13 June Free Email Marketing Event - Torfaen Business Centre


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This Email Marketing event will cover:

Does Email Marketing work?

How to Get Email Subscribers ?

Planning & Delivering Email Campaigns

The Science of Email Marketing

Integrating Email + Twitter + Facebook

How to Set Up Campaigns ?

Legal Considerations

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  • in a nutshell: promote with permission, offer something of value, make it easy, and provide excellent follow-up and service.
  • 13 June Free Email Marketing Event - Torfaen Business Centre

    1. 1. Thursday, 13th June 2013 at, 6pm - 8pmUnit 16, Torfaen Business CentrePanteg Way, New InnNP4 0LS
    2. 2. Personal Project – Online Seller Meet UpTutor – Torfaen, Newport Caerphilly ACLDigital Marketer – Concord ExtraBIO
    3. 3. WHATS ON TODAY ?1. Does Email Marketing work?2. How to Get Email Subscribers ?3. Planning & Delivering Email Campaigns4. The Science of Email Marketing5. Integrating Email + Twitter + Facebook6. Legal Considerations Presentation Will be Emailed
    4. 4. Does Email Marketing work?  
    5. 5. • 58% having been driven to make a purchase ina store or over the phone by a marketing e-mail• Websites are the preferred place for consumersto opt-in• Consumers willing to subscribe to e-mailmessages offline, for example when placing acatalog order (46%), at the point-of-sale (29%),or via SMS text message (13%).
    6. 6. 2. How to Get Email Subscribers ?
    7. 7. 3. Planning & DeliveringEmail Campaigns
    8. 8. Integrating your Data• Right Tool• Segmentation• Develop Quality Content
    9. 9. Campaign Set Up
    10. 10. DemographicsSegmentation
    11. 11. Customer lifecycle groups
    12. 12. Automated emails Sent
    13. 13. Lead Nurturing• Plan a series of emails to in order toqualify them for quality sales lead• Increased conversion by 32.6% with leadnurturing emails
    14. 14. • Regular Maintenance• Strict Opt In Process• Preference UpdatesImproving deliverability
    15. 15. 1. Define Value for Opting In2. Send Targeted Emails3. Use Good Subject Lines4. Test | Learn | ReactGrowing & Retaining Subscribers
    16. 16. What is most likely to prompt you to mark email as Spam?
    17. 17. • I suspected them of phishing attack 32%• Too many (frequency) 19%• Don’t remember signing up 18%• Lack of trust in the brand concerned 11%• Products offered are illegal 10%• Lack of time to go through the opt-outprocedure 5% (marking as spam is easier)• The unsubscribe mechanism was too hard 3%• Don’t like brand 2%Implications: Get the frequency right, remindsubscribers of how they opted in and makethe opt-out easy.
    18. 18. How many promotional emails do you receive in yourin-box on average each week?
    19. 19. • Over 20: 43%• 16-20: 9%• 11-15:11%• 6-10: 14%• 3-5: 13%• 1-2: 6%• None 5%Implication: Getting cut-through is going to be hard due toinbox competition – over half received more than 15 aday, so maybe reducing frequency or investing more increative and offers is needed.How many promotional emails do you receive inyour in-box on average each week?
    20. 20. Measuring Email Marketing3 List GrowthRate2 Delivery Rate1 Bounce Rate4 Click ThroughRate5 ConversionRate6 Revenue / emailSent7 Open Rate 8 UnsubscribeRate
    21. 21. 236% more Revenue from Email CampaignWhen you combine email marketing with agood idea and solid data, the results canbe tremendous, and those results mightonly be the beginning. Source:
    22. 22. CAMPAIGNCase-Mate planned tolaunch the 12-hoursale on December 7.
    23. 23. Step #1. Time the launch carefullyTime of dayThe flash sale to run from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Day of weekThe campaign to launch on Monday, December 7. Discount levelDetermined that 30% off is sweet spot for promotionaloffers.
    24. 24. Step #2. Create landing page 
    25. 25. Step #3. Create and send two emailsPlanned to send two emails to promote thesale. The first email was sent at 11 a.m.
    26. 26. Similar second emailThe team scheduled the second email to arriveat 7 p.m., the start of the sale. It was nearlyidentical to the first message but had severalimportant differences.
    27. 27. Here’s how the campaign performedcompared to Case-Mate’s average metricsfrom 2012:51% increase in traffic50% increase in conversion rate (purchases dividedby visits to the landing page)236% increase in revenue
    28. 28. 4 The Science of Email Marketing
    29. 29. Do you Open Email on your Mobile / Tablets ?
    30. 30. • Find out where your customers are• Embed Social / Share Links• Share your email Campaigns• Send Socially Shareable Emails
    31. 31. • Permission Based• Soft opt-in applies if– where youve obtained a persons details in the course of asale or negotiations for a sale of a product or service;– where the messages are only marketing similar products orservices; and– where the person is given a simple opportunity to refusemarketing when their details are collected, and if they dont optout at this point, are given a simple way to do so in futuremessages• Tell who you are and provide a valid contact address• You must give a valid unsubscribe address or method ofunsubscription• Treating competitions etc., as an opt in way of building a mailinglist - recipients must specifically say that they are opting in toreceive promotional emails6 Legal Considerations
    32. 32. ACTION PLAN
    33. 33. 1. Define Your Readers2. Outline Your Goals3. Data Integration / Right Tools4. Think Mobile5. Create a Content Calendar6. Determine Your Email Frequency7. List Hygiene8. Test, Learn & React
    34. 34. • In classic direct mail, longer copy usually worksbetter. What copy length rules tend to work bestfor email marketing?• Firstly, what about the great HTML vs. textdebate - which should people use? Are therecases in which one is preferable to the other?• Do you recommend that people use a speciallanding page? What works best?• Do double opt-in lists perform better than singleFAQs
    35. 35. • Are there any differences in best creativepractices between B2C and B-to-B ?• Whats the most common mistake marketersmaking with email marketing?• How much does an email campaign cost?• What sort of things are the most important totest?FAQs
    36. 36. Resources
    37. 37. 1. Creating Email Campaigns withMailchimp2. Creating a Digital Marketing Plan foryour business3. Social Media for your business4. Blogging for Business5. Getting insight out of your websiteusing Google Analytics
    38. 38. @day2dayebay E: daytodayebay@gmail.com M:0751 8839629What we Offer?Help you create Digital Marketing PlanDigital Marketing Training & ConsultancySet Up Email Marketing Campaigns