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Direct Marketing Campaign


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Direct Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Nordstrom Presents “TOPSHOP” Direct Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. John W Nordstrom
  3. 3. Product Definition and Development Nordstrom is a leading fashion specialty retail store that offers eye catching clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. Nordstrom's started off as a shoe store and than later added clothing. Since 1901 Nordstrom has been a powerful campaign with great products. Nordstrom's offers a variety of things from makeup to perfume. Nordstrom serve’s customers in 35 states with 117 full-line stores, 143 Nordstrom Rack locations and on
  4. 4. Mission Statement Nordstrom’s goal is to provide outstanding service everyday, one customer at a time. Nordstrom department stores are all about customers and supporting the employees who service them.
  5. 5. Positioning Statement Nordstrom’s is a department store based in Seattle Washington that offers many products for men, women, and children. They have great customer service and a outstanding return policy. They also offer free shipping, free returns, mobile shopping, and compelling new retail partnerships that allow Nordstrom’s to serve more customers in more ways.
  6. 6. Target Audience Demographics Age- 13 to 50 Gender- Male & Female Income- $10,000 to $100.000 a year Education- Ethnicity- All ethnic groups Family Life Cycle- all life cycles Occupation-business or retail
  7. 7. Psychographics Taste- Quality and high end clothing Lifestyle- Social Class- Middle class to high class Culture- Every culture Aesthetics- Body Image- Every body type Fashion Knowledge- Very educated with fashion and trends Interests- Fashion, Makeup,
  8. 8. Geographic's Regions- United States Countries- 44 countries Population Density- urban and suburban Overall Area- everywhere Neighborhood- Miami
  9. 9. Behavioristic Purchase Occasion- once or twice a week Benefits- free shipping, free returns, promotions Loyal Consumers Impulse shoppers
  10. 10. Swot Analysis STRENGHTS Customer service, great quality clothing, return policy, free shipping, job opportunities, strong management, customer loyalty, brand names, supply, WEAKNESSES Sales promotions, high debt burden OPPORTUNITIES Promotions, events, new products, new technology, location expansion THREATS Season, stores with more promotions, affordable clothing, competition, economy,
  11. 11. Opportunities Arrange an event to increase loyalty program and give customers more reasons to sign up. There will be new products shown at theses events that have never been seen before, also free gifts. Short term objectives are to increase customers, # of people to sign up for loyalty program. Long term goals are to increase sales, enhance loyalty program, have more promotions, and events.
  12. 12. Marketing Strategy Enhance the loyalty program by having a exclusive fashion show event and display never before seen products from the new designer added to Nordstrom’s Top Shop. Also give away free gifts from the collection to increase sales and increase number of sign up’s for the loyalty program.
  13. 13. Communication Tactics Special Events Direct Marketing Advertising Digital Catalog I’m going to communicate with the customers by sneding out invitations, ads in the magazines, and through social media pages.
  14. 14. Digital Catalog
  15. 15. Title and Concept “Don’t Stop Top Shop” Don’t Stop Top Shop will increase loyalty program and attract new customers while launching the never before seen line and also increase sales by giving away pieces from the collection and sell limited edition items as well. The event will be held in September during London fashion week at Nordstrom’s stores nationwide.
  16. 16. Direct Marketing Comps Look book Loyalty card Mobile apps Social media pages Invitations Goodie bags Magazine ad
  17. 17. Mobile Apps
  18. 18. Twitter- Instagram- Facebook- Social Media Pages
  19. 19. Goodie Bags
  20. 20. Invitation Nordstrom’s Cordially invites you to the exclusive launch fashion show event of the new line of clothing “TOPSHOP” Friday September 20th 6pm-9pm @ Nordstroms in Aventura Mall Please RSVP to nordstroms/topshop@nordstrom.c om DON’T MISS IT!
  21. 21. Loyalty Card
  22. 22. Nordstroms Event Survey About how often do you shop for clothes? More than once a week Once a week 2-3 times a month Once a month Once every 3 months Once every 6 months Once a year Less than once a year Not at all
  23. 23. 2. Did you enjoy the event? Yes No Neutral
  24. 24. 33. What could have been better? Customer Service Products Set Up
  25. 25. 4. Overall, how would you rate the event? Very good Fairly good Mildly good Not good at all
  26. 26. 5. Overall, are you satisfied, dissatisfied, or neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with our products? Extremely satisfied Somewhat satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Extremely dissatisfied Powered by SurveyMonkey Check out our sample surveys and create your own now!