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Life as a Tummler - Pecha Kucha Orlando Sept 2011


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In today's world, "people skills" can be a powerful tool, and sometimes the only way to motivate someone, particularly a customer or a peer. Learn a bit about Tummeling (a Yiddish word for noisemaking) and a few ways Tummlers can shape our communities.

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Life as a Tummler - Pecha Kucha Orlando Sept 2011

  1. 1. What is a Tummler?
  2. 2. Not a Community Manager ”The Art of Social Engagement”
  3. 3. Florida Creatives Happy Hour 58
  4. 4. The Starfish and the Spider Ori Brafman Rod Beckstrom
  5. 5. Apache “Nantan”
  6. 6. Circles Exclusive or Overlapping
  7. 7. Catalysts Norms
  8. 8. Where is the leader?
  9. 9. Quality Quantity Less Transactional
  10. 10. Phatic Expression Copenhagen
  11. 11. Conversation Spaces
  12. 12. Empty Spaces Loose Definitions
  13. 13. Institutions don't need Space anymore ...they need Tummlers
  14. 14. Templates for Synergy Bucket Works, Milwaukee
  15. 15. Coworking Hackerspaces Biz Accelerators
  16. 16. Organic Growth Near Neighborhood Anchors ...we don't call downtown the “Publix” district
  17. 17. Synthesis of “Pull” (but will they really live there too?) Creative Village
  18. 18. Creative Core I-Drive++
  19. 19. Duplicating Efforts UCF vs. Downtown ...what if they brought in the Tummlers?
  20. 20. @liberatr