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NIVEA for Men Advertising Campaign

  1. 1. MCOM18-101 MEDIA PLANNING | KIP TUCKWELLNIVEA for MenAdvertising Plan – Print Media CampaignJessica Dunning, Franyka Frederick, Kyle Bouwmiester10/16/2012
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYChallenge:Nivea for men was first to enter the men’s grooming market over eight years ago but no one is interested inthe same old ―handsome man enjoying your product‖ advertising anymore and consumers are forgettingwhy they preferred Nivea in the first place.Nivea for men has requested a print media campaign for a budget of $1.2 million. Our objectives are toincrease market share by 12% ($40 million annual sales revenue by the end of 2012) and focus ourcampaign on a new primary target market of urban males between ages 18 to 35 along with a secondarytarget of males ages 40 and older.Recommendation(s):We are recommending a pulse scheduling of magazine, newspaper and outdoor billboard advertising.Outdoor advertising is an inexpensive way to advertise to high reach/high frequency urban areas.Many of our primary target market read men’s magazines and our secondary target market still reads thenewspaper giving Nivea another opportunity to exploit a high circulation-highly effective medium.―Where there’s man, there’s Nivea‖ meaning men of all ages can use Nivea for men products and all menshould. It’s what gives you that personal image that women want and the professional image that your bossis looking for.Nivea for men helps you look your best to become an eye-catching wonder that women arelooking for. It also helps you maintain a professional competitive advantage in the workplace.Medium $ ExpenditureOutdoor advertisements – 12 week flightToronto Street Level71,300 x 3 = 213,900Vancouver Street Level31,175 x 3 = 93,525Montreal2,100 x 3 = 6,300313,725.00Magazine advertisementsMen’s Health - Standard 1/2Page 4Colour, 3 insertions (once per month)43,600 x 3 = 130,800People magazine – Standard 1/2Page 4Colour, 2 insertions (once per month)185,510 x 2 = 371,020501,820.00Newspaper advertisementsToronto Sun – 6col x 6 col in, 3 insertions, B&W + 1 colour (M,W,F) 4 week flight6x10x14 = 840 x 3 x 4 = 10,080 (total agate lines)10,080 x 6.84 = 68,947.20 (total costs)black and white + 1 colour4,987 x 4 = 19,94868,947.20 + 19,948 = 88,895.2088,895.20Total: $904,440.20
  3. 3. MARKET REVIEWThe mens grooming market has exploded from the traditional shaving products/deodorants into six majorcategories:- Deodorants and antiperspirants- Fragrances and aftershaves- Hair care (colouring/styling products)- Personal cleansing products (soaps and body washes)- Shaving products (razors and creams/gels)- Skin care products (moisturizers and facial cleansers).Men are starting to select their own body wash and shower gel instead of borrowing from their wives. Thisis because of a rapid rise of metrosexual males, innovative appealing products, growing middle classpopulation, increased Internet connectivity, and universality of prestige across the world.In 2007 Pearson Education Canada stated four facts about why the men’s grooming market is expanding soquickly.- Four out of ten men say that aging is their primary skin concern- Eight in ten men purchase skin care products for themselves- On average, a man spends approximately 24 minutes a day on personal grooming- The ratio of women to men having cosmetic surgery has changed from 10:1 to 5:1.Valued at $19.7 billion worldwide in 2009, male-specific grooming products will mushroom to $28.0billion by 2014. Men also use grooming products that are non-male-specific which raised the total value ofmale consumption to $61.3 billion in 2009, with $84.9 billion expected within five years.The mens grooming market grew by 3% to reach CAD$691 million in 2011. In current value terms thelargest valued category was specifically mens shaving, which grew by 2% to reach CAD$468 million. Thisresulted from the 2% rise in terms of current value sales in men’s razors and blades, resulting in actualvalue terms of C$337 million in 2011. The only downfall was that the volume of mens razors and bladesdeclined by almost 1% in 2011, which means that a portion of the increase in value