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Beyond the web: Mobile apps using Drupal & Ionic 2 - Drupal Dev Days Seville 2017


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This workshop was one of the musts on Drupal Dev Days 2017. Nacho González -Frontend developer- and Alejandro Gómez built an hybrid application on a live session by using Ionic 2 and a Drupal API with the aim to offer better user experiences. Live technology!

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Beyond the web: Mobile apps using Drupal & Ionic 2 - Drupal Dev Days Seville 2017

  1. 1. Beyond the web: Mobile apps using Drupal & Ionic 2 Ignacio González Bullón ♦ Alejandro Gómez Morón
  2. 2. Who are we? ● Frontend & Backend developer (Angular, Ionic, Java, Node, TypeScript, Gulp) ● 2 years working in Emergya ● Hungry learner @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays
  3. 3. Who are we? ● QA & Tech lover (Selenium, Java, TypeScript, Drupal, Ionic, AngularJS, Gulp…). ● QA leader at @LaDrupalera by @Emergya. ● QA Lecturer at @EPSUPO. ● @SevillaQA organizer. ● I am passionate about challenges and I hate repeating processes! @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays
  4. 4. 1. Check you have Internet connection 2. Look for a partner! 3. Make sure you will learn having fun! @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays Hands on!
  5. 5. Roadmap ● What’s Ionic and how do it relates with Drupal? ○ Hybrid applications. ○ Drupal RESTful capabilities. ● What are we going to build. ● Hand on! @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays
  6. 6. What is Ionic? ● Free & Open Source Framework ● Create Cross-Platform applications based on web technologies ● Use Cordova Plugins to interact with the device @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays
  7. 7. Drupal RESTful capabilities ● Web services modules ○ REST UI ○ RESTful web services ○ Serialization ○ CORS ● Allows us to expose basic resources ● More complex endpoints using views @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays
  8. 8. What are we going to build ● An application to view DrupalDevDays Schedule ● Extra features: ○ Add events to the device calendar ○ Receive push notifications (using DevicePush) @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays
  9. 9. Structure @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays
  10. 10. What we have to learn to do, We learn by doing - Aristotle @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays
  11. 11. Enjoy and remember. This has been done making the best decisions with the information available at the moment. @IsraKaos @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays Hands On!
  12. 12. THANKS! @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays
  13. 13. THANKS! @drupaldevdays #drupaldevdays