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  1. 1. give411Your first stop for Mindful Giving Lina Montoya, Brooke Beadle & Julie Almendral
  2. 2. give411 The Idea in brief:What is it? An integrated social marketing campaign to inform & engage the hearts & minds of donorsHow will it create Social Impact Investors? Cross-platform media initiatives will motivate & provide insights for people to become more mindful, engaged donors & investorsWhy will this be effective? The range of outlets will reach the most donors on a variety of levels. The message will emotionally engage them, supported by firsthand insights & comprehensive information
  3. 3. Documentary Series ∙ Stories to captivate & give411 inform ∙ Content that cannotSocial Media be ignored ∙ Hub of information ∙ Info on current events ∙ Voices of beneficiaries, ∙ Forum to engage & inform experts, etc ∙ Distribute Videos ∙ Resources Website ∙ Spread the word ∙ Questions, concerns, ∙ Submit Videos requests ∙ Join the Conversation ∙ Grab attention ∙ Direct traffic to website Ad Campaign
  4. 4. the backbone of give411: give411 Documentary Series• Six one-hour episodes• Each features organizations working in similar fields• We follow a donation from donor through organization to the beneficiary• We hear from beneficiaries, & see the impact of the donation/service• We gain insight into the challenges & triumphs of nonprofits• Direct viewers to websites of give411 & featured organizations for more info
  5. 5. the information hub: give411 Website• Weekly Webisodes Short videos dive deeper into stories touched on in the documentary series, or topics in the news• Information Hub Resources for donors, organizations & industry experts alike, summaries of, & links to top social giving info websites• The 5-step Smart Donor Checklist Things to know before signing the check• Current Coverage Breaking news, policy updates & analysis• Relevant on all levels, from $5 individual donors to $50,000 corporate donations
  6. 6. The info hub: a representation of give411: Your First Stop for Mindful Giving
  7. 7. raising awareness: Advertising Campaign give411 brief, attention grabbing PSA-style advertisements running in print, radio & TV Narrator: “You don’t just throw money at problems in your professional A teen tells his dad Dad says, “Okay!” & or personal life. starts pulling wads of The boy is shocked . Why would you with that he needs a more And ecstatic. awesome car cash out of his pockets. your charitable life?” is displayed across the screen while in the background, theA woman walks into her IT Manager isoffice & her IT Manager She says, “Well, if we Things are looking up celebrating & says they need an need it,” & tosses him a for the IT counting money. entirely new IT system briefcase full of cash. department.
  8. 8. stay engaged: Social Mediagive411 • Social media will keep donors engaged in an ongoing conversation with give411, with each other, and with other users, including beneficiaries. • Integrated with every step of the give411 campaign are social media components: Informs of current news, give411 featured website content and upcoming broadcasts Provides a forum for discussion and growing awareness Provides a place to feature supplementary give411 video content. We will welcome video submissions from give411 users as well.
  9. 9. Benefits: give411 Social Media: ongoing engagement Website: ongoing supplemental informationtime Documentary Series*: captures emotions, provides credible evidence and inspires Social Media: engages and informs Website: builds comprehension Ad Campaign: initial awareness * The process continues with new seasons of the series, transforming more new & existing donors into social investors. caring
  10. 10. Alternative Ideasgive4111. Donor “Social Fund Management” • Nonprofit experts rate the top performing non profits in any given category • Investment Portfolios or funds according to causes are created, which invest in the top 10 rated nonprofits of each category • Investors can create an investment portfolio and choose how to allocate their donation: i.e.: 30% disaster relief, 30% education, 40% wildlife conservation • Investors choose an investment horizon: i.e., 1 month, 3months, 1 year • Investors receive a monthly performance report, which informs the investor to make worthwhile changes to the allocation of his donation2. Donor Rewards Credit Card • Through strategic partnerships we award points to cardholders who donate or socially invest, the smarter the donation or investment, the more points • Points are redeemable for donations or merchandise from companies that donate/invest profits • Eventually there can be cards specializing in different giving categories3. The Smart Donor Challenge • A social media platform that is all about the good you do, and how good it is • It surpasses in its interactive nature, and forms groups who compete amongst themselves to be the smartest donors