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  • Drexel University Splash presentation

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    2. 2. An Introduction to SPLASH: What SPLASH does and why it’s important<br />The Problem <br /><ul><li>Donors want their funding to have an impact, but most lack the time or knowledge to conduct extensive research and synthesize the information on the variety of websites that rate or review nonprofits. </li></ul>Our Solution<br /><ul><li>SPLASH is a one-stop shop that enables savvy, highly educated donors to gather information and provide specific actionable information to their friends and family through social networking.
    3. 3. These ambassadors use SPLASH’s resources to create and share timely insights that become transformational learning moments. 
    4. 4. Ultimately, SPLASH empowers increasingly savvy donors, funnels more funds to the most effective nonprofits, and reduces fundraising costs for those nonprofits.</li></li></ul><li>
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    11. 11. Our initial users are savvy donors who already give based on relative performance.<br /> These “heavy users” disseminate their research and draw in less-savvy donors with easy to digest information.<br /> Converted users gain new insights into high impact giving and how to use SPLASH.<br />Filling the Gaps<br />All groups benefit from SPLASH and all groups who want to can give according to actual performance.<br />SPLASH targets all the major gaps in donor behavior.<br />
    12. 12. The Big Picture<br />Q: Why are there so many websites dedicated to providing reliable information about nonprofits?<br />A: Maybe it’s because of the lack of market signals and consistent information sharing in the nonprofit world.<br />WHAT IF SPLASH aggregated not only the information currently available but also encouraged nonprofits to submit additional data on methodology and results…<br />AND THEN opened up that aggregated information for data mining and analysis to determine best practices?<br />SPLASH can move the needleforward in the dialogue on nonprofit effectiveness.<br />
    13. 13. The Virtuous Circle<br />SPLASH allows nonprofits to interact with donors and beneficiaries on one platform.<br />2. Data mining about their donors allows nonprofits to tailor their message more effectively.<br />1. Nonprofits can connect with donors to learn more about their donor base.<br />3. Individual donations provide a vital supplement to grant funding.<br />4. Increase in smart giving encourages transparent metrics and feedback loops.<br />
    14. 14. Cost of Development<br />Initial Cost<br />Initial Cost developed by aggregating average costs of developing websites and smartphone apps.<br />Recurring cost estimates allow for the development of partnerships to offset costs.<br />Maintenance costs include a developer’s salary, continued webhosting, and website management.<br />Final costs are an estimate for the first year of operations.<br />Web Design<br />$20,000<br />Development<br />$62,000<br />Recurring Cost<br />Marketing<br />$9,000<br />Maintenance<br />$93,000<br />Total Y1Cost<br />Total Cost No Partners<br />$184,000<br />Total Costs With Partners<br />$71,000<br />
    15. 15. Implementation<br />Phase I: Development<br /><ul><li>Website construction
    16. 16. Invite expert Beta users to improve aggregation methodology</li></ul>Phase II: Rollout<br /><ul><li>Leverage Net Impact & like organizations to reach CSR executives
    17. 17. Partner with philanthropic experts to bolster credibility</li></ul>Phase III: Build Awareness<br /><ul><li>Social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
    18. 18. Establish SPLASH links on existing charity sites</li></ul>SPLASH features a dual revenue stream<br />Micro-Donations from heavy users<br />Gifts from corporate partners<br />
    19. 19. Unique Value Proposition<br />Aggregation<br /><ul><li>Of People
    20. 20. Of Evaluative Metrics
    21. 21. Of Information</li></ul>Ripple Effect<br /><ul><li>Measurable impact
    22. 22. Formative giving experience
    23. 23. Profiles maximize accountability</li></ul>SPLASH leverages social media to convert the passion and expertise of informed donors into high-impact contributions from the uninformed majority.<br />SPLASH: A Win-Win-Win<br />Donors maximize philanthropic ROI<br />Nonprofitsexperience lower fundraising costs <br />Win<br />Win<br />Win<br />Beneficiaries receive donations that better meet their needs<br />