How to save Local Bookstores and your App


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Originally given at BarCampOrlando 2010 at One-Eyed Jack's on Orange Avenue.

1. the future in review or several ways local bookstores could bounce back ryan price
2. 0 this is a story about selling books.
3. NO! we're going to talk about the future.
4. let's talk about giving up control in your world.
5. 1 UrbanThink!
6. it's not about dead trees.
7. it's the STORY stupid!
8. WHY? stories spread ideas. ask fox news.
9. one best-selling book has spread stories and created community for hundreds of years
10. community inspires stories
11. 2 one story-inspiring place is the boutique.
12. shops filled with niche products that can create one-of-a-kind experiences
13. 80% of sales communicate effectively customer comprehension speak to their needs 80 20
14. a boutique's secret sauce is creating a wow factor that customers take home
15. 3 how does it relate?
16. ? $1000 x 24 snobs $1 x 2400 users $24 x 100 storytellers
17. learn the laws of attraction.
18. your apps are telling stories.
19. what story are they sharing?
20. señor jobs understands experiences spread stories
21. 4 how do I help them tell their story?
22. what's your mission?
23. your passion got you into this
24. your mission reflects that
25. to inspire entertaining and unexpected interaction between patrons of the arts + artists + arts organizations
26. if bookstores can update their missions communities can thrive
27. 5 the boutique can teach you to make apps.
28. in the near future businesses non-profits and media will change their missions or die trying.
29. THE MEDIA can't get a grip because it relies on a platform
30. “ ” the MEDIUM is the message marshall mcluhan
31. time for them to hop on the cluetrain
32. your medium is made of things like people relationships and all of the artifacts they leave behind.
33. what are these artifacts? more often than not they are your user's stories
34. think hard about the various breadcrumbs both you and your users are leaving behind long after they sign off
35. ryan price @liberatr

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