Email Marketing: 10 Tips to Success in 2012


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Email ain't sexy. There's no up-coming email IPO for the press to write about. No genius, enigmatic CEO of email. Yet consider that over 90% of email users have opt-in relationships with a consumer brand, as opposed to 15% on Facebook. Email marketing works - and In fact is even better when combined with social media list building which is one of the topics we'll cover in this workshop. I'll also show you tips for avoiding spam filters, how to maximize your email for mobile, how to create viral emails, and how to test email subject lines.

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Email Marketing: 10 Tips to Success in 2012

  1. 1. Email Marketing:10 Tips to Successin 2012
  2. 2. Topics1. Use an Email Service Provider2. Design3. Subject Lines4. Messaging5. Growing Lists6. Integrating Social Media7. Segmenting8. A/B Testing9. Mobile10.Measurement
  3. 3. 1. Use an Email Service Provider
  4. 4. What is an Email Service Provider? An email service provider (ESP) offers email marketing or bulk email services
  5. 5. Why Send Direct Email?• Low cost• Measurable Results• Build and maintain customer relationships• Highly targeted
  6. 6. Direct Marketing Association = $1 Buy = $48 ROI,
  7. 7. Why use an Email Service Provider?
  8. 8. Why Use an ESP?Email Service Providers (ESPs) have relationshipswith major Internet Service Providers (ISPs).ESPs provide tools to create, manage, and measureyour newsletter campaigns and contact lists.
  9. 9. 2. Email Design
  10. 10. Business-to-Consumer (CTR)• Mostly images = 7.1%• All text = 4.7%• Mostly text = 5.3%• Equal text/images = 6.3%Business-to-Business (CTR)• All text = 5.4%• Mostly text = 4.8%• Equal text/images = 3.5%
  11. 11. 3. Subject Lines roundroundworld
  12. 12. General Rules• Subject line should provide a clear indication what’s inside the newsletter• 50 characters or less
  13. 13. Examples of Good Subject Lines
  14. 14. Things to Avoid• The following terms: “Help”, “Percent Off”, “Reminder”• Repeating/Reminder subject lines
  15. 15. Examples of Poor Subject Lines
  16. 16. Effect of Repetitive Subject Lines
  17. 17. 4. Messaging
  18. 18. Stranger Danger
  19. 19. Build a relationship, don’t assume it already exists
  20. 20. Use a Human ToneInclude user generated content in the form of• social media• reviews• testimonials Avoid the “Buy Now” approach
  21. 21. 5. List Growth
  22. 22. Growing your Contact ListYou’re an expert at something• Give your subscriber something of value in return. Write about a helpful service or product that you are an expert at and make it a PDF available upon newsletter subscription (ie. 10-Step Guide to...).
  23. 23. Growing your Contact List Advertise yourself Offline • through print advertising promote the value of your newsletters and point the URL to your signup page.
  24. 24. Growing your Contact ListStrong Website Call-to-Actions• have prominent areas on your site that allow users to either instantly provide their email address or link to a newsletter signup page.
  25. 25. Opt-in in Contact
  26. 26. The Dreaded Pop-up
  27. 27. Buy Traffic not Lists
  28. 28. Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC)Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to promoteyour offering and point it towards your newslettersignup page.
  29. 29. Judging Frequency• Subscriber Feedback - ask “why” on unsubscribes• Preference Center - on subscriptions ask people how much they would like to be contacted• High Volume Number - be clear on the frequency
  30. 30. List Pruning
  31. 31. Subscriber Activity
  32. 32. Activity Scoring
  33. 33. 6. Social Integration
  34. 34. Why Integrate Social Media?• Extend the reach of your emails• Help identify key influencers• Opportunity for List growth
  35. 35. Growing your Contact List
  36. 36. Extending Reach
  37. 37. original tweet of email campaign retweet of email campaigntwitter profile ofwho (re)tweeted
  38. 38. Social Media Strategies• Include Social Icons in Emails• Ask Email Subscribers to Share and Connect• Provide Incentive• Promote Email Sign-up Via Social Networks• Include “Retweet This!” Snippet in Email• Build an Email Opt-In Form on Facebook• Don’t Forget SMS (text)• Promote Email Marketing on Your Blog
  39. 39. Providing Incentive
  40. 40. Include “Retweet This!”
  41. 41. SMS (text) Subscription
  42. 42. 7. Segment
  43. 43. Bell Bay Golf Club Dundee Golf Club Cape Breton Lifestyles
  44. 44. 8. A/B Testing
  45. 45. options to focus on Subject Line Delivery time From who?
  46. 46. 9. Mobile
  47. 47. Tips for Mobile Email• Save it for Later - include a link in your newsletter for Instapaper• Think about image size - don’t chew into people’s data plans• Make CTA buttons big enough to touch correctly• Use multi-column layout - people like to pinch/zoom
  48. 48. 10. Measurement
  49. 49. Are the Numbers Telling the Truth?Recipients who have images turned off intheir email client will not count as an openUse “alt” tags on images to entice peopleto load images
  50. 50. Check the Clicks
  51. 51. Check Google Analytics
  52. 52. Check Google Analytics