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Social Next for Infopresse Conference, Alternative Marketing June 2nd, 2010


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The social media boom is here. This presentation brings to the forefront events that catapulted the value of social media, plus brands that are doing it well including brands I've worked on. Social strategies and some guiding principles also provide direction in how brands should start engaging.

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Social Next for Infopresse Conference, Alternative Marketing June 2nd, 2010

  1. 1. Social Media Next Hessie Jones Due North Communications June 2, 2010
  2. 2. Leverage the Power Influencer Mass Marketing Social Marketing
  3. 3. The Benefits For Brands, Social allows you to: o Learn what people are saying about you o Create buzz for events & campaigns o Increase brand exposure o Identify and recruit influencers to spread your message o Find new opportunities and customers o Support your products and services o Improve your search engine visibility o Gain competitive intelligence o Retain clients by establishing a personal relationship o Be an industry leader – not a follower o Create sustainability and long-term relationships.
  4. 4. If done properly, results will yield brand traffic, conversion, loyalty, advocacy and strong ROI
  5. 5. My Defining Moment January 2006th
  6. 6. Haiti... Social Media Exemplified “Scope of disaster quickly assessed, relief efforts coordinated in cyberspace” “If the earthquake had struck 20 years ago, Haiti would have been a black hole with an anxious outside waiting for days if not weeks to realize the scale of the devastation and the scope of what could be done to help the victims. And it would have been far too late by then.” Source: Globe and Mail, Jan, 2010
  7. 7. The Discussion
  8. 8. Haiti Conversations Jan 11- 18 totalled 1.2 MM At the peak of the crisis January12 – 17, daily posts averaged over 181,000
  9. 9. Haiti: The World is Responding in a Whole New Way • Newsgroups are counting on Facebook and Twitter updates to get immediate pictures of what happened. ….all this • Salvation Army has been using Facebook and Skype despite the fact that only to communicate with teams on the ground. 10% of Haiti’s • Relatives and friends and citizen reporters have been 9 Million using new media to get stories out of the disaster zone. population • Twitter posts appeared within seconds of the quake have access to the • Photos on Twitpic and Flickr appeared almost internet instantaneously • Messages of condolences were everywhere on the internet
  10. 10. Haiti: The Stats • 3% of all blog posts contain news • Facebook has posted 1500 status about the quake or relief efforts updates per minute related to Haiti • Twitter account for the Red Cross since the quake gained more than 10,000 followers • Wyclef Jen, Haitian musician has been during the crisis. using Twitter to appeal to 1.3 MM • Friday in the US, Red Cross followers for support tweeted more than US$8 MM raised • Special sites dedicated to news on Haiti: by people texting HAITI to 90999 Wikepedia, Miami Herald, Huffington • Google search for “90999” Post, CNN’s Voices from Haiti generates more than 48,000 results
  11. 11. Building Momentum Customer conversations Getting from us to them rapidly Getting Involved: Online communities Message Boards Brand Email lists Comments on Blogs Industry Sites
  12. 12. How Do Brands Engage? Go To Conversation Listen Interact/Communicate Influence Create Relationships Foster Brand Advocacy
  13. 13. We listen…. Then become part of the discussions
  14. 14. We listen…. Brand Brand Then become part of the discussions
  15. 15. Find the most vocal… Engage with detractors Find the Influencers Brand Find the most vocal… Engage with detractors 14
  16. 16. Find the most vocal… Engage with detractors Find the Influencers Brand Find the most vocal… Engage with detractors 14
  17. 17. Who are the Influencers?
  18. 18. Who are the Influencers?
  19. 19. Who are the Influencers?
  20. 20. Control the Conversation Be pervasive… be consistent
  21. 21. Control the Conversation Brand Be pervasive… be consistent
  22. 22. Build Build advocacy advocacy Brand 17 Drive traffic and amplify the discussion in your favour
  23. 23. Build Build advocacy advocacy Brand 17 Drive traffic and amplify the discussion in your favour
  24. 24. Case Study: Engage with Detractors • THE Challenge: – A revamped model of an established brand marred by history of deceptive business practices needed to overcome this hurdle, and convince customers it changed before they could hope to drive to the new model. • Objective: – Increase consumer awareness of the new CH Canada while emphasizing differentiation from Columbia House – Shift consumer’s negative perception The Approach: Identify negative conversations NOW and begin to go head to head with detractors, clarify misperceptions, eat some crow and gain some credibility for turning around the business model Develop Influencer Program: Call on strong advocates for Columbia House brand to help CH build voice within the forums.
  25. 25. Results: The Value of Engagement Performance Just another vote FOR CH •  Compared to other channels: Affiliate and Canada. I've had no problem PPC, social media drove highest ROI at 7% with numerous orders from •  24-hr Free shipping offers yielded 731% them, along with great prices, increase over average daily orders. occasional free shipping, and •  Total revenue from 24 Free shipping offers bonus DVDs. equivalent to 33% of revenue generated for an average month. I’m amazed at how much they try to make everyone happy & take in their input. They’re doing a great job at trying to get everything right.! while i haven’t ordered from chcanada in ….short version, I give a quite some time, i still frequent the thread thumbs-up to CH Canada…. I and certainly appreciate the comments and have no complaints and would inititiave shown by the chcanada staff. easily recommend CHC. ! when is the last time you saw an amazon or futureshop/BB rep come in and ask us what we like? NEVER!!
  26. 26. Canada Facebook Source: comScore 2009 Canada and Facebook (c/o Janice Diner)
  27. 27. Your Consumers are on Facebook.You Need to be There. source: Janice Diner
  28. 28. Guiding Principles Facebook: The Brand’s Home Away from Home • Allow the Fans to • Simplify Dominate • BR Integrate with • FA Provide User Value Properties • Develop Opportunities AN • Social is Online AND NS for User Interaction Offline • Engage with Fans D • Brand Consistently • Leverage User Content • Drive your Message through Relevancy
  29. 29. Captain Morgan Drive Your Message through Relevancy Social is Offline and Online Allow the Fans to Dominate
  30. 30. Mandarin Oriental CMS Interface for Franchise Self-Management Leverage Brand Assets Leverage Brand Assets, Aggregate Properties
  31. 31. Taco Bell Canada Provide User Value & Allow the Fans to Dominate Develop Opportunities for User Interaction Social is Online and Offline
  32. 32. Mobile is Social
  33. 33. Geo-Location: The Right Message at the Right Time First editorial content integration by media outlet First University to offer a badge, encourage ratings, and leave tips First national mayor special
  34. 34. Too Many Social Networks
  35. 35. Social Technology for Efficiency
  36. 36. Social Media Is Measurable
  37. 37. Thank You Hessie Jones