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Jarrold training 30 May 12


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How to grow your business with email marketing for delegates at Jarrold Training, Norwich, Norfolk

How to grow your business with email marketing for delegates at Jarrold Training, Norwich, Norfolk

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  • 1. Email marketing masterclass30 May 2012Jarrold Training
  • 2. Introductions
  • 3. Us
  • 4. Who we work with
  • 5. You?
  • 6. What we’re going to cover today• Industry stats • The pitfalls of Outlook• The business benefits • Creative campaigns & types• Setting objectives • Deliverability• Growing your list • The legals• Task: structure, design & content • Task: creating a plan• BREAK • The 10 email commandments
  • 7. Industry stats ROI£42.08 for 480m mobile every £1 Versus social email users
  • 8. The business benefitsWhat’s in it for you?
  • 9. Benefits Cost Reporting Integration
  • 10. 1. Cost comparison ¼ page advert Press release Event SEO & PPC Email in Business in (room hire & marketing East Anglia refreshments) £450 £250-£450 £200 From £200 a £45 a year* month No stats No stats Stats Stats Stats *Based on little green plane’s PAYG scheme with free template sending up to 200 emails a month
  • 11. 2. Reporting
  • 12. 3. Integration• Press releases• Events• White papers• Blog posts• Case studies• Direct mail• Competitions
  • 13. Email marketing objectives?• Opens• Clicks• OTC rate• # enquiries• # sales• Forward to a friend rates• Retention rates• Re-engagement rates• Event attendees• Doc/guide downloads• Brand awareness• Obtain feedback
  • 14. Growing your list
  • 15. The blight of bought lists
  • 16. A starter for ten Send an opt-in
  • 17. Growing your list Networking Networking LinkedIn Request
  • 18. Growing your list Use your website Sign up form on home page Specific URL
  • 19. Add checkbox toany existing form
  • 20. Email signatures
  • 21. Pop-up
  • 22. Social media Facebook fan page tab Twitter auto message
  • 23. QR codes
  • 24. Flyers at events
  • 25. TASK: structure• From: relationship entity• To: only one recipient• Subject: direct and below 49 characters• Address the reader• Above the fold: call to action• 3 snippets max – links back to site• Send to a Friend• Social media integration• Unsubscribe function
  • 26. Image only emails Creative design First impressions
  • 27. Getting it right
  • 28. Designing for mobile• Chunkier call to action buttons• Single column• Keep images small to minimise download time• Social media sharing
  • 29. BREAK
  • 30. Mile High Club… sign-up sheet
  • 31. Why Microsoft Outlook should be outlawedThe benefits of using a professional service overOutlook
  • 32. Avoiding Outlook• Less reporting• No testing before send• Going into the spam folder• Problems with larger volumes• Using ‘to’ field – Data Protection Act• Risk of being blacklisted using BCC• No method of managing unsubscribes• No corporate branding• Duplications
  • 33. Creative campaigns & typesMaking it work for you
  • 34. Newsletters
  • 35. Events
  • 36. Surveys
  • 37. Abandonment
  • 38. Voucher
  • 39. Re-engagement
  • 40. Data cleanse
  • 41. Competitions
  • 42. DeliverabilityAvoiding the spam folder
  • 43. DeliverabilityEmails Spam filters Inbox Website
  • 44. 1. ISPDeliverability spam filter 4 levels of spam filtering 2. Company spam filter 3. Email client spam filter 4. Human spam filter
  • 45. Avoiding the spam folder• Repeats• Exclamation marks!!!!!!• USING ALL CAPS, WHICH IS LIKE YELLING IN EMAIL• Colouring fonts bright red, or green• Sloppy HTML coding• One big image, with little or no text• Using a noreply@ email address
  • 46. Deliverability tips• Good content and data• Use pre-send tests provided by your ESP• Send preview emails & set up test list• Remove hard bounces• Add an unsubscribe mechanism• Review delivery stats – unsubscribes, spam complaints, bounces
  • 47. The legals
  • 48. The legals Data Protection Act 1998 (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) • You must provide a valid unsubscribe mechanism • You must list your company details on your emails • You must not use competitions to gather email lists unless participants have also said they are happy to receive updates • If you are collecting data you must explain how you will handle it AND provide user access, ideally in a Privacy Policy
  • 49. Task…creating a planPLAN: What are your email marketing objectives?SEGMENTATION: Who are your email target audiences?SIGN-UP INCENTIVE: “What’s in it for me?” for people joining?DATA: Where are you getting your data from? Will you need to do a data cleanse? How often? How will you grow your list?CONTENT: What types of email will you send? How frequently? Tone? Call to action?DESIGN: How will you design your template?MEASUREMENT: How will you measure success?
  • 50. 10 email marketing commandmentsOnes to remember
  • 51. 10 email marketing commandments• Thou shalt use an opt-in• Thou shalt cultivate an organic data list• Thou shalt use email marketing to listen as well as talk• Thou shalt tie into other marketing initiatives• Thou shalt test and evaluate• Thou shalt not spam• Thou shalt keep it short• Thou shalt be regular• Thou shalt cleanse your data• Thou shalt give value to your subscribers
  • 52. BIG guide to email marketing
  • 53.