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Grow your Business with Email Marketing Norwich


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Grow your Business with Email Marketing seminar from little green plane, hosted at Birketts in Norwich on 22 November 2011.

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Grow your Business with Email Marketing Norwich

  1. 1. Grow your Business withEmail Marketing22 November 2011Sponsored by Birketts llp
  2. 2. Introductions
  3. 3. Greg Allan
  4. 4. Us
  5. 5. Who we work with
  6. 6. You?
  7. 7. What we’re going to cover today• The current landscape • Creative campaigns• The business benefits • Deliverability• Setting a plan • Testing• Growing your list • The legals• Structure, design & content • The 10 email commandments• The pitfalls of Outlook • Questions
  8. 8. The current email marketing landscape
  9. 9. Industry stats Email 480 million Facebook & Twitter 250 million ROI £42.08 for New accounts 480m email every £1 2010 users
  10. 10. Best practiceWhat it can be used for: What it shouldn’t be used for:• Communication • Bulk mailing• Sales • One-way communication• Re-engagement • Scattergunning• Cross selling • Sending irrelevant, untargeted information• Research
  11. 11. The business benefitsWhat’s in it for you?
  12. 12. Benefits Cost Reporting Integration
  13. 13. 1. Cost comparison ¼ page advert Press release Event SEO & PPC Email in Business in (room hire & marketing East Anglia refreshments) £450 £250-£450 £200 From £200 a £45 a year* month No stats No stats Stats Stats Stats *Based on little green plane’s PAYG scheme with free template sending up to 200 emails a month
  14. 14. 2. Reporting
  15. 15. 3. IntegrationCASE STUDYLegal firm in NorwichObjective:Increase enquiries to its employmentlaw service by 15% in 12 monthsTactics:• Creation of an employment services guide• Free event• Press release• Email marketing
  16. 16. Integration continuedCASE STUDYIncrease enquiries to its employmentlaw service by 15% in 12 months ‘Book now’ ‘Thanks for Press email for attending’ e- release, free event shot with launch of Event takes links to E-shot place slides and the guide asking for Press 10% offer input into release to ‘One week the guide E-shot with publicise to go’ email Post event ‘what would link to new event using press ‘Sorry we you like to guide as stats on release with missed you’ see?’ PDF on popularity of photo e-shot with website - the slides and tracking hits downloaded 10% offer guide
  17. 17. Creating a plan
  18. 18. Aspects of your plan How regular are you Who will be planning to send responsible for your email your e-shots? campaigns? What tone will Can you segment you use? your audience? What content/ How will you incentives will you grow your offer in your database? emails?
  19. 19. Understanding your audiences• Content – What are they interested in• Tone – What tone to use for your communication• Creative - How can they be influenced by creative• Incentives - What incentives to try• Purchase – Where are they in the buying cyclePersona task…
  20. 20. Personas - JohnPersonal:• Aged 45, married 20 years to Emily• Enjoys golf and camping• Risk adverse, logical thinkerWork:• Role: HR Director in engineering firm• Vast understanding of industry• Involved in strategic decisions and employment law policiesIssues:• Dealing with changing regulations to agency workers• Ensuring his firm keeps up with changes• Meeting KPIsKey Messages:• Needs as-it-happens info on new Agency Workers regs• Need top line information only (but access to detail)• Accreditations and quality standard mean a lot
  21. 21. Personas - LouisePersonal:• Aged 24, single• Heavy web and user• Bright, bubbly individual who participates in everythingCareer:• Newly qualified lawyer looking for employment• Has applied to the graduate scheme of our law firmIssues:• Wants more information about law firm• Looking to network with relevant partnersKey Messages:• Messaging can be more laid back / informal• Thriving and innovative
  22. 22. Growing your list• Data is king • Publicise on email signature• Organic rather than bought • Business cards • Use Forward to Friend• Issue an opt-in to existing list • Networking – LinkedIn – request• Incentive – perceived value • Speaker events – form• Keep sign-up simple • Social media (Facebook tab,• Sign up form on website – home Twitter automated DM) page, checkbox on contact us, pop up • QR codes – presentations and events
  23. 23. Pop-up
  24. 24. Social media Facebook fan page tab Twitter auto message
  25. 25. QR codes
  26. 26. Flyers at events
  27. 27. BREAK
