LCA14: LCA14-416: Big Endian - where are we?
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LCA14: LCA14-416: Big Endian - where are we?



Resource: LCA14

Resource: LCA14
Name: LCA14-416: Big Endian - where are we?
Date: 06-03-2014
Speaker: Victor Kamensky



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LCA14: LCA14-416: Big Endian - where are we? LCA14: LCA14-416: Big Endian - where are we? Presentation Transcript

  • Thu 6 March, 4:10pm, Victor Kamensky LCA14-416: Big Endian - Where are we?
  • • Mandatory read: Big and Little Endian Inside Out – Ben Herrenschmidt, LPC12 • ARM CPU architecture is endian agnostic - can do either • ARM Linux ecosystem traditionally is Little Endian • Surge of interest in ARM Big Endian support What is Big and Little Endian?
  • • Very big, 100M+ LOC, legacy code, Big Endian only • Runs on MIPS and PPC CPUs, looking forward to ARM CPU adoption • Not because Big Endian is better for networking applications Why is Big Endian?
  • • Last few years ARM Linux runs in Little Endian mode • XScale CPU runs in BE32 mode • Big Endian BE32 ecosystem for XScale CPUs still exists in distros like OpenWRT • Some vendors offered very minimal V7 BE BSP support ARM Big Endian Linux History
  • • Build reasonable, supported, Linux Big Endian ecosystem for ARM V7 and V8 CPUs. Support as “second class citizen” is good enough • Mixed mode support where Little Endian and Big Endian code could coexist on the same box • Tools and methodologies that could help transition Big Endian Only code to Endian Agnostic LNG Endian Team was Set to Do
  • • Truly great open source effort • Effort got help from many companies and individuals • Few to mention, but not limited: • Codethink • ARM • Linaro • Thank you! We Got Help … a Lot!
  • • V7 ARM BE8 gcc support existed for a while • V8 ARM BE gcc support was verified/fixed by Linaro toolchain group • Linaro toolchain releases for gcc 4.8 include Big Endian variants: • V7 - armeb • V8 - aarch64_be • Some issues may remain for Neon vector intrinsics ARM V7 & V8 Big Endian Toolchain
  • • Bootloader, u-boot or uefi, remains Little Endian • All typical SoCs peripheral devices are Little Endian ARM Big Endian Kernel Context
  • • BE8 ARM V7 core support was driven by Ben Dooks from Codethink • LNG Endian team collaborated with Ben: testing, fixes, review • BE8 V7 core support series appeared in 3.13 ARM V7 Big Endian Kernel Core Support
  • • Some just worked … with very minor changes • TC2 • Mvebu • Highbank • LNG Endian team use TI Pandaboard and Samsung Arndale as reference and development platform for Big Endian work (a lot of regular driver fixes) • TI Pandaboard changes are in process of being upstreamed • Samsung Arndale changes no intention to upstream • LNG Endian team helped, in different degrees, to enable Big Endian support on • TI Keystone • LSI Amarillo ARM V7 Big Endian Kernel BSP
  • • Supported through Linaro OE • Changes are in meta-linaro/meta-bigendian • Very few user-land packages are affected • Few examples: • strace • python libffi ARM V7 Big Endian User-land
  • • LNG Endian team tested and fixed different kernel functional areas which could be affected by endianity change • Just to mention few: • BE kexec/kdump - minor fixes • BE kprobes - upstream pull request posted • BE uprobes - folded into regular Linaro uprobes work • BE KVM host support - patches posted for upstream review ARM V7 Big Endian Kernel Advanced Features
  • • Done by ARM folks: Matthew Leach, Will Deacon • Was very nice surprise • Included in 3.13 • Works/tested on fastmodels and real V8 h/w ARM V8 Big Endian Kernel Core Support
  • • Big Endian V8 KVM host support patches posted for upstream review • We will test other advanced features on V8 as soon as they are available on V8 ARM V8 Kernel Big Endian Advanced Features
  • • Supported through Linaro OE • aarch64_be target support was added to openembedded-core with help of Linaro release team • Ran into few minor issues ARM V8 Big Endian User-land
  • • Java • Valgrind • Gcc neon vector intrinsics Anything else? What did we miss? Known Big Endian ARM Linux Features that don’t Work
  • • “Special” Big Endian user-land process on top of Little Endian Kernel along side with regular Little Endian processes • Byte-swaps on system call and ioctl level in kernel • Cisco conducted some experiments in this area: • converted around 30 system calls and 20 ioctls • messy, big, intrusive change • non-trivial code in futex area • Byte-swaps before calling Little endian function: • did not actually try • but seems even more harder • i.e how to debug process that may have Big Endian and Little Endian code coexisting Mixed Mode: Big and Little Endian
  • • Done by Marc Zyngier • Looks nice and clean • See Crossing the endianness bridge - Marc Zyngier KVM Forum '13 • Marc showed Big Endian guest running on top of Little Endian KVM host • Require changes in emulator - patches for kvmtool by Marc are available • Guest need to treat virtio config as LE; not committed yet; may need to wait for virtio-2 support • Once Big Endian KVM support appeared it could run Little Endian guests (tested on V7 and V8) • If we have time will make a demo of it Mixed Mode: through KVM
  • • Cisco runs big project in this area, attempting to convert 100M+ Big Endian only LOC into Endian agnostic code • Effort is much larger compared to anything LNG Endian team did • Approach outline: • sparse with a lot of changes used to annotated code and detect endian issues • sparse tool was changed to do source to source transformation • python plugin added that allows write external rules how to transform code • Considered very risky and big, may take long time • Cisco most likely will be able to share and present details about the effort by next Linaro Connect (tentative agreement reached) Big Endian to Endian Agnostic Tools
  • • ARM V7 and V8 Big Endian basic ecosystem looks good • Mixed mode support should be addressed through KVM virtualization • Big Endian porting mainly will be based on Cisco internal project experience Summary
  • More about Linaro Connect: More about Linaro: More about Linaro engineering: Linaro members: