Topman dissertation proposal


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Topman dissertation proposal

  1. 1. How can TOPMAN best connect with the teens and 20’s consumer ofToday and tomorrow?Clearly identifying consumer groups and marketing strategy for thebrand. The purpose of the project : •create a unique marketing strategy • creating a stronger and more identifiable brand image •Clearly identifying the consumer groups
  2. 2. The Brand Born in 1978 185 stores in the UK over 160,000 visits a week
  3. 3. The Consumer DEFINITIVE TOPMAN CUSTOMER IS HARD TO PIN DOWN: ITS A PRETTY DIVERSE CROWD. • Trend conscious bright-young-things • Essential basics and fashion staples •Young buck in suiting • Sub-cultural groups, • Indie boys • Lads wanting a Saturday night outfit.
  4. 4. Areas of Research:•Youth market•Youth fashion market•Men’s fashion market•The British high street•Marketing trends & technology trends
  5. 5. Youth Market • Digital 24/7 & Digital Self expression • Strong Marketing awareness • Want meaningful connections from Brands (Connecting with their lifestyle) • Strong Influence of Music • Different groups have their own iconography and visual language. • Very politically & environmentally aware • Want meaningful living and consumption • Music is a strong influence on youth culture and values
  6. 6. Men’s Fashion Market Primark leads the pack Fashion is a lower priority among men •Over the next four years to reach £11.5 billion in 2016. •Under-25s, students and men who live in the capital emerge as the most fashion-oriented consumers
  7. 7. Marketing & Communication Trends •Intergrated Social, Mobile and Local Together •Brands Giving back – Diesel Island •Augmented reality •Apps to connect with consumer •Digital/interactive Billboards •Shopable Virals •Use of social media for two way interaction Engaging & Interacting with consumer through their interests and innovation is Key
  8. 8. Research MethodsSecondary research:Online reports & databasesJournalsArticlesBooks on youth culture/marketBooks on media and marketingstrategiesBrand website & social mediaplatformsOnline trend librariesBest sellers lists
  9. 9. Research Methods Primary research: Store visits Interview of Topman brand manager Interview of consumers Interview of Topman Store manager Interview of Youth editor at WGSN Focus group of consumers Online questionnaires Own photography of consumers and stores
  10. 10. Creative Research Methods Marketing Research Comparing models from different years campaigns to see which style of model is most appealing ? Consumer Research Will Investigate more innovative research methods to connect with consumer and get the most informative information from them.
  11. 11. Outline of Project Introduction, Methodology & Research aims The brand •History, •DNA, •Financial information, •Key messages •Vision & objectives, •Brand essence, •Brand Architecture •SWOT •Position, •Flag ship store analysis •Interview of store Manager   UK Men’s fashion market- •Male fashion market analysis, •PESTLE, •The UK high street, •UK competitors, •Perceptual map, •Competitor analysis, •Competitor store analysis •Store analysis of market leaders
  12. 12. Should the brand be a stand-alone brand?•Look at competitors•Interview consumers Consumers•Youth market analysis and trends interview with Youtheditor at WGSN,•Full analysis of consumer - investigating all aspects oflifestyle, what do consumers think of Topman? What wouldthey change?, Where else do they shop and why ?,•Focus group of consumers,•Questionnaires to consumers,•Creative consumer research•Consumer pen profiles Current marketing strategy analysis-•Focus group looking at current marketing•Marketing /communication trends,•Brands doing it well Recommendations/ conclusions
  13. 13. What Next ? Further research into identified Themes, Progressing on to Primary research into the consumer and competitors. End Results ? Strong research and understanding of Consumer to create a Marketing strategy.