(some) Drupal Theming by Ryan Price

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Think about seeing the forest for the trees, or your theme for the blocks and menus. Also, get a healthy dose of great links for learning HTML and CSS, and fixing IE problems. You've got to get …

Think about seeing the forest for the trees, or your theme for the blocks and menus. Also, get a healthy dose of great links for learning HTML and CSS, and fixing IE problems. You've got to get Firefox and a few killer theming extensions, and there are lots of Drupal handbook pages, modules and themes to check out in the process of creating a theme unique to your site.

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  • 1. (some) Drupal Theming Ryan Price and Michael Anello DrupalEasy.com - Training | Consulting | Media
  • 2. Seeing Patterns
  • 3. Seeing Patterns
  • 4. Roughing it In
  • 5. Regions
  • 6. Regions
  • 7. Theme Settings
  • 8. Theme Settings
  • 9. Content vs. Presentation
  • 10. Content vs. Presentation ● Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit Duis purus arcu, fringilla vel amet, consectetur adipiscing interdum at, pharetra ac elit. Duis purus arcu, fringilla magna. Fusce nulla ligula, vel interdum at, pharetra ac venenatis sit amet fringilla magna. Fusce nulla? ligula, quis, sollicitudin eget metus. venenatis sit amet fringilla Mauris convallis, est pulvinar quis, sollicitudin eget metus. rhoncus elementum, magna Mauris convallis, est pulvinar nisi dapibus lorem, sit amet rhoncus elementum, magna cursus tellus neque in nisl. Ut nisi dapibus lorem, sit amet sed urna tortor. cursus tellus neque in nisl. Ut sed urna tortor.
  • 11. Useful Downloads ● http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ ● http://getfirebug.com/ ● http://kevinfreitas.net/extensions/measureit/ ● http://chrispederick.com/work/web-developer/ ● http://www.colorzilla.com/firefox/
  • 12. Learn Some HTML ● http://alistapart.com – http://alistapart.com/articles/prettyaccessibleforms/ – http://www.alistapart.com/articles/12lessonsCSSandstandards – http://www.alistapart.com/articles/taminglists/ – http://www.alistapart.com/articles/sprites/ ● http://www.quirksmode.org/ – Understand and fix Internet Explorer problems ● http://positioniseverything.net/ie-primer.html ● http://kuler.adobe.com/ - color schemes
  • 13. Drupal Theming Sites ● http://drupal.org/project/Themes ● http://groups.drupal.org/design-drupal ● http://topnotchthemes.com ● http://themegarden.org/ ● http://d-theme.com/
  • 14. Drupal Theming Links ● http://drupal.org/theme-guide ● http://drupal.org/project/devel Devel (includes Theme Developer module) – Theme Developer Video http://drupal.org/node/209561 ● Template Naming Suggestions – http://drupal.org/node/190815#template-suggestions ● Convert Any Website to a Drupal Theme http://drupal.org/node/313510
  • 15. A Couple of Themes ● http://drupal.org/project/zen ● Sub-Themes http://drupal.org/node/340837 ● http://drupal.org/project/blueprint ● http://drupal.org/project/ninesixty ● http://drupal.org/project/pixture_reloaded ● http://drupal.org/project/zeropoint ● http://drupal.org/project/stark
  • 16. A Couple More Themes ● http://drupal.org/project/genesis ● http://drupal.org/project/rootcandy ● http://drupal.org/project/twilight ● http://drupal.org/project/foundation ● http://drupal.org/project/tapestry ● http://drupal.org/project/artistsC01 ● http://drupal.org/project/acquia_marina
  • 17. Handbook Pages ● Types of themes http://drupal.org/node/323990 – Includes a list of color-able themes ● POSH (Plain Old Semantic HTML) http://drupal.org/node/44072 ● Set the Maintenance Theme http://drupal.org/node/195435 ● Theming Search Results http://drupal.org/node/175013
  • 18. DrupalEasy Articles ● Getting Started with the Blueprint Theme http://drupaleasy.com/blogs/ultimike/2009/04/getting ● Customize a Block's Theme http://drupaleasy.com/quicktips/quick-way-customiz ● Rounded Corners http://drupaleasy.com/blogs/ultimike/2009/04/adding
  • 19. DrupalEasy.com Web site: technical articles, workshop announcements Podcast: search for “drupaleasy” on iTunes Twitter: @drupaleasy – Quicktips, announcements, coupons DrupalEasy.com - Training | Consulting | Media