  28. 28. The structure• From: relationship entity• To: only one recipient• Subject: direct and below 49 characters• Address the reader• Above the fold: call to action• 3 snippets max – links back to site• Send to a Friend• Social media integration• Unsubscribe function
  29. 29. Design & content basics• Subject lines – 49 characters (10 to be really good)• Keep it short – max three snippets• Clear call to action• Consistent structure and prioritise content• 600 pixels wide• Follow corporate guidelines• Equal image to text ratio
  30. 30. Image only emails Creative design First impressions
  31. 31. Getting it right ALT TAG ALT TAGS
  32. 32. Designing for mobile• Chunkier call to action buttons• Just include the essentials• Single column- smartphone screens are 300 – 400px wide• Keep images small to minimise download time• Social media sharing
  33. 33. Which clients are you sending to?
  34. 34. Designing for email clients
  35. 35. Why Microsoft Outlook should be outlawedThe benefits of using a professional service overOutlook
  36. 36. Avoiding Outlook• Less reporting• No testing before send• Going into the spam folder• Problems with larger volumes• Risk of being blacklisted• No method of managing unsubscribes• No corporate branding• Duplications
  37. 37. Creative campaignsMaking it work for you
  38. 38. RAF MuseumBrief:• Re-engage users• User-friendly system• Increased deliverability, open rates and click-through resultsStrategy: Starter PackResults• 2,000 click throughs• 26 immediate donations• 40% open rate (avg 20%)• Re-ignited enthusiasm from disengaged users (80 emails)• Knock-on effect with the pick up of museum visitors• People still using and sharing the email three weeks later
  39. 39. LinkedInDoing well at..?Could improve on..?
  40. 40. Coca-ColaDoing well at..?Could improve on..?
  41. 41. DeliverabilityAvoiding the spam folder
  42. 42. DeliverabilityEmails Spam filters Inbox Website
  43. 43. 1. ISPDeliverability spam filter 4 levels of spam filtering 2. Company spam filter 3. Email client spam filter 4. Human spam filter
  44. 44. Deliverability tips• Good content and data• Use pre-send spam tests provided by your ESP – Spam Assassin• Use pre-send screenshot tests• Send preview emails & set up test list• Remove hard bounces• Add an unsubscribe mechanism• Review delivery stats
  45. 45. Spam – things to avoid• Phrases like "Click here!" or "Once in a lifetime opportunity!“• Repeats• Exclamation marks!!!!!!• USING ALL CAPS, WHICH IS LIKE YELLING IN EMAIL• Colouring fonts bright red, or green• Sloppy HTML coding• One big image, with little or no text• Using a noreply@ email address
  46. 46. TestingLearning and improving
  47. 47. Things you can test• Demographics (age, sex, location)• Time (hour, day, month, seasons, holidays)• Personalisation• Subject line (questions, facts, commands)• Design (length, layout, call to action location)• Offer (type, time frame, % off versus cash)• From names and address (sex, seniority, info@ versus real person)
  48. 48. The legals
  49. 49. The legals Data Protection Act 1998 (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) • Any commercial motives must not be hidden • You must provide a valid unsubscribe mechanism • You must list your company details on your emails • You must not use competitions to gather email lists unless participants have also said they are happy to receive updates • If you are collecting data you must explain how you will handle it AND provide user access, ideally in a Privacy Policy
  50. 50. The legals – forward to a friend • Forward on to relevant/interested parties only • You will be liable if people who haven’t opt-in complain • You cannot ask for other peoples email addresses due to the Data Protection Act (and little green plane will not give you data on this feature) FULL GUIDE FOR MARKETERS
  51. 51. 10 email marketing commandmentsOnes to remember
  52. 52. 10 email marketing commandments• Thou shalt use an opt-in• Thou shalt cultivate an organic data list• Thou shalt use email marketing to listen as well as talk• Thou shalt tie into other marketing initiatives• Thou shalt test and evaluate• Thou shalt not spam• Thou shalt keep it short• Thou shalt be regular• Thou shalt cleanse your data• Thou shalt give value to your subscribers
  53. 53. Actions from todayTRY IT OUT WITH CHRISTMAS• Christmas opening hours• Christmas/December sales offers or incentives• Festive greeting
  54. 54. Actions from todayTRY IT OUT WITH CHRISTMAS• £295• 2,500 emails• Pick a Christmas template• Supply logo, list, copy• We’ll send it and provide a report• (£100 charity)
  55. 55. Actions from todayOR… TRY IT FOR FREE WITHOUR SPECIAL SEMINAR OFFER• 2,500 free emails• Pick a template• Create• Upload your list• Spam testing• Report• Email
  56. 56. ResourcesEmail marketing guideBlog
  57. 57.