Lesson plan 3


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Lesson plan 3

  1. 1. Lesson Plan 3 i. ii. Goal 3: Teachers will be able to plan and manage the use of technology in teaching to fit to the teaching schedule. Objectives Teachers will be able to design lesson plan and select appropriate technology that address the multiple learning styles of all students. Teacher will create lesson plan with select some appropriate technology to present the lesson and choice an leas 2 topic Teachers will be able to determine the lessons that need to be explained using PowerPoint program. Teacher will use lesson and design PowerPoint presentation include 8 slides. Teachers will be able to present the suitable videos or films for supporting the subject of the lesson. Teacher will search for videos or short films that are no longer 10 minutes about a certain subject. Teachers will be able to choose the lessons needed to be explained using hardware tools such as the overhead projector. Teacher will select a lesson and use the overhead projector after preparing 2-4 transparencies only for presenting the lesson. Teachers will be able to manage the lessons’ time while using the hardware and software tools to present it in a suitable sequence without wasting the time of the lesson. Teacher will present a lesson using technology within 10 minutes. Instructional Strategy 1. Direct Instruction (Lecture) Pre-instructional activities Before starting the lesson we will give the teachers a questioner about how teachers feel about using hardware and software tools in presenting the lessons and if they think that the use of hardware and software tools will affect the time of the lesson. It also asks them about how much time will take to get used on presenting the lessons using the hardware and software tools. Then after checking the results, we will make sure to tell them that using the hardware and software tools can facilitate and manage the lesson time rather than wasting it. Presentation of information At the beginning of the lesson we will show a presentation about the benefit of using technologies to enhance students learning and which of these technologies fit with the students learning styles for examples Visual,AuralandVerbal. Then we will give them an example of lesson plan that include some technologies to be used in teaching and make sure they take notes. Then we will explain to them what lessons are best to be explained using PowerPoint program. For example, using PowerPoint program for the lessons that contain many information to make it brief and support it with pictures in the PowerPoint program. As well as the lesson that needs some interactivity from the students.
  2. 2. After that we will explain to the teachers about using the videos and films in the teaching and how they can choose the appropriate video or film for the lessons. Furthermore, telling them about how the students can get more motivated when using a video and how it facilitates their learning. As well as making sure that the teachers will manage the time of the class without wasting it while using videos or films. Then we will tell them what hardware tools they can use in the lesson such as overhead projector and how to use it for some lessons. Through using it when necessary and breaking the routine of the class. Finally we will explain to them how to use the hardware and software tools in an appropriate sequence by starting with introducing the lesson then introducing the hardware or software tools that will be used for the lesson. They also have to use the hardware or software tools when needed during the lesson. Teacher will practice by selecting lesson and show how they will present is sequence. Practice and feedback: We will give teacher during the lessons to practice what they have taken and understand from the lesson. Also, we will give 10 minutes at the end of each lesson to apply things that they learned. Assessment Teacher will be asked to: - Design lesson that fit students learning styles include Visual,AuralandVerbal with using technologies. Develop lesson plan for the subjects they are teaching and show what the technologies they can integrate in the lesson. Materials o o o o o o o o Internet access Computers or laptops Papers Projectors Adobe Flash Player Display Screen Overhead projector Transparencies