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  1. 1. Evaluation 1. Materials Evaluation Formative For evaluating the materials, the content will be reviewed by an expert whom is a subject matter expert to make sure that the content is accurate and complete. After setting the goals and objectives of the training as well as the lesson plan, the subject matter expert will go through the content and the materials we want to use and make sure that the materials used will lead to achieving the objectives. This will be used as a formative evaluation because it begins before the training and continues through, in case if there were any problems with the materials we can go back and fix those problems. Summative It can be also used as a summative evaluation because at the end of the training the subject matter expert will see how the training was and if the outcomes were as planned. Therefore, in case the outcomes met the objectives, there will be no need to change the materials and the training can be applied again without any problems. On the other hand, if there were any problems in the outcomes after finishing the course, then the content and materials must be viewed and checked to overcome the problems faced at the end and prevent it from happening again. 2. Process Evaluation Formative The process evaluation will be done as a formative evaluation where the process is managed and developed after each lesson. After the lesson ends, we will check the effectiveness of the learning and if the lesson was presented the way it was supposed to. If there were any problems faced the lesson how we can improve the process to overcome those problems for the next lesson. Making sure that the quality of learning will not change even when the training plan is applied for other courses in other schools. Summative As a summative evaluation, the process of the training will be evaluated at the end. Through observing the effectiveness and the quality of the whole training, changes and improvements will be made to avoid any obstacles. We will measure the teachers' performance after the training and check if there were any improvements should be taken to enhance their teaching. ……. 3. Learner Reaction Formative Learner reaction is usually done at the end of the training as a summative evaluation but it could be done as a formative evaluation by asking the teachers after each lesson of how well they understand the lesson and if they felt comfortable in the class or they need to
  2. 2. change it for the next one. So it is basically about taking the teachers reaction of the lesson and checking if they have any suggestions to improve the training. Summative At the end of the training course, the teachers will be given a self-report survey that asks the teachers about the clarity of instruction, the quality of the instructional strategies, the comfort of the environment and other things related to the training they had. This will be helpful for us as trainers to evaluate the clarity and the quality of the training as a whole and to recognize any improvements should be taken before implementing the training to another organization or school. 4. Learner Achievement Formative During each lesson we will give teachers to practice what they have learned and provide feedback to improve their work as well as discuss what the wrong and what the better to do. Summative In the formative we will measure teachers’ achievement by giving them after all lesson project to apply what they already learned individually to determine if the achieve the objective outcome or not. Also we can make sure about the effectiveness of the workshop we will give them final test to provide performance feedback for teachers about their knowledge. 5. Instructional Sequences Formative During the lesson we will give the teachers a chance to apply things during their colleagues to be able to transfer that skills in the future job. Summative In summative evaluation we will let teachers to doing assignments and apply what they learned to help them to be able to transfer such things in authentic learning experiences with higher cognitive skills. The teachers will apply the skills that they enquire from this workshop in the real life in their schools.