Jimmy’s may not be fighting for first place in the video arena, it’s Jimmy Kimmel’s team of video propagators that are keeping him on top with more than 6 million views.
  • So, now we’re going to take a look at one of the top YouTube users - Starbucks Note: With 254 videos, Starbucks makes ample use of its channel. To make the videos easier to access, the company has categorized them into playlists such as Starbucks jobs, Starbucks UK, Spots, Music and Coffee. Their videos include commercials for the brand, exclusive music videos, information about where Starbucks gets its coffee, interviews with Starbucks employees and more.   Starbuck’s featured video is current and relevant content, introducing viewers to its new natural, low calorie Starbucks Refreshers Beverages. Let’s take a look: SHOW THE VIDEO By the way, I went and had one yesterday, and it’s delicious!
  • NOTE: A YouTube channel is just like the home page of your website or your Facebook page. You must have a Gmail account in order to create a YouTube channel.
  • Note: A well-designed, organized, and search-optimized channel page will attract more viewers, make your channel a richer destination for subscribers, and create a professional look. Show Lisa’s site as an example: CHANNEL SETTINGS: Create your channel username - This step is critical because it will appear in your URL, so it’s very searchable. You have a maximum of 30 characters to work with, and the username is one word, no spaces . Upload an Avatar – the small box that can contain your logo, an image or any identifying image that people can relate to your brand Create a background – Either design one of your own, or integrate your logo, or company images with a colored background that YouTube can provide TABS: Select your channel layout - See FEATURED or FEED (suggest featured to keep the most relevant on top, but it needs to be changed when new videos are uploaded) Set sharing settings – Activity you will share
  • Using YouTube effectively takes serious effort. So, now were going to focus on a number of areas that will help you to get the most views you can for your videos. Create a Title – One that most people are familiar with and will search on. In this case, I’ve used the owner of the company as it’s her name that is most searched on. Include a brief description – Use keywords here, this will show up on your channel and help your channel get found in searches Include channel tags - Think about the kinds of works you think your customers will use online in search. Are they searching for the term “social worker” or “mental health,” for example? To find out, use the keyword tool at Google Adwords for ideas. You can also check out what your competitors are using as keywords. NOTE: Put quotations around key phrases (two words or more) You’ll use these keywords again and again, so keep your list handy.
  • Make sure the description is as you want it. Add URL’s Other info Links to other relevant YouTube channels – This is a great way to make yourself a ‘thought leader’ in your industry. Recommend other channels or videos that are relevant to your business and will provide further information for your visitors. Your viewers will love you for that, because they won’t have to try and search for them on their own.
  • After you’ve downloaded your video Use your keywords to compose literal, descriptive video titles, tag, and video descriptions to get found in search engine results. ALWAYS TAG. That’s how YouTube knows how to group your video with related videos. Remember to put multi-word tags like company names or phrases in quotation marks to create a multi-word search term. Keywords can stand alone. Include calls-to-action with links to your website or other social platforms – e.g. Visit our website at; Follow us on Facebook at Create playlists - Playlists organize your Channel like a table of contents. – e.g. Client testimonials; TV commercials; Product demonstrations; Education Playlists also help your videos get more views because the text elements associated with playlists tell YouTube what your videos are about. So they will display your videos alongside other videos that are similar, or suggest them to viewers. Use an image from the video that is clear and eye-catching So lets once again look at ClearChoice to see what we’re talking about when we say ‘Optimizing’ the video Click on: SHOW the title, description and tags on the video – the more you use the key words, the strong they become in search engine results Click on: SHOW the playlists - organizing the content for YouTube and the viewers looking for the particular information
  • Don’t embed your videos directly into your website. Stream them from YouTube. This will allow YouTube measure the performance of your video and give you metrics that will help you learn what’s working and what’s not working. Stream videos to your blogs, Facebook page, on Twitter and LinkedIn. Remember to use calls-to-action asking people to view them. By adding closed captions to your videos, you can potentially increase your views by 40% during business hours. Though closed caption is generaly for the hearing impaired, it also is for business people who need to keep the sound down during business hours. Leave comments on related videos. By doing so you’re again showing yourself as a ‘thought leader’ and can attract others who’ve viewed the related video to check out your channel REMEMBER to share links for your videos in all your email and digital communications. It has been found that video doubles the open rate for email communication and has a profound impact on conversion rates.
  • View reports for: Performance Engagement Demographics Discovery Views Playback locations Traffic sources Audience retention (this will help you understand how effective your videos are) More
  • The Power of Video and YouTube in Social Media

    1. 1. The Power of Video in Social Media Presented by Gerri Baum GB Media Networks August 16, 2012
    2. 2. Brands, businesses and organizations are all using video.
    3. 3. Why use video?• It’s the most powerful on-demand communication platform ever created – Search engines rank video higher than text – Customers enjoy video over text• It can be viral• It’s high impact• It scales well in the mobile device world
    4. 4. 90% of web traffic will be driven by video by the end of 2013 (Source: Cysco Systems)
    5. 5. More than 197 million views, and over 422,000 subscribers • iPhone – 10,931,054 views • iPad – 14,370,059 views • Glow Sticks – 9,388,497 • Bic Lighters – 6,190,718 • Golf Balls – 6,967,042
    6. 6. Video syndication is more effective if you: • Post to video aggregators: e.g. YouTube, Vimeo • Embed link on Facebook Fan page or a tweet • Embed link on OTHER PEOPLE’S Facebook pages • Embed video on your website • Get other people to embed your video on THEIR websites • Post video to iTunes as video podcast • Post video to Pinterest boards
    7. 7. Video establishes your personality faster
    8. 8. Video personalizes the experience for your customers
    9. 9. Using video differentiates you from the competition
    10. 10. Video can be worth a thousand words
    11. 11. Putting customer stories in the spotlight
    12. 12. Video plays better on mobile devices than text Nearly 116 million Americans will use a smartphone at least monthly by the end of this year, up from 93.1 million in 2011. By 2013, they will represent over half of all mobile phone users, and by 2016, nearly three in five consumers will have a smartphone. (Source: eMarketer, 2012)
    13. 13. Uses for video• External – Drive people to your website – Most important – Attract new customers or donors – Promotions – Educate viewers – Enhance the brand• Internal – Training and Support – New Employee Orientation – Communications and Campaigns
    14. 14. Types of video• Customer testimonials• Product reviews and demonstrations• How-to tips• Presentations• Case studies• Expert insight and advice• Virtual tradeshows• Business reports• Games, contests and promotions(Source: Forbes)
    15. 15. A creative way to engage an audience
    16. 16. Nonprofits are using videos too• More and more nonprofits use video to create compelling, personal stories. – Replacing the printed annual report (into a moving piece about the lives that have been changed) – Create orientation packets for new board or staff into a dynamic welcome to your organization – Tool for fundraising – Celebrate their organization’s history and…
    17. 17. …offering thanks to donors
    18. 18. Now it’s your turn…Create a video• Establish your goals – What do you want to achieve – Who do you want to view your video• Production values matter• Keep video within 2 to 3 minutes• Make the beginning of your videos compelling to your viewer• Include calls-to-action – Subscribe, Visit our channel, Like, Add to favorites, Share, Leave a comment
    19. 19. The mother of all digital Cineplexs
    20. 20. YouTube stats• Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month• More than 1 trillion views in 2011 – That’s 140 views for every person on Earth• 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute• Over 4 billion videos viewed a day• Over 3 billion hours of video watched each month• 500 years of video watched every day via Facebook• 700 videos are shared on Twitter every minute(Source: Google)
    21. 21. Branded YouTube channels that get it right • Starbucks 624,845,391 video views • Orabrush 22,459,410 video views • GoPro • Walmart • Pepto Bismol • and these guys (Source: Mashable and G. Baum)
    22. 22.
    23. 23. Create your YouTube channel
    24. 24. Customize your channel• Create a username for your company channel• Upload an Avatar• Create a background• Select a layout• Set sharing settings http://
    25. 25. Channel information and settings • Create a title • Include a description • Make a list of 5 to 8 keywords that are most relevant to your business organization
    26. 26. Complete the ‘About’ section
    27. 27. Optimize the videos you download• Use keywords to: – Compose descriptive titles, video description and tags -• Include calls-to-actions and links to your website or other social media platforms in the video descriptions• Create playlists -• Use an eye-catching, clear image for each video
    28. 28. Get 25% - 50% more views• Stream your videos from YouTube to your company website• Stream videos in blogs• Share videos on Facebook, Twitter and in LinkedIn• Add closed captions for 40% more views during business hours and for accessibility• Make comments and video responses on related videos• Share links in email newsletters – increase click- through rates and enhance conversion rates by 50% (Source: Constant Contact)
    29. 29. Measuring success• Use YouTube Analytics to measure: – Performance – Engagement – Demographics – Discovery – Views – Playback locations – Traffic sources – Audience retention
    30. 30. Video: A great tool for your marketing arsenal Lessons Learned: •Video can be syndicated more easily that print •Video establishes your personality (and brand) faster •Differentiates you from the competition •Two words: Video testimonials. ‘Nuff said? •Plays better on mobile devices •Housing video on YouTube will help you optimize and syndicate your brand across the Internet
    31. 31. Gerri Baum – GB Media NetWorks Ask me about employing social media strategies and applications for your business or organization Follow me Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Pinterest –