was due to priceincreases for individual products.Last year, in Canada alone, the men’s care industry pulled in $1.6 billion in total sales, according to thefirm Datamonitor. Males now comprise 49.5 percent of Canada’s total population and 70.4 percent of themale population are those between the ages of 15 to 64. This is due to the transition from labour-intensiveindustries/manufacturing to service-based industries where appearance is important. From 2000 to 2005,men’s cosmetic product sales have grown by 21.3% percent in Canada.Although it seems like a very successful market, the share of the global male market is still quite small incomparison with the women’s cosmetic industry, which is already estimated to be worth of more than $100billion worldwide.Key competitors within this market include Avon Products Inc., Beiersdorf AG, Colgate-PalmoliveCompany, Coty Inc., Lancaster Group, Energizer Holdings Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & JohnsonConsumer Products Division, Limited Brands Inc., LOréal USA Inc., Mirato Spa, Procter & Gamble
  4. 4. Company, The Gillette Company, Procter & Gamble Italia Spa, PZ Cussons Plc, The Estée LauderCompanies Inc., and The Unilever Group.Procter & Gamble has continued to hold onto its market value share of 51% since 2005. Their dominancecomes from its 81% market share of mens razors and blades, followed by a second-place showing in menspost-shave (19%), first place in mens pre-shave (42%), and third place in mens toiletries (16%). TheGillette brand, the Fusion and Mach 3 variants are Proctor & Gamble’s top-selling products. The Fusionoffers added benefits like ―Hydragel‖ Clean and Fresh strips, containing aloe and citrus extracts. GilletteFusion is strongly supported by advertising and product development, including most recently FusionProGlide that features thinner blades with low-resistance coating. It is said to allow for less tagging andpulling during the shave. The Mach 3 (which is a long-established brand) is a razor that features threeblades. The Mach 3 line also features shaving cream, gel and post-shave products.Unilever Canada and Energizer Holdings Inc. have been gaining share of sales aswell. Unilever isbenefiting from growth in market share due to its Axe product line, while Energizer’s Schick line of razorsand blades have been growing in market share since 2006.
  5. 5. KEY COMPETITOR REVIEWGilletteGillette focuses on the quality of their products, as they say in their slogan ―the best a man can get.‖A premium product that is affordable, and is always in advanced technology in order to significantlyimprove shaving performance towards men with sensitive skin that irritates especially during shaving.Gillette uses television advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising, special presentation events,endorsement and sponsorship of sports events for their media strategies.Old spiceOld Spice has recently been heavily focussing on their ―smell like a man, man‖ advertisements which arevery entertaining and engaging. Their message is that you don’t need a lot of money in the media budget tohave a successful campaign. Old Spice uses online advertising (blogging, Twitter, Facebook pages andYoutube for example) and television advertising for their media strategies.AxeAxe simply focusses on the sex appeal that comes with using the best quality fragrance. They have recentlyshifted from not only promoting how attracted women will be to men but how attracted men can be towomen when they use their new line of women’s fragrances. Axe uses online advertising (YouTube,Facebook and Twitter), Television advertising and magazine advertising for their media strategy.TAGTAG is a discontinued ―reincarnation of Right Guard body spray‖ that was created by Proctor & Gamble torival Axe in teenage boy loyalty. There was however no connection to Proctor & Gamble in any of theadvertising or product signage of TAG. It is mostly sold now in dollar stores and other business’ that stillhave stock of discontinued items. ―The decision to discontinue Tag is really to focus our investment ongrowing our largest and most global antiperspirant and deodorant brands — Old Spice, Gillette, andSecret,’’ said Mike Norton, a P&G spokesman.
  6. 6. BRAND REVIEWNivea for Men includes face cleansing, shaving, after shave, face care and shower/body care. Nivea forMen recently won No.1 male grooming Product of the year award, with sales reaching over 4 billion. Theymarket their brand as a family of products with blue packaging.Nivea for Men has become passive and let go of their grip on the ―we did it first‖ USP in the groomingmarket. Their print and television advertisements focus on handsome men using their products in abathroom with a mirror. Although there is a great sense of satisfaction the advertisements have becomepredictable and boring. Nivea for Men maintains the sophisticated timeless solution for men but have noimage with the younger generations of today.Their strategic alliance with Phillips Electric Shavers has given them a chance to focus on the ―shaving‖specific part of the men’s grooming market, while sustaining their skin care products at the same time.Nivea for Men has also begun partnering with sports teams to further their brand image. "Nivea for Menhas been recently recognized as the #1 Global Brand in Male Grooming category and Chennai SuperKings, has been rated as this years "Most Valuable Team" in Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket with abrand value of USD 48.4 Million. We believe that there is a definitive fit of our brand values with that ofCSK and therefore the wining saga goes on for both the Leaders to make a combination like none other!‖commented Mr. Kai Boris Bendix, Managing Director of Nivea India.
  7. 7. SWOT ANALYSISStrengths:- Nivea was first to break into the men’s grooming category- Family of products for both men and women- Easy brand recognition within storesWeaknesses:- Passive and predictable marketing techniques- Conservative and stereotypical advertising- Lack of packaging differentiation between women products (blue and white) and male products (blue andsilver)Opportunities:- Middle class population need to work longer before retirement therefore they need to maintain a well-groomed image within society- More service based (open public) jobs with a need to look professional- Younger generations are becoming image conscious earlier- Males in general are starting to gain the habit of caring about their appearanceThreats:- Lack of brand preference within males- Rebranding of competition from Proctor & GambleMARKETING OBJECTIVES- Increase market share by 12% by the end of 2012- Achieve a 5% sales revenue growth of $40 million or more by the end of 2012MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (ADVERTISING) OBJECTIVES- Build more brand awareness within primary target market- Remind secondary target market of brand preference- Reposition branding
  8. 8. TARGET MARKET PROFILEBaby boomers are said to represent the wealthiest demographic segment of Canada’s male population.They have more disposable income than any other group. Male baby boomers are realizing that they haveto continue working longer in life and therefore maintain a professional appearance. Many live very activelifestyles and want their appearance to be as youthful as their attitudes.Men between 18 and 44 year old are another important group of consumers for the men’s cosmeticsmarket. The younger male consumers within this group, ages 20 up to 30 are definitely trendier and imageconscious. Men in this age segment spend an average of $50-60USD at grooming salons and $113USG permonth on cosmetic products. If Nivea for Men can establish brand loyalty at such a young age, theconsumer will become a long-term buyer.Primary Target:- Urban males ages 18 to 35 years old- living in high-density ―big city‖ areas- professional mentality within the workplace- concerned about personal appearance- maintain a well-groomed personal image to attract women and induce jealousySecondary Target:- Middle class males ages 40 to 65 years old- living in medium-density ―big city‖ areas- married or looking to start new relationships- also concerned about personal appearance to maintain a competitive advantage in workplace- maintain a well-groomed personal image to ―think and feel young‖ and attract female companionship
  9. 9. POSITIONING STRATEGY STATEMENTAs one of the internationally leading companies for skin and beauty care we are close to consumers,offering them compelling, innovative products.Our brands enjoy universal trust – from NIVEA, the world’s largest skin and beauty care brand,to other internationally successful brands such as Eucerin, Elastoplast, La Prairie, and 8x4.Beiersdorf has more than 125 years’ experience in skin and beauty care and stands for innovative and highquality products.We manage our business sustainably and are committed to ecological and social responsibility.Our actions are determined not only by our Company’s economic success, but also by our active approachto environmental protection, occupational safety, and by our commitment to society.Sustainability is an ongoing process that constantly gives rise to new goals, perspectives, and measures.Above all, sustainability is a basic belief that is advanced through learning processes.Our aim is to constantly improve – and thus make life a little better. Today and tomorrow.
  10. 10. CREATIVE OBJECTIVESOur objectives are to show that Nivea is a family of products for all ages andgain brand awareness andpreference within men ages of 18 to 65. The new ads will maintain the old colour scheme of ―Nivea blue‖but with a new secondary colour and a new tagline.There will not be the same ―handsome men in theshower or by the sink in the bathroom‖ in the advertisements either.We want to maintain brand loyaltyfrom our current usersbut reposition the brand to attract new users as well.- To reposition Nivea as an ―all ages‖ product for men- To differentiate the packaging from Nivea for women- To reposition Nivea away from the old conservative and predictable ads.CREATIVE STRATEGYTheme:The theme we are using for our new campaign is ―men’s timeless secret (weapon).‖ Men of all ages canuse Nivea for men products and all men should. It’s what gives you that personal image that women wantand the professional image that your boss is looking for.Our new tagline is ―Where there’s man, there’s Nivea‖ meaning that because men use Nivea they havegained the professional appearance and confidence to advance in life professionally or personally, they’rein their current position because of Nivea. Our tagline can be target towards both our primary andsecondary target market. It is proper enough grammar to seem witty to baby boomers but its short enoughto appear catchy to younger generations.Appeal Techniques:We will be using Sexuality and Lifestyle for our appeal techniques within our print campaign.Nivea for men helps you look your best to become an eye-catching wonder that women are looking for. Italso helps you maintain a professional competitive advantage in the workplace.Tone and Style:We will be portraying Nivea for men as the ―go-to‖ product for all men. It’s the timeless secret weapon thatmen have been using for their professional and personal care needs. We will be maintaining the ―Niveablue‖ colour scheme along with adding a secondary colour to differentiate ourselves from the Nivea forwomen product line. The advertisements will be suited for the ―blue collar‖ working class citizen and alsothe active younger males.Creative Executions:* see Appendix for sample outdoor and print advertisements.
  11. 11. MEDIA BUDGETThe budget that our client NIVEA for men has given us for this national challenge is $1.2 million dollars.This money is to be used to create a print media campaign involving creative and media executions.MEDIA OBJECTIVESWho:Primary Target:- Urban males between ages 18 to 35 living in high-density ―big city‖ areas- professional mentality within the workplace- maintain a well-groomed personal image to attract women and induce jealousySecondary Target:- Middle class males between ages 40 to 65 living in medium-density ―big city‖ areas- married or looking to start new relationships- maintain a well-groomed personal image to ―think and feel young‖ and attract female companionshipWhat:Brand awareness/preference towards Nivea for men. The main selling points are that it is fair pricing and itis good for all skin-types.When:A pulse scheduling spanning between all 12 months focusing on the months between late-winter and earlysummer.Where:Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the best places to advertise due to the high amount of professionalplaces and large amount of people that live in the cities.How:We will be using 12 week flights of outdoor advertising, 4 week flights of newspaper advertising and atotal of 4 insertions of magazine advertising.
  12. 12. MEDIA STRATEGYTarget market matching strategyFor our Target market matching strategy, we will focus on outdoor billboards and advertisements in menmagazines.We will be using a shotgun target market strategy for our outdoor advertisements. We want to generate asmuch brand awareness as possible within men and women, this means we need to place our advertisementsin high density area.We will be using a profile match target market strategy for our magazine advertisements. We want toremind our customers why they are using Nivea and show new consumers why they should start using it.We feel that this is the best way to know that the right target market is hearing the right message.Reach/frequency/ continuityEach of the strategies will be able to reach the target and make sure that the ad will be seen more than onceand by many people. By placing all the ads in the right spot we will know the target will greatly expose tothe ad.EngagementFor the magazine ad there will be QR code so that the readers can go on the Neiva website and see theproducts first hand or look them up.Market coverageWe have really covered the basic for the target by getting the masses and the direct using outdoorand television to get the masses in the higher populated areas at all time of the day. When it comes to theprint side it is more direct and the ads can target for our prime target and secondary to third.TimingWe chose a pulse scheduling (overall) for our advertisements; switching between our print advertisementsand our outdoor billboards so that the image of Nivea is constantly exposed to audiences.Outdoor advertisements:In the summer and ―back to school‖ months when males are highly active (sweating and in need of ashower...etc.) and will need personal care – all ads will have a 12 week long flight.Print advertisements:Our print ads follow a more skip scheduling stretching through the spring, summer, fall and winter. The adshould be in two-three issues of each magazine that will be chosen so the product will not be forgetting andwill have time to plan each ad.
  13. 13. Media selection rationale:Based on our primary target market profile of urban males between 18 and 35 years old, we selected printand outdoor billboard for our advertising.We decided to use outdoor advertising because it is a fairly inexpensive way to exploit your advertisementsto high reach and high frequency areas. It is also the fastest way to showcase your advertisements to a massaudience daily within urban high-density areas.We decided to use print advertisements to reinforce brand loyalty and preference within our secondarytarget market of males between 40 and 65 years old. Because many baby boomers and older consumers stillread the newspaper rather than watching television or going onto the internet we chose to advertise in theToronto Sun newspaper. It has a high average circulation and males read it for business and personalreasons. We also chose to advertise in Men’s Health and People magazine to hit both our primary andsecondary target market.Media rejection rationale:Since our client specifically asked for a print advertising campaign it was easy to reject all other mediums.Radio spots would not be effective for our campaign because we wanted to focus on getting a visual toconsumers about Nivea’s ―rebranding.‖ This is hard to do when you can only use ―theatre of the mind‖techniques when advertising on the radio and although creativity isn’t limited it isn’t as effect as seeing apicture with your own eyes.Our primary target market for this campaign is males between 18 and 35 years old. These individualsprobably don’t check their mail as much as our female consumers do so it would be a waste of money touse any trial purchase-direct mail in our campaign. Usually males throw out their mail unless they’re billsor important notices.
  14. 14. MEDIA EXECUTION CHARTSExpenditure by Type of MediumMedium $ Expenditure % Of TotalOutdoor advertisements 313,725.00 34.7%Magazineadvertisements501,820.00 55.5%Newspaperadvertisements88,895.20 9.8%Total: $904,440.20 100%Expenditure by MonthMonth $ Expenditure % Of TotalJanuary 31,175.00 3.5%February 31,175.00 3.5%March 74,775.00 8.2%April 71,300.00 7.9%May 71,300.00 7.9%June 256,810.00 28.4%July 43,600.00 4.9%August 88,895.20 9.8%September 187,610.00 20.8%October 2100.00 0.1%November 2100.00 0.1%December 43,600.00 4.9%Total: $904,440.20 100%Expenditure by MarketMarket $ Expenditure % Of TotalNational Media 501,820.00 55.5%Regional Media (GTA) 88,895.20 9.8%Key Markets(Outdoor advertisements)TorontoVancouverMontreal213,900.00$93,525.00$6,300.0023.6%10.3%0.8%Total: $904,440.20 100%
  15. 15. Expenditure Summary by MediumOutdoor advertising – 12 week flightToronto Street Level, 25 GRPs71,300 x 3 = 213,900Vancouver Street Level 25 GRPs31,175 x 3 = 93,525Montreal Street Level 25 GRPs2,100 x 3 = 6,300Magazine advertisementsMen’s Health - Standard 1/2Page 4Colour, 3 insertions (once per month)43,600 x 3 = 130,800People magazine – Standard 1/2Page 4Colour, 2 insertions (once per month)185,510 x 2 = 371,020Newspaper advertisementsToronto Sun – 6col x 6 col in, 3 insertions,B&W + 1 colour (Mon, Wed, Fri) 4 week flight6x10x14 = 840 x 3 x 4 = 10,080 (total agate lines)10,080 x 6.84 = 68,947.20 (total costs)black and white + 1 colour4,987 x 4 = 19,94868,947.20 + 19,948 = 88,895.20Blocking ChartActivity Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov DecOutdoorTorontoVancouverMontrealMagazinesMen’s HealthPeople MagazineNewspaperToronto Sun
  16. 16. APPENDIX